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Super White Technology  

PIAA's Super White Technology sets a new standard in design, application, and appearance. With PIAA's Super White Technology your driving lamps, fog lamps, and bulbs approach the color and intensity of High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.). You'll be "styling" with this cutting-edge technology.

H.I.D. Technology   

PIAA is proud to introduce a new generation of High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) driving lamps. If you're looking for the most advanced lighting technology on the market today then look no further than PIAA's new H.I.D. system. The first thing you'll notice about PIAA's new H.I.D. system is its compact size and contoured lens. But don't let the compact size fool you. PIAA's new H.I.D. system utilizes a 35watt bulb, which produces light output equal to a 150watt system. PIAA's new H.I.D. driving light with its superior performance, compact size, and affordability is the ultimate choice of serious automotive enthusiasts.

Dual Lamp Technology  

Whether you're a mom on the go, or on an outdoor adventure, PIAA's Dual Lamp Technology provides you with maximum safety and versatility. Dual lamp systems allow you to switch easily between fog and driving lights in order to meet changing light and road conditions. PIAA offers the most extensive selection of dual lamp systems on the market.

Combining Technologies   

PIAA's 1700 and 1900 Series Lamps exemplify PIAA's commitment to combining market driven concepts with the latest technology. This series of lamps feature PIAA's most popular technologies: Super White, Plasma Blue, Multi-Surface Reflector, and high power XTRA Halogen Bulbs. PIAA's combined technologies offer you the optimum in fashion and performance.

Ion Crystal Technology   When you're driving in inclement weather, PIAA's Ion Crystal Technology greatly enhances visibility and safety. This technology transforms white light into amber light without diminishing the strength of the beam, providing greater output than a standard dyed lens. Whether roughing it at work or play, PIAA's Ion Crystal Technology is a smart addition to any vehicle.

Xtreme White Technology  

Our new Xtreme White Technology is the closest color yet to H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge), without the cost. Brilliant in color and radical in technical performance, these bulbs elevate your car's road profile to a new level no matter what you drive.

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