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Blower Hose for Late Style Blower Motor

Part #: 930-211-031-00-M100 (Updated)
Part #: 930-211-031-00-OEM
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Pelican Sales Rank:  11012
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Weight:  0.45 lbs.
Warranty Info:  Two Years from date of purchase
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Parts Diagrams:
Model:   911SC / Turbo (1978-1983)
Category:   Blower, Engine (911 SC)
Description:   Hose, M 640 1796 >>, M 630 8250 >>, M 630 2600 >>, M 630 9040 >> (from 80)
   Quantity Required:  
This part fits the following vehicles:
911SC / Turbo (1978-1983) (from 80)
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What our customers are saying:
Michael K.
November 2, 2013
1981 SC Repairs
The new hose was very stiff and difficult to bend so required some bench-top configuring to get all the turns correct. The pop rivet for the locator tab popped as soon as the hose was installed requiring removal, drilling out the old rivet, and replacing it with a slightly heavier rivet. Bolt on was easy from there.
Ken C.
May 9, 2013
Great fit
Fit like a glove once I figured out the top had a slot it slid into to hold it in place. Kind of pricey but worth it. Previous owner had home Depot duct in its place. Not on my car!
Joe S.
June 25, 2012
Blower hose too stiff
The hose was a very good repro, but had no flexibility when compared to the original. It was so inflexible that it collapsed the main tube. I don't believe this is worth 103 dollars. Looks great just doesn't work well!
Followup from the Pelican Staff:   This is a Genuine Porsche product that should be an exact duplicate of the original. I'm guessing that perhaps the previous owner routed it slightly in a different location, causing this problem. We've sold a bunch of these with no issues. Speaking of that, the center section is supposed to flatten out a bit and be oval.
July 5, 2011
Pelican delivers!
great product
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