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RennAire Desert Duty Front Condensor, 911, (1965-89)

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Ice Joe
August 13, 2016
Desert duty front condenser
Sure, this unit needs some massaging to fit in place. It works excellent though!!! I'm only running this and a new rear deck condenser with rennaire's full system & am comfy even with 90+ temps. Griffs stuff is great too I might add... I have his controllers, etc...
July 25, 2015
Doesn't fit
This condenser is too "thick". It hangs too low. You will have to add spacers to the "crash bar" and "cage" that protect the front condenser. If you run a front rubber spoiler, it will push the spoiler out. If you want the center post on the crash bar to still bolt to the tub, you will need to weld a new center support or weld an extension to the oem center support. If you like doing lots of work, and spending a good amount of time looking for the spacers, it can be made to attach to the car. I don't think you can keep the front rubber spoiler from being pushed out, though.

I am replacing this with the Griffiths condenser.

Other than fit, it does help to keep the car cool. Just understand it has fit issues and they are non-trivial. And you will lose an inch of ground clearance.
June 15, 2013
Fit is OK, but fussy
Yes, as advertised the Desert Duty Front Condenser will fit in place of the much thinner original. But unless your car is very pristine, don't expect it to simply drop in. Most cars have seen a bit of abuse in the front condenser area, and so you will need to massage things just a little to get it all lined up and secure.

Looks to be a nice product other than the fussy install. Obviously much higher capacity than the wimpy stock unit.
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