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Home > Technical Articles > Porsche Air Conditioning Frequently Asked Questions

Guest Technical Article

Porsche Air Conditioning
Frequently Asked Questions

Roger Eaton

     I hope that at least one of the reasons you are here is to learn something about the air conditioning that's in your Porsche or is going to be in your Porsche. Personally I don't see how anyone would want to drive around in a car, especially a Porsche that can't keep it's occupants cool. Now, if the car is used strictly for racing, well then I can understand, but if their other car is a Toyota and it can freeze their socks off well then we had better get to work and right away ! The air in a Porsche can work as well as any other car on the road with out exception ! All the components that are in a Mustang are in a Porsche 914 or 911 or 968, its just that the parts are located sometimes in a different area because of how the car is laid out. 
  • The compressor is still driven by the engine, so it is mounted firmly to the case and connected to the Crankshaft by a belt.

  • The Evaporator is inside the passenger compartment so that air can be picked up by the fan and sent across the cooling coils and back out through the vents.

  • The condenser that is normally placed in front of the radiator in a 'real' car must be placed in the air stream or where there will be a steady high volume of cold air since this is where the freon sheds the heat that it has picked up inside the Evaporator.

  • The Receiver/Drier like those most 'real' cars use would be under the hood and have a 'sight' glass on the top so that the technician can see if the system needs additional freon is mounted somewhere on the body in the liquid line that runs from the Condenser to the Evaporator.

  • The biggest difference between a Porsche and the rest of the cars on the road is the amount of rubber hose that is needed to connect all these pieces together. In the past this was the biggest problem because all this hose had been made to purposely 'bleed' freon much like your skin bleeds air. The hose was actually pricked through the outer layer each inch or so to prevent the hose from blossoming from the pressure inside. What this meant was that Porsches were subject to the lose of much more Freon than the other cars and thus had to be topped up more often. That's the only downside.

So you see, there is nothing so Mysterious about the air conditioner in your Porsche !

But, if the technician that you take your car to for repair says that he doesn't know anything about the air in a Porsche, get back into your car, hook up your seat belt, drive off and seek out another tech. You won't have to go far to find one that knows his stuff but if you do e-mail me and I can probably help you find one in your area.

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Roger Eaton

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