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Home > Technical Articles > 996/Boxster Bra Installation

Guest Technical Article

996/Boxster Bra Installation


Difficulty Level 1

Difficulty scale:
Adding air to your tires is level one
Rebuilding a 911 Motor is level ten

Bob Tindel


Figure 1:

Figure 2:

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Figure 9:

    Pelican Parts is proud to offer the Colgan bra for all models of the Boxster & 996, with or without a cutout for a front license plate. This is the latest version of the Colgan bra, which does not extend above the headlights, so it has a smoother fit and cleaner look. The fit is perfect right out of the box. There is no need to re-bend any of the tabs—in fact the instructions packed with the bra specifically say not to do this.

     It is easier to fit the bra if it is warm, so put it out in the sun for a while before installation. This allows the material to stretch slightly, and conform better to the shape of the car.

     The bra consists of two pieces. The front of the hood slips into the hood piece like a letter into an envelope (Figure 1). It is held in place by two hooks, one on each side (Figure 2). After installation, you may wish to “roll” the front of this piece down slightly so the felt edging is not exposed when the hood is closed (Figure 3).

     The bumper piece has one small hook in the center with a cylindrical retainer on each side. These two retainers fit into the space between the hood and the top of the bumper cover when the hood is closed (Figure 4). Fasten the small hook in the center first (Figure 5), and then engage the four tabs on each side along the front edge of the wheel openings. Smooth out the bumper cover, position the cylindrical retainers in the groove at the front of the hood opening, and close the hood (Figure 6). The first time may be a bit difficult. Be careful to apply pressure gently so you don ’t bend the hood. I use the heel of my hand, and press on the area between the hood badge and the front of the hood, which is a strong, reinforced part of the hood. I did not find it necessary to make any adjustment to the fit of the hood to install the bra.

     After you get the hood closed, fasten the two small hooks at the bottom rear of the bumper cover (Figure 7). It may be easier to use two hands for this, as these hooks are rather tight. Try pushing with the thumb of one hand on the elastic loop while using the fingers of the other hand to fasten the hook.

     Smooth out the bra for a good fit, and you are done (Figure 8). Installing the bra takes a few minutes the first time, but with just a little practice it is quick and easy to put the bra on or take it off.

     We also offer bras for the mirrors on your Boxster/996. These are a custom fit, with a tiny embossed Porsche logo. They have an elastic band around the edge to hold them in place, plus a Velcro strap to keep them precisely positioned (Figure 9). The mirrors can take a real beating, especially when driving on twisty roads, so the bra mirrors are a nice addition to the protection of your Porsche.

     The front bumper and hood of the Boxster & 996 are extremely vulnerable to stone chips, so I use the bra on my car for any long trips. It is easy to remove and store otherwise.

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