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BMW 320i E21   

BMW 320i E21 (1977-1983)
Technical Articles

Welcome to our BMW 320i Technical Article Directory. We've gathered a vast collection of useful articles to help you perform many repairs and upgrades on your BMW. Save money by doing your own work and perform the repairs using the information we've provided here. Can't find what you're looking for? Try our Search Engine at the top of the page, or hop over to one of our Enthusiast Forums - focusing on repair and maintenance for all BMWs. If you'd like to submit a tech article based on your own experience, please contact us here!

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 Basics & Essentials
Battery Connection Notes and Replacement
Safely jump start your car or replace the battery with this article
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Oil and Filter Change
Use this tech article to learn how to do one of the most common tasks on your 320i--changing the oil and oil filter.
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Accessory Belt Replacement
Worn drive belt? Here's some short instructions on this very basic of maintenance tasks.
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Safely Jacking Up and Supporting Your BMW 320i
Safely lift and support your BMW with the help of this article
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Wiper Blade Replacement
Replace your wiper blades before the weather turns bad
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement
Replace a failing or failed oil pressure sensor with these step by step instructions
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Spark Plugs and Wires
Replacing your plugs should be part of your regular maintenance
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Distributor Cap and Rotor Replacement
Misfires can be caused by cracks in your distributor cap and rotor, make checking and replacing them part of your regular maintenance
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1980-1983)
Valve Cover Removal
Replace your valve cover at the first signs of leaking
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Coil Testing and Replacement
Test and replace your coil with help from this article
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Cooling System
Thermostat Replacement
Car taking a long time to warm up or running too hot? Chances are you need a new thermostat.
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Coolant Flush and Replacement
When replacing the coolant, take the time and give the system a good flush.
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Radiator Hose Replacement
Radiator hoses get old, brittle, and leak. Keep everything running cool by changing them out.
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement
Temperature gauge not working? Replace your coolant temperature sensor
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Cooling Fan Sensor Replacement
Replace your failed coolant fan sensor with these step by step instructions
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Alternator Replacement
Alternators go bad, this article shows you how to put in a new one.
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
Voltage Regulator Replacement
You don't always need to change the alternator. Save some money and learn how to test and replace your voltage regulator here.
     Applies to: BMW 320i (1977-1983)
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