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Porsche Home > Porsche Technical Articles  > Porsche 914 (1970-1976) Technical Articles
Porsche Boxster 986/987 (1997-2004) Technical Articles   

Porsche 914 (1970-1976)
Technical Articles

Welcome to our 914 Technical Articles section. We've gathered a vast collection of useful articles to help you perform many repairs and upgrades on your Porsche 914. Save money by doing your own work and perform the repairs using the information we've provided here. Can't find what you're looking for?  Try our Search Engine at the top of the page, or hop over to our Technical Bulletin Board. If you'd like to support the site and submit your own Technical Article, contact us here!

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 Basics & Essentials
Time To Rebuild? - Part I & II
Wayne Dempsey outlays the tests and evaluations that you should perform on your engine before deciding it's time for a rebuild.
914 Valve Adjustment Made Easy!
Here's our most requested article.  Using some very simple techniques, you can adjust your valves in just over an hour.
914 Clutch Replacement
Our biggest and best article yet!  Over 45 photos describe every detail and every pitfall involved in doing your own clutch replacement on the 914 and 914-6!!!
914 Engine Drop Made Easy
Learn how to drop the 914 engine safely using only a single person.   This process is also safer than the Haynes Manual's approach.
Fixing 914 Oil Pump Leaks
Gill Paszek leads us on his journey to fix BJ's leaking oil pump mystery.
Rendezvous with a Dropped Valve Seat
View the carnage from this disaster. Warning, the photos contained within are not for the faint of heart.
914 Timing and Dwell Angle
Learn how to set your timing and dwell angle. Using our timing template, repaint your timing marks for easy timing in the future.
914 Timing with Carbs
Recently converted your 914 to carbs, but not sure how to time the motor? This quick article explains how.
Leaky Valve Covers Modification
John Rodgers shows us this modification that he made to his own leaky 914 to help improve the chances of staying dry.
"Big Fours"
Here's a guest technical article that covers the lessons learned from building a 2.5 liter 914-4.
Installing the MSD Ignition System
Pete Dubler offers up a review of the procedures needed to install the MSD system into your car.
Adding an External Oil Cooler
Special thanks to Pete Dubler for composing a great tech article on how to install a quality external oil cooler system on the 914.
914 Oil Cooler Seals Replacement
Demick Boyden offers a bunch of useful tips for the replacement of your oil cooler seals - with the engine in the car!
Upgrading to a 1.5Hp Starter
Lee Rice offers some tips and tricks for upgrading your starter to a more powerful version.
Ignition Troubleshooting Checklist
Mikko Kosonen has compiled a neat list for owners of all cars to check when they are experiencing problems with their ignition systems.
Distributor & Ignition Woes
Having trouble with your distributor, or your ignition system.  Lee Rice offers some tips on rebuilding and troubleshooting.
 Transmission, Shift Linkage, and Pedals
Transmission Gear Ratios
Figure out the exact ratios that you need to figure out for your Porsche with Andrew Warren's 901 & 915 spreadsheets.
Repairing 1st Gear on the 901 Transmission
It's almost typical to have a 901 that crunches or is difficult to get into first gear. The repair is relatively easy,  if you have all the right parts.
Full-On 901 Synchro Change!
Rebuilding your transmission might be easier that you think! In this article, Red-Beard goes through a complete, step-by-step teardown of a 901 transmission.
914 Tail-Shifter Linkage Improvements
Here's a neat little guest article from a Pelican fan who managed to renew his tail shifter without too much time, money, or effort.
914 Shifting Improvements
Got problems with shifting your 914?  Check out this article for the best tips used in improving your 914 shifting.
Pedal Cluster Rebuild
Is your pedal cluster binding up on you? Time to get rid of that squeak? Rebuild it with new bronze bushings with this tech article.
914 Shift Selector Rod Seal Replacement
Oil leaking out of the back of your transmission?  Want to replace the seal?  It's real easy with this little tech article.
Painting your Calipers
Once you detail your calipers, no one will be able to tell the difference between your stock ones and the lobster claws of the big reds.
Brake Cooling Kit Installation
Jim Smolka (Smoke-Daddy) guides us through the process of installing the brake rotor cooling kit.
914 Caliper Rebuild
Herb Meeder shares his rear caliper rebuilding experience, and what tips and tricks to use during the process.
Upgrading the 914-4’s Front Brake Calipers to BMW 320i Units
Special thanks to Andrew Kalman for donating this article on how to dramatically improve your braking performance with little impact on your wallet.
Hydraulic System Concerns with 914-4 Brake Upgrades
Harvey Hoover offers us some considerations that should be made when upgrading the calipers and/or the master cylinder on the 914-4.
Replacing the 914 Rear Brake Calipers
Are your calipers leaking around the parking brake seal? Are the pistons sticking? then you need to replace your calipers - quite an easy job.
Upgrading to a 19mm Master Cylinder
The 914 was delivered with a 17mm cylinder standard. Install the 911 master cylinder and improve your braking.
Bleeding 914 Brakes
Another 914 tricky process.  Here's a couple of hints and tips gathered from some good and bad experiences in brake bleeding.
Installing and Adjusting 914 Brake Pads
This is indeed a tricky process which leaves much to be desired. Let Pelican help you through the process with some helpful guidance.
 Ignition Systems
Ignition System Troubleshooting
James Thorusen offers up a step-by-step procedure for troubleshooting your ignition system, written with James' typical attention to detail.
 Fuel Injection
Electronic Fuel Injection Troubleshooting
Here's document #1 in a series that will help you to diagnose your fuel injection problems. May be used with EFI tester.
Calibrating the 914 Throttle Position Sensor
Mike Cooley offers up a good procedure for calibrating the throttle position sensor attached to the 914 throttle body.
Fuel Pump Relocation
Jim Thorusen offers his notes and comments on relocation of the 914 fuel pump to avoid the dreaded vapor lock problem.
Detailing your Porsche
Bob Tindel has spent many hours detailing his 911SC and his new Boxster.  Here he shares his hints and tips.
Installing a 914 Hood Crest
Want to put the Porsche Crest on your hood?  Afraid of messing up your hood?   Use our handy template and instructions to make the job easy.
Installing the Passenger Side Mirror on the 914
Never a factory option, the passenger side mirror is an easy upgrade for your car. The driver side mirror can be flipped around for use as a passenger side one.
Installing a 914 Ski / Bike Rack
Here's a little tip that will help you take your 914 skiing, or down to the beach for a ride along the boardwalk.
Making Your Window Molding Look New
Here's a neat guest article detailing a really good procedure for improving the look of your weather-beaten aluminum window trim.
914 Outer Door Handle Replacement
This article shows you how to replace one of the most failure-prone parts that exist on the 914.
Concours Corner: All About Bras
Once again, Bev offers up some suggestions and tips learned from experience with her concours winning 911.
Concours Corner: Polishing Alloy Wheels
Bev Frohm offers up some tips and tricks for polishing and maintaining your Fuchs alloy wheels to a mirror finish.
Fuchs Polishing 101
Jon Watkins gives some great pointers on polishing alloy wheels to a mirror finish.
Refinishing Fuchs Wheels
Demick Boyden offers up his own personal formula for polishing your Fuchs alloys.
914 Wheels 101
Lawrence Bonkowski put together this handy guide for the different types and styles of wheels you can fit to your 914.
Alloy Wheel Painting
Lawrence Bonkowski shows us some steps and tricks for getting a great looking alloy wheel paint job.
Concours Corner: Washing Your Car
Bev Frohm gives us some tips and tricks for washing your car in this article which is the first in a series.
Concours Corner: Rubber Strip Conditioning
Ever wonder what to use on your precious rubber stripping?  Concours winner Bev Frohm gives us some suggestions for prolonging the life of your weatherstripping.
Concours Corner: Cleaning Your Engine, Part I
Need some tips on this seemingly daunting task?  Bev Frohm teaches the dos and don'ts of cleaning your engine in part one of this series.
Concours Corner: Cleaning Your Engine, Part II
Part II covers more of the procedure in getting your engine to shine.
An $8 Rear Targa Top Seal Replacement
Demick Boyden offers us a great tech article on a cheap and easy way to manufacture your own replacement for this very expensive seal.
Replacing the Targa Top Side Seals
Dave Darling offers up some tips on replacing your Targa top side seals. Combined with some photos, it makes this procedure a snap.
 Exhaust, Heating, and Air Conditioning
Heater/Defroster Booster System
Brent Fallis has written a neat tech article on improving the flow and efficiency of the less than adequate stock 914 heating system.
Porsche Air Conditioning Frequently Asked Questions
Here is some expert advice and information on the early Air Conditioning systems installed in Porsches, as well as some history of the aftermarket units.
Building an In-Dash Air-Mixture Monitor
Gabriel Pennella offers a great article on building a monitor that you can use while driving to fine-tune your performance.
Installing a Second Hot Air Blower Motor
Mini-Tech Article:  Want to get more power out of your defroster?  How about a second blower motor?  Jared Fenton gives us the idea and some tips on the installation.
Mounting a Race Seat in a 914
John Rogers shows us how he made his SCCA-qualified race seat fit securely, safely, and correctly into his 914.
Mounting a Race Seat in a 914 #2
Chris Campbell shows us how he fit his Corbeau seat into his 914.
Sound Padding and Carpet Installation
Sound pad missing or falling off? Need some carpet reglued? Not sure what to use?  Here's what we recommend.
Steering Wheel Removal and Installation
Removing the steering wheels off of older Porsches can prove to be a taxing manner. Here are some tips for easy removal.
Installing the 914 Center Console
One of the most popular upgrades for the 914 is to install the Appearance Group Center Console.  This tech article shows you how.
Front A-Arm Bushing Replacement
Chuck Moreland gives us a few photos of the procedure required to replace your original factory bushings.
914/911 Strut Replacement
Chris Sherwood guides us through the process of removing and upgrading your struts to the later-style units.
Home Toe-in and Camber Adjustment
John Rogers offers a neat article with specs on adjusting your toe-in and camber with homemade tools.
Installing a 914/911 Front Sway Bar
Most 914s did not come front or rear sway bars. Some early 911s didn't either. Sway bars are probably the most important suspension upgrade you can perform. A few hours of work is all it takes.
Installing Your 914 Rear Sway Bar
Most 914s did not come with the rear sway bar installed. A little welding is all that's needed to attach the rear sway bar.
914 Five-Lug Conversion Guide
Tom at Pelican Parts has summarized the options that are available to 914 owners, when they decide that they want to upgrade to a five-lug pattern.
914 Five-Lug Rear Conversion Procedure / Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement
Gill Paszek shows us the best way to convert your rear hubs to the five-lug pattern. Also shows us how to replace your rear wheel bearings in the process.
 Body & Chassis
914 Fiberglass Flares Installation Tips
Ed Villela offers some tips from our Bulletin Board on how to best attach the fiberglass GT flares to the 914 chassis.
914 Center Tunnel
Dave Darling guides us on a tour down the 914's center tunnel.
Fabricating 914 Seat Brackets
Is your floorpan rusty and ready for replacement.  Use this tech article to make new seat brackets for your new floorpan.
Welding Primer & Review
Many thanks to Mike Cooley and John Dunkle for writing this primer on welding.   Check it out if you're interested in learning more about 'the black art of welding.'
914 Restoration of Pedal Box Floor Area
Kyle Ehler offers a procedure for repairing this rust-prone area of the 914.
914 Longitudinal Repair & Reinforcement
Here's another tech article on Longitudinal Repair and Reinforcement, this time using Brad Mayeur's reinforcement kit.
914 Longitudinal Replacement
Finished replacing your floorpan?  Now Kyle offers tips and suggestions for the replacement of your longitudinals on your 914.
MIG Welder Maladies & Bodywork Book Review
Kyle Ehler offers some advice on MIG Welders, and some opinions on some bodywork books.
914 Floorpan Replacement
Floorpan looking like swiss cheese?  Check out this guest article by Kyle Ehler on the replacement of your 914 floorpan.
 Gauges, Headlamps, and Electrical
Gauge Face Replacement
Tom Sharpes leads you through the tricky process of adding colored gauge faces to your car.
914 Headlamp Switch Repair
Paul Anders takes apart this very expensive replacement piece and shows us how to extend its useful life.
Brighter Instrument Lights
Pelican Parts tech staffer Bob Tindel offers up some tips and tricks for getting more visibility out of your bulbs in your dash.
914 Alternator System Troubleshooting
Jim Thorusen offers up some suggestions on troubleshooting your alternator system.
914 Ignition Switch Replacement
Having trouble starting your 914?  Are you headlamps flickering when you turn the key? You most likely have a damaged or cracked ignition switch. Replacement is quick and easy with a little Pelican help.
914 Wiper & Turn Signal Switch Replacement
John Rogers offers up a great article on replacement of the 914 wiper and turn signal switches.
Porsche Gauge Repair and Refurbishment
This is a Pelican Technical Article covering the replacement of gauge faces, odometer repair, calibration checking, and module replacement.
An Easy and Inexpensive Ignition Cut-Off Switch
Here's a little trick that will disable the ignition system on your car, preventing your pride and joy from being stolen.
Starter System Troubleshooting
Here's a great guest article by James K. Thorusen that describes in detail the problems and solutions for troubleshooting your starter system problems.
Repairing the Fuel Tank Sending Unit
Fuel gauge stuck at half-empty?  Maybe your sending unit needs some tender loving care.  Terry Steer gives us some ideas.
914 Headlamp Motor Troubleshooting
James Thorusen gives some hints on avoiding the winking and blinking problems that many 914s have.
VDO Clock Repair
Demick Boyden offers a neat little procedure for getting the tick back into your dashboard clock.
VDO Clock Repair #2
If Demick's article on clock repair doesn't fix your clock, then you might want to try Mack Overman's tips and tricks...
Upgrading to Hella H4 Headlamps
Want some more power on your headlamps?  Here's a step-by-step instruction kit on how to upgrade your car.
Electrical System Upgrades
Lee Rice offers some suggestions for upgrading the wiring in your car to accommodate the higher power components that people keep adding to their Porsches.
914 Alternator Replacement
Dave Darling offers up the steps that you need to remove and replace your alternator in your 914.
914 Subwoofer Installation
Bee Jay shows us how he fabricated a custom subwoofer enclosure for his 914.
Affordable Porsches
Originally published in GrassRoots Motorsports magazine, this article chronicles the affordable Porsche options available for you to acquire.
Tire Size Calculator
Ever wondered what the exact dimensions of tires are for your car?  Plug in the confusing tire size (ex. 215/60/16), and it will give you physical dimensions.
AC Hydraulic DK13HLQ Jack Drop Speed Adjustment
The AC Hydraulic DK13HLQ is quite simply, the best floor jack we have ever used. Learn how its drop speed can be adjusted here.
Hot Rodding Your Floor Jack
What can we say, Tom Sharpes has way too much time on his hands...
John Rogers - 914 Racing
John shows us how he set up his 1973 914 to compete on the track.
John Rogers - 914 Vintage Racing
Going Vintage Racing with a 914 or How to Have a Ton of Fun on a Budget (Kind of!)
Porsche Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)
Paul Lighthill offers a very comprehensive guide to the pre-purchase inspection of your new Porsche.
Reversing your Wiper Motors
Getting a little tired of your wipers being parked on the driver's side.  Move them permanently to the right side with this neat procedure by Tom Sharpes.
The Physics of Racing Series
Brian Beckman offers one of the best explanations of the physics of racing and what you need to do to achieve better performance in this 12-part series.
$10 Service Cover for the 914
Pete Dubler offers up a great article on the construction of an inexpensive service cover that will protect your 914 while your wrenching.
914 Gas Tank Removal
Brian Kumamoto offers up a procedure, and some hints and tips for removing and reconditioning the 914 gas tank.
Street Dyno!
Recording the ignition spark pulses into a wave file and processing it using the software can give a pretty accurate HP/Torque rating for your engine.
All About Gasoline
Here's a document that explains everything that you may have ever wanted to know about gasoline.  This covers everything from formulations, to smog tests, to octane ratings.
All About Motor Oils
Ever wondered about the formulations of motor oils?  This document explains the differences, and the formulations, and why which one is best for your car.
Making Sense of Synthetic Lubricants
Don Stevens offers some insight on the facts, myths, and trials of synthetic oil in automobiles.
Transmission Final Drive Computer
Here is a little program John Rogers wrote to do some speed vs RPM calculations after he did a rally a couple of months ago.  It's pretty fun to play around with.
Installing the 914 Rear Trunk Springs
Mike Cooley has developed a unique and clever tool to reinstall the 914 rear trunk springs, which is normally very difficult to do.
Dave Darling's 914 FAQ
Dave Darling has complied a bunch of Frequently Asked Questions about the 914 which is indispensable for any new or old owner.
914 Engine Stand Construction
Kyle Ehler once again offers up his conversion of a V8 engine stand into one that can be used with a real car.
914 Electric Windshield Washer Pump Conversion
Tired of trying to get the stock windshield washer system to work with that bizarre spare tire pressure feed?  Karl Ellzy offers us this great conversion article.
Replacing a Porsche Key Head
The lighted key head on these old Porsche keys are great... when they work. Shed some light on the problem by learning how easy it is to replace this important little gadget here.
Rekeying Porsche Locks
Have two or more keys on your key chain for your Porsche?  Missing a key to one of your locks?  Rekey your locks with our tech article, and carry a lighter load on your keychain.
Replacing the 914 Center Tunnel Gas Lines
These gas lines are made of plastic and are subject to cracking and damage caused by age. Replace them easily with steel lines.
Replacing the 914 Door Stay
Does your door fly open, or shut close whenever you let go of it? Annoying, isn't it. Replace your door stay and get rid of the hassles.
Rice's Ramblings, Part I
Lee Rices offers tech tips and suggestions on spark plugs, CATs, installing later-style gauges in early cars, and buying new tires.
Rice's Ramblings, Part II
Lee Rices offers tech tips and suggestions on emergency breakdown kits, replacing the 911 fan belt, and stopping squealing disc brakes.
Tech Articles on The Porsche 914 Fan Web Page
Check out this link to a whole set of tech articles located on Tim Jones' web site dedicated to the 914.
Maintenance and Restoration Info on The Porsche 914 Club Web Site
Check out the Porsche 914 Club on the internet for more tech info on the 914.
Got more questions? Join us in our 914 Technical Forum Message Board, and ask a question to one of our many automotive experts.
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