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Head Unit Aux. Input Cable

Part #: 82-11-0-149-390-BOE
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Warranty Info:  Two Years from date of purchase
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April 14, 2017
This has a 12-PIN connector, meaning it doesn't (easily) fit an e46 head unit. This is very, very strange because this exact part number on almost every other site SHOULD have a 10 pin connector. VERY frustrating. It took me hours to figure out the wiring diagram for the E46 head unit aux input because BMW doesn't have many diagrams for the head unit I have. After using the plug from the CD-changer (which is not installed) and rewiring it, the product eventually worked fine. I would recommend installing it in the sunglasses holder instead of the glove box for ease of access. Provided mounting screws are very short and small so I just used two longer screws that I had laying around. TL;DR: check if your car has 12-pin connectors or 10-pin connectors. If it has a 10-pin, I say order from somewhere else. Jellybeans were a nice touch.
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