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Home > Technical Articles > 911 Camber Strut Brace Install

Guest Technical Article
911 Camber Strut Brace Install

Bob Tindel

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     This article describes the installation of the Cambermeister on Bob Tindel’s 1983 911SC. Your Porsche may be slightly different. Note: the Cambermeister will not fit 1965-66 911 or 912.

     Do not jack up the car. Start in the luggage boot by peeling back the carpet on both inner front fenders to expose the shock tower mounts. Next, bend down the tab of the tabbed washer under the large shock stem nut (figure 1), and take off the nut (figure 2), tab washer, and large washer under the tab washer (figure 3). The large washer will not be used with the Cambermeister.

     There are three allen-head bolts around the shock stem. Make sure that the outside rear bolt is tight, to prevent any changes in alignment, and remove the other two allen bolts and the thin serrated washers under the bolts (figure 4 and figure 5).

     Clear the undercoating from the top of the shock tower, where the camber brace brackets will mount. I used a razor knife to score the area to be removed, and then chipped the undercoating off with a stiff putty knife. (figure 6 and figure 7)

     Rotate the shock stem so the keyway is inboard. It must line up with the tab on the camber brace mount. Make sure you pad the pliers when you do this, so you don’t mar the threads on the shock stem (figure 8).

     Test fit the camber brace bracket on the shock tower. The left and right sides are different, so make sure that the part of the bracket that will receive the brace rod is pointed toward the opposing shock tower (figure 9). Install the tabbed washer, large shock stem nut, and the two longer allen bolts and special washers supplied with the kit. Tighten these all just finger-tight at this point.

     Make sure that the brace rod lines up with its mounting points on the brackets. Tighten the large nut to 60 ft/lbs, and the allen bolts to 34 ft/lbs.

     Assemble the brace rod. Thread the jam nuts all the way onto the rod ends. Thread the rod ends all the way into the center rod. Attach one end of the brace rod to one of the brace rod brackets, and attach it with the supplied bolt, washers, and nut.

     Slip the loose rod end in between the “ears” of the other strut bracket. Rotate the brace rod so that the bolt can be inserted in the rod end, attach the nut, and tighten.

     Rotate the brace rod so there is no preload. Tighten the jam nuts.

     Hood clearance on some cars is tight. Place a piece of clay or a folded shop towel over the brace rod brackets, and gently close the hood. If there is insufficient clearance, you may need to file down the forward edge of the mounting brackets.

     For a neater appearance, cut a small cross-slit in the carpet where it meets the inner end of the two brackets (figure 10). The carpet can be placed over the brackets and the center bar can be easily bolted in or removed (figure 11).

     This modification will improve the handling of your Porsche by keeping the shock towers aligned, and by preventing changes in camber. The mushy feeling as you go into a corner will be replaced with sharper turn-in and confidence in your car’s handling.

     For all your parts needs, call us toll-free at 1-888-280-7799.

Hope this helps,

Bob Tindel

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