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Pelican Technical Article:

More Than You Ever Wanted to
Know About Gasoline

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Difficulty Level: 1
Difficulty scale: Adding air to your tires is level one
Rebuilding a BMW Motor is level ten

     This article is the one in a series that will be released in conjunction with Wayne's upcoming book, 101 Projects for Your BMW 3-Series.  The book will be 256 pages of full color projects detailing everything from performance mods to timing the camshafts.   With more than 350+ full-color glossy photos accompanying extensive step-by-step procedures, this book should be a staple in any 3-Series owner's collection.  See The Official Book Website for more details.  The book is due out in October 2005.   

3. What Advantage will I gain from reading this FAQ?

This FAQ is intended to provide a fairly technical description of what 
gasoline contains, how it is specified, and how the properties affect the 
performance of your vehicle. The regulations governing gasoline have 
changed, and are continuing to change. These changes have made much of the 
traditional lore about gasoline obsolete. Motorists may wish to understand 
a little more about gasoline to ensure they obtain the best value, and the 
most appropriate fuel for their vehicle. There is no point in prematurely 
destroying your second most expensive purchase by using unsuitable fuel, 
just as there is no point in wasting hard-earned money on higher octane
fuel that your automobile can not utilize. Note that this FAQ does not
discuss the relative advantages of specific brands of gasoline, it is 
only intended to discuss the generic properties of gasoline.
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