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Torques by Job
Pete Dubler

 Do you ever get tired of looking up torque settings in your spec book or manual? Here is a chart of most common, important, and useful torque settings used on a 914, sorted by job. Print this out (it fits on one page), put it in a plastic sleeve, and keep it in your tool or glove box.
 Wheels, Brakes, Wheel Bearings mKg FtLb
Wheel bolts, 25mm 15 108
Wheel bolts, 39mm, for alloy wheels 13 94
Front Caliper to steering knuckle bolts 8.5 61.5
Rear Caliper to rear axle trailing arm bolts 7.0 50
 Oil Change, Tune-Up mKg FtLb
Spark Plugs 3.5 25
Oil Drain Plug 2.2 16
 CV Joints/ Transmission Output Seals mKg FtLb
CV Joint Bolts (Joint to tranny output flange) 4.3 31
Bolt down middle of output flange 3.5-4.0 25-29
 Engine Pull (put-back-in, actually) mKg FtLb
Fan Hub Bolt 3.2 23
Flywheel Bolts 11.0 80
Clutch Bolts 2.5 18
Bolts holding in engine and engine to tranny 3.0 21.7
Tranny mount bolts/nut (the big ones) 2.0 14.5

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