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Porsche 924/944 Electrical Diagrams
     How do you read a current flow diagram?   It took me a little time to figure it out.  Look at it this way.  Imagine that you are looking at a diagram that shows waterfalls emptying into a lake.  At the bottom of the page (electrical ground), it is similar to a large lake that the waterfalls empty into.  At the top of the page (high voltage potential) it is similar to the top of the cliff, right before the waterfalls off the edge.  Each path that the current diagram shows can be interpreted as a separate waterfall that turns a small turbine and generator as it falls down into the lake.  The electrical accessory can be seen as the generator.  The battery of the car is similar to a pump that pumps water from the lake back up to the cliff.

     After you get used to them, you will undoubtedly find that the current flow diagrams are much easier to read, primarily because they separate circuits from each other.  You don't need to mess with one circuit that you don't care about, just to find an electrical fault in another.   The current flow diagram can tell you everything that you need to know right away.


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