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1976 BMW 3.0Si Base Sedan
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Pistons and Cylinders

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Piston Rings

Piston rings purpose is to seal the gap between the cylinder wall and piston. Piston rings wear over time and the rings should always be carefully inspected, measured or replaced when rebuilding an engine.
Engine Piston Ring Set  
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  (6 per car, sold individually)
Note: .25 O/S

Brand Rating

Piston Ring Set (89.47 mm, +0.50 mm Over)

Connecting Rods and Hardware

The connecting rods connect the piston to the crankshaft. The primary purpose is to transfer the force from the piston to the crankshaft. The rods work under extreme forces and should always be sent out for professional inspection when rebuilding an engine.

Wrist Pins

Wrist Pin Bushing

BMW Home  >  1976 BMW 3.0Si Base Sedan > Engine  >  Pistons and Cylinders 

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