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Flywheel Lock. This flywheel lock is for the engine yoke only.

Part #: PEL-TOL-SIR215
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Alexander C.
March 18, 2014
Doesn't fit the P201 Engine Yoke
Advertized as: Flywheel Lock - This flywheel lock only works with the P201 engine yoke.

The hole in the Flywheel Lock does not line up with the P201 Engine Yoke that it is designed to work with. The misalignment isn't even close. It is off by at least 4 mm. And yes, the engine yoke is properly mounted on the engine cases and the lock is fully seated in the flywheel gear.

The bolt hole for this flywheel lock should either be drilled in the correct location or the manufacturer should slot the hole.

Not impressed!
April 4, 2012
dosen't fit p201
I had to hammer it into place and hold it with a clamp because the bolt hole didn't line up.
Chris M.
July 7, 2011
356 lock
I lost mine years ago,this makes flywheeltightening much easier
March 8, 2010
Limited use.
Good quality, but it can only be used when the clutch and starter ring is still in place.
So you can't use it to remove the flywheel bolts.

A home-made tool like Wayne's book suggests is easy to do and is actually more versatile.
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