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Home > Technical Articles > Cookie Cutter Paint Removal

Guest Technical Article

Cookie Cutter Paint Removal

Tim Strayer


Forward by Wayne:
     This project by Tim Strayer shows you how to remove the paint and coatings from your Fuchs cookie cutter wheels, commonly found on both the 911 and the 944.

Supplies Needed:

  • Aircraft Paint Remover
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Steel Wool
  • Terry Cloth
  • Paint remover pads
  • Empty Tuna Can
  • Paint Brush

Step 1: Place rim with or without tire on a table.

Step 2: Pour paint stripper into tin can. If the can has a coating of paint on the inside then be sure to only put a little in so you can remove that paint before you start.

Step 3: Start by brushing the stripper onto the outer rim between spokes as shown in the photo.  When brushing, only brush in one direction or the built-in evaporation retardant will not work.

Step 4: Wait anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. You will see the clear-coat bubbled up like in the following photo:

Step 5: Once it has bubbled up, take the steel wool and wipe the clear-coat off.

Step 6: Keep rubbing the clear-coat off with the steel wool. This part is the easiest part because the clear-coat seems to be pretty weak.

Step 7: Once you remove all of the paint stripper you will notice that the clear-coat is gone.

Step 8: Apply the stripper to the remaining clear-coat on the outter rim.

Step 9: Repeat Step 6

Step 10: Wipe off paint shavings from rim.

Step 11: Apply stripper to two of the spokes on the rim. Remember to brush in only one direction! Let set till it starts to bubble up. This will take longer because the paint is much thicker.

Step 12: As soon as the stripper is bubbled up, take the paint stripper pad and scrub the area with the stripper.

Step 12A: This is what it should look like after the first coating.

Step 13: And after another coat.

Step 14: Now you can start applying the stripper to several areas. Do not apply in patches too large, it works best in small patches.

Step 15: Don't forget this small area!

Step 16: Keep working at it and applying coats.

Step 17: Eventually you will have all the paint off.

Step 18: This is what is left of your paint!

Step 19: Next you'll want to place some shop towels on the table you are working on. Then with soap and water, use a sponge to clean the inside and outside of the rim.

Step 20: Now, your done stripping all the paint. The next steps would be to sand the outter rim if you have any blemishes like the ones below. You can keep them the way they are or add any color you choose. For me, I will be sanding the outter rim and I will then put a few coats of clear-coat to protect it.

And here is the finished Product:

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