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1968 BMW 1602 Base Coupe
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Brake Hydraulics

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Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid specially formulated to withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures of your braking system. Brake fluid should be changed every time you service your brakes. Different brake systems require different brake fluid formulations. Check your owner's manual for your vehicle's particular brake fluid specifications.
Brake Fluid - DOT 4 Low Viscosity (5 Liter)

Brake Fluid - DOT 4 Low Viscosity (1 Liter)

Brake Fluid - DOT 4
Brake Fluid - DOT 4  
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Note: This brand comes in 1-liter containers.

Brand Rating
Brake Fluid - DOT 4  
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Note: This brand comes in 1-quart containers.

Brand Rating

Brake Fluid - DOT 4 (5 Liter)

Brake Fluid Testers
Brake Fluid Tester  
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Note: Determines quality of brake fluid. Measures water content from 0-4% or more. LED lights to show water content percentage. Automotically shuts off after 12 seconds. Tester calibrated with DOT 4 fluid. AAA battery included.


Brake Fluid Reservoirs

This reservoir, usually mounted on top of the master cylinder is used to hold the needed extra fluid for the brake system. During hard braking, the master cylinder pumps the fluid down the lines; this reservoir ensures the brake system stays full. Always replace the reservoir at the first sign of trouble.
Brake Fluid Reservoir Cap with Warning Switch

Rubber Seal - Brake Fluid Reservoir Cap

Brake Hoses and Lines

If a car wont run that's not good, if a car wont stop that's BAD! Brake hoses and lines connect the master cylinder to the calipers. Over time, brake lines can eventually wear out, develop cracks, cause leaks, and even explode due to fatigue. They should be checked whenever servicing your brakes.

BMW Home  >  1968 BMW 1602 Base Coupe > Brakes  >  Brake Hydraulics 

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