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Porsche 914 Technical Information
Filling Capacities

Engine Approx. 3.5 liters/3.7 U.S. gt of brand name HD oils of API Classification SD or SE
SAE 30 for summer, SAE 20 for winter,
SAE 20 W 20 for permanent temperatures between -15 C / +5 F and 0 C / 320 F,
SAE 10W for temperatures below -15 C / +5 F
Transmission including differential Approx. 2.5 liters/2.6 U.S. gt of transmission fluids meeting Specifications MIL-L-2105 B or MIL-L-2105, SAE 90 Viscosity
Fuel tank 62 liters / 16.4 U.S. gal., of which approx.
6 liters / 1.6 U.S. gal. in reserve
Brake fluid Approx. 0.35 liter / 12 fI. oz. meeting SAE Spec. J 1703 a
Windshield washer Approx. 2.5 liters / 5.3 U.S. gt

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