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Porsche 914 Technical Information
1.7 & 1.8 Liter Engines

Technical Data - 1.7 and 1.8 Liter Engines (Data for 1974 Model 1.8 I Engines in Brackets)
Type Air cooled, 4-stroke fuel injected engine forming one unit with transmission and final drive; rear mounted
Code W, EA, EB, (EC)
Number of cylinders 4
Cylinder arrangement Horizontally opposed, 2 cylinders each bank
Bore 90 mm dia. (93 mm dia.)
Stroke 66mm
Total displacement 1679 cc (1795 cc)
Compression ratio 8.2 EB: 7.3 (EC: 7.3)
Max. output DIN/SAE net 80 HP at 4900 rpm/76 at 4900
(EC: 76/72 at 4800)
EB: 72/69 at 5000
Max. torque DIN/SAE net 13.50 mkg at 2700 rpm/99,5 at 3500
(EC: 13/91,0 at 3400)
EB: 12.4/87.0 at 2700 10.8 in/sec. at 4900 rpm
Mean piston speed 10.8 m/sec. at 4900 rpm
Octane rating 98 RON, EB: 91 RON
(EC: 91 RON)
Total weight, dry approx. 126 kg/277 lb
Ignition Battery ignition
Ignition timing 27 btdc at 3500 rpm
(vacuum hose disconnected)
(7.5 btdc at 800-900 rpm/
vacuum hoses disconnected)
Firing order 1-4-3-2
Ignition control Centrifugal and vacuum
Dwell angle 44-50
Spark plugs M 14x 1.25x 19
Electrode gap 0.6 mm/0.024 in.
Cooling System Air cooled by radial fan on crankshaft
Delivery rate Approx. 800 L/sec. at 4600 rpm
Lubrication Forced oil lubrication by gear-type pump
Oil cooling   Oil cooler in fan air stream
Oil filter   Full flow filter
Oil pressure gauge   Indicator lamp
Oil filling capacities   3.5 L/3.7 U.S.. gt with filter replacement
3.0 L/3.2 U.S. gt without filter replacement
Oil consumption   0.5-1.0 L/1000 km
(0.5-1.0 U.S. gt/620 ml.)
Cylinder head   One for each 2 cylinders with cast cooling ribs; aluminum alloy
Valve seats   Press fit, sintered steel
Valve guides   Press fit, special brass
Spark plug threads   Tapped in cylinder head
Valve timing   1 camshaft underneath crankshaft, cam followers, push rods and rocker arms.
Valves   1 intake and 1 exhaust valve per cylinder
Exhaust valve    
Tappet clearance, intake   0.15 mm/0.006 in. engine cold
Tappet clearance, exhaust 0.15 mm/0.006 in. engine cold
Valve springs   1 spring per valve
Valve timing with 1 mm valve clearance
Intake opens   12 btdc
Intake closes   42 abdc
Exhaust opens   43 bbdc
Exhaust closes   4 atdc
Cylinders   Individual cylinders, special gray cast iron with cooling ribs
Distance between centers  124.5 mm
Pistons   Alloy with special inserts
Piston pins Floating, snap rings
Piston rings 2 compression rings
1 oil scraper ring
Crankcase 2-piece divided vertically through crankshaft and camshaft bearings; aluminum alloy
Camshaft Gray cast iron, 3 bearings
Camshaft bearings Thin wall steel shell halves with babbitt bearing surface
Camshaft drive Helical gears
Crankshaft Forged steel, 4 plain bearings
Main bearings, 1,3 and 4 Aluminum shells, lead coated
Main bearing 2 Shells, triple alloy
Main bearing journals 1,3 and 4 60 mm dia.
Main bearing journal 2 40 mm dia.
Connecting rod bearing journals 55 mm dia.
Flywheel Forged, one-piece, with starter gear ring
Connecting rods Forged, with I-shaped shank section
Connecting rod bearings Thin wall shell halves, triple alloy
Piston pin bushings Press fit steel bushings with lead/bronze bearing surface
Clutch Diaphragm spring clutch
Type Single disc, dry clutch
Total lining surface 375 cm2

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