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Home > Technical Articles > Steering Wheel Removal and Installation

Guest Technical Article

Steering Wheel Removal
and Installation


Difficulty Level 2

Difficulty scale:
Adding air to your tires is level one
Rebuilding a 911 Motor is level ten

Wayne R. Dempsey



Figure 1
Figure 1:
914 Steering Wheel Horn Button Removal

Figure 1
Figure 2:
356 Steering Column With Horn Button Removed

Figure 1
Figure 3:
The Club with Breaker Bar to Remove Steering Wheel

Forward:  The steering wheel removal procedure is similar for many cars.  The car shown here is a Porsche 914, but the general principles can be applied to just about any car.

    If there is ever any work that needs to be performed on the inner dash or turn signal switch area, you will definitely need to remove the steering wheel. This seemingly easy process can prove harmful to your car if not performed properly. The first step is to remove the horn button from the center of the wheel. On the 356s & 914s, this is accomplished by holding the wheel and twisting the center horn button in a counter clock-wise direction. This is displayed in Figure 1, as shown on a 914. When removing the horn button assembly, be sure to be careful of the horn signal wire which is attached to the center horn button assembly. This is usually attached with an insert-type wire connector.

   Once the horn button assembly is removed, access to the center nut may be attained, as shown in Figure 2 on a 356. If you happen to own an impact wrench and air compressor, then the process of removing this nut is quite simple.    However, if you're like the rest of us, and lacking both money and garage space, you will need an alternative method. The important thing to remember is not to turn the wheel all the way to the end of the rack & pinion (914) or steering box (356). Holding the wheel steady while untorquing the center nut doesn't really work either.  This nut is 27mm on the 911 and 912.

   An alternative safe method involves using a 2-ft breaker bar or socket wrench, and the anti-theft device called The Club. You will also need a large socket (29-30mm for the 356 & 914) to remove the center nut. The procedure is simple: clamp down and lock the club around the steering wheel. then position the breaker bar within gripping distance of the club. This is shown in Figure 3. Take the breaker bar and club and squeeze them together.  The combined leverage from the two bars should be enough to loosen up the center nut. After the nut is removed, the steering wheel should simply slide out from the splined center shaft. In some cases the wheel may need to be tugged on, or some WD-40 or equivalent loosening oil may need to be used. Make sure the breaker bar or club doesn't impact the windshield.   You may want to mark the steering wheel with a permanent marker or a punch so that you can realign it properly when you reinstall it later on.

   Reassembly is basically the reverse of removal. Use the club and a toque wrench (if you have one), to torque the wheel to about 40 ft-lbs. When reattaching the center horn button assembly, make sure that you don't pinch the wire that activates the horn. Also, make sure that the wire is firmly attached, or you might have a few embarrassing moments with a stuck horn.

   Well, that’s about it. If you have any questions or comments about this helpful tip, please drop us a line.

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