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Manufacturer Profile:

Hella - Ideas today for the cars of tomorrow

Automotive lighting, electronics, complete vehicle modules and the automotive components aftermarket are the core competence areas of the automotive supplier Hella HG Hueck & Co. with its group headquarters in Lippstadt. The current turnover of the Hella Group is 2,808 billion Euro (5.5 billion German Marks). In terms of turnover, Hella is in 64th place among the top 100 German industrial companies. 22,990 people are employed in 54 manufacturing facilities, production subsidiaries and joint-venture companies around the world. All the world's leading automobile manufacturers are Hella customers, as is the automotive components aftermarket.

Vehicle Styling with headlamps

Automotive Lighting: With a market share of over 60 percent Hella is the market and technology leader in the field of xenon headlamps . Bi-xenon headlamps produce dipped and main beam light from one xenon lamp. The next step in development: cornering light, produced using swivelling bi-xenon headlamps or auxiliary static cornering headlamps. These will probably be available from 2003 onwards. The variable intelligent lighting system of the future (VARILIS) goes further still, with the light being controlled fully automatically and depending on the specific situation. It is expected that the international authorities responsible will have approved the new regulations necessary for this new system by 2005.


Further areas of current development are headlamps using light guide technology and Night Vision Systems. This creates a whole range of new possibilities for designing vehicle front-ends and the light distribution can be further optimised. Night Vision Systems are seen to be additional driver assistance systems the main components of which are infrared headlamps, a camera and an image reproducing device.
Hella is also innovative in the field of signal and interior lighting. Thus, for example, a combination rear lamp system with 74 visible LEDs (or 80 for the US version) as a light source has been developed, a world premiere in its field.
The concept of interior lighting in the new 7-series BMW is absolutely unique: Eight ambient light apertures and four business reading lamps offer optimum comfort and safety for both the driver and passengers, emphasising the high value of the top-class interior.


Automotive Electronics: This business division includes the product lines Body Electronics, Lighting Electronics, Powertrain Control, Heating Control as well as Sensors and Components.
Body Electronics: The keyless access and driver authorisation system "Passive Entry/Go" is new. A code card is the decisive element of the system, being responsible for the automatic recognition of access and driver authorisation. Further examples of competence: the CAN-bus compatible electronic SAM control units (signal recording and triggering modules) for the front and rear vehicle areas of the Mercedes Benz C-class or the extremely powerful "power module" for power management in the new BMW 7-series, a small black box with complex hard and software, which can be used to intelligently control the power supply from the on-board mains to the around 70 different control units providing comfort and safety functions.

Vehicle Styling with Signal lamps


Lighting Electronics: The fourth generation of xenon electronic control systems has already gone into series production.
Powertrain Control: Hella is the European market leader in the product segment for completely integrated accelerator pedal modules for drive-by-wire systems for SI and diesel engines. A further example: the world's first electronic actuator for the turbocharger in BMW's 3.9 litre V8 diesel engine.
The manufacture of systems and components such as sensors, actuators, relays and signal horns takes place internationally. Current examples: an innovative oil condition sensor, based on the thermal oil level sensor which Hella supplies as a series product to a large number of important European automobile manufacturers, and a rain/light sensor for automatic wiper and driving light control.

"Network Value" Strategy
Cooperation not concentration: Hella is working very hard on achieving this target by building up a network of particularly innovative independent supplier companies with a global presence. This is to provide an attractive alternative to the automobile industry in contrast to the ever-increasing concentration of mega-suppliers ("Network Value" Strategy).
The latest successes for this concept are cooperations with the Japanese automotive lighting supplier Stanley Electric Co. Ltd., Tokyo, for the development and production of headlamps as well as with Leoni Bordnetz-Systeme GmbH in Kitzingen for forward-looking intelligent on-board mains systems. There have been two joint-ventures with the Stuttgart climate equipment and radiator specialist Behr GmbH & Co. since 1999: the company Hella-Behr Fahrzeugsysteme GmbH and the company Behr-Hella Thermocontrol GmbH.

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