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Home > Tech Info Center > The 914 Series > Photo Gallery

Porsche 914
Photo Gallery

  • Here are some 914 Photos that we've acquired throughout the years.
    Many thanks to the owners of these fine cars. If you have any
    questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to drop us a line...

  • Do you have a picture of your car you'd like to put on our site?
    Mail us your photo & we'll scan it in for you, or email us and send
    us your photo as an attachment.

1st Annual LA Vintage Grand Prix
Armed with a camera, we took many shots of vintage
Porsche racing cars in their natural habitat.
Photos from the Pomona Swap Meets...
Here's a whole bunch of photos from the several times
that we have been to our favorite swap meet.
Wayne's 914 Wayne's 1974 914-6 Roadster...
Here's Wayne's nearly immaculate black 914-6 conversion
on the wood chips near Palos Verdes.
Wayne's 914 Sticker Original Window Sticker from Wayne's Car...
Here's the original window sticker from 1974 showing
Wayne's car's options and final price.
Wayne's 914 Karl Johnson's $51,000 914-6 Conversion
This about sums up what the ultimate 914 could be.  With a detailed
thesis by Karl...
914 Al Spiteri's 914 Roadster
Al purchased this car from the auto shop in my high school. He paid 700 dollars for it, even though it needs a massive restoration (paint, interior, rocker pannels, some weatherseals, rims/tires, exhaust system, and light engine and body work).  He waited 8 months for it to go on sale, and the car is currently undergoing a ground-up restoration.  Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4
914 Bill Kohnke's 914 Roadster
At the Nittany Lion  PSU  two days after I finished a complete
paint/mechanical job.  Autocrossing photo.
914 Dennis Shilling's Project 914
Pic 1 is of the front of the car during disassembly, Pic 2 cut away to
expose rust and battery acid damage, Pic 3 new parts welded in place,
Pic 4 getting body ready for new paint.
914 Phillip Haun's 914...
Great looks with flares!
914 Rufus Wedderburn's 914GT Conversion
Direct from Scotland...
914 Tod Schuck's 914 Roadster
Here are three shot's of Tod's car with many Pelican Parts' parts attached!
914 John Harrell & Son in their 914 Project
Here's a classic shot of father and son standing in the engine compartment!
914 Lorren D. Caffee's 914-6 Conversion
Here is basically an essay on how to prepare your ultimate 914-6
Italian 914 Racing 1974 Trento-Bondone race.  Medium Sized Pic.  Large Sized Pic
This is a photo took in 1974 in italy Trento-Bondone race. Ciao
914 Greg Braun's  914 Racer...
Greg Braun's 1973 914 2.0 which is currently campaigned with
the Porsche Club of America and SCCA Vintage.
914 Paul Wainwright's 914 Roadster...
Euro-spec 2.0L, in exquisite black...
Wayne's 914 Victor Sokolow's 1974 914 Roadster...  {a better picture}
Here's another near-perfect black 914.  It's a low-light
shot of the front end with nice polished and painted alloys.
914 Steve Howitson's 914 Roadster... 
"I spent several years looking for the perfect 914. This is it. 1972
1.7. I love to autocross this car. All I need is a set of fuchs and I will
be happy owner."
914 Michael Kunz's 914 Roadster... 
Complete with girl attached...
914 Dan Roswell's 914 Roadster... 
Bright red, complete with GT flares!!!
914 Jim Benson's 914 Roadster... 
Jim Benson's 1975 914-6. Arizona Zone 8 Concours
First Place Winner for 6 years.
914 Jim Philpot's 914 Roadster... 
Here's Jim's modified 914.  Text of modificationsPicture 2,
Picture 3, Picture 4
Dave Rodenroth's 914 Racer...
Here's a sweet car in it's best form - on the track!  Updated Photo 1, Photo 1
Mike Fraculj's 914 Roadster
Take a look at Mike's orange 914 in his shop.
Timo Kirkkomaki's 914 Roadster
Here's an excellent example of a great 914 in Finland!
The 914 that Tim bought off of Wayne...
Tim bought this car off of Wayne, and then it got totaled
in a bizzarre turn of events.  Tim's son survived the accident
unscathed, thank goodness.  [Totaled Pic #1  Pic #2]
Mike Mormanis' 914 Roadster
Here is a picture of Mike's car and a list of all the things that he's done to it.
Robby Poindexter's Former 914
Here is a picture of my car that I owned for 10 years. Sorry to say that it
is dead now. The chassis developed terminal rust problems. Happy to report
that he 73 2.0 engine has been rebuilt and transplanted into my new baby, a
blue 75 model!
Stephen Grove's 914 Roadster...
An interesting set of wheels and an interesting color for a 914...
Andrew Lauder's 914 Home Page...
Here's a whole bunch of pictures of Andrew's pristine 914.
Mike Cooley's Recent 914 Acquisition...
Here's a picture of Mike Cooley's recent purchase.  This car was
advertised and sold in the Pelican Parts Classifieds!
Craig Stout's Silver 914
Here's Craig Stout's Concours winning 914.  20K Original miles!
Wayne's 914 John Bundy's 914 Project...
Here is a picture of John Bundy's most current project. It's
a 72 914 awaiting a paint job and 2.4E motor.
914 Steve Zuccaro's 914 GT...
Here's a shot of Steve's 914 GT conversion.  Steve's idea of
recessed side scoops is a custom touch. After adding the GT
style flares, this 914 has became a custom one-of-a-kind 914 GT.
Mike Keating's  914 Roadster up in the air...
Here's a photo of Mike Keating's 914 tucked out of harm's
way from the ice and salt of the winter.
Bill Schmahl's 914 Roadster...
Here's a photo of Bill Schmahl's 1975 914 in black with
some unusual rims.  Another Pic
Julia Roger's 914 Roadster...  photo #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
Here's a neat car from one of our customers.  Almost finished, all it
needs is some polishing of the wheels.
Alan Clapp's 914 Roadster...
The Ultimate 914? 1987 Carrera engine mildly tweaked to about 230 hp; full welded roll cage; 996 TT brakes F & R; chassis reinforcements; 245x35x18" front tires on 9" rims; 285x30x18" rear tires on 10" rims; carbon fiber hoods and bumpers; and the best for last - 2003 Boxster S 6-speed transmission!

Drives like a dream - shifts like a...a..., well a Boxster!
John Williamson's 914-6 Roadster...
A great example of a stock 914-6 in completely original
Don's  914-6 GT Project Car
A true work in progress, this car is on its way to being a
powerhouse.  GT Flares are on their way...
Dion Dunn's New 914 Project
Dion's new project, purchased from Pelican Parts.  Check out his progress
Dion Dunn's 914 Roadster Racer...
A great example of a yellow 914 decked out in full race
gear.  Another set of unusual rims on this car.  Updated Photo, after
911 front and rear addition and more panels.
Joe O'Toole's  914 Roaster...
Here's a 914 with the following interesting modifications: Gold
Empi's w/ Bridgestone Potenza 195/50/15s, Ansa Monza 'style'
exhaust,  911 rear lens Wide rocker panels, Turbo tail, Aftermarket
turbo side mirrors, and 3rd brake light.   Another pic...
Don & Eileen's Sobjack's 914 Roaster...
Here's a 914 with the quite uncommon Chalon kit installed.
Glenn Trapp's 914 Roaster...
Glenn's 914 with a 911 front end and M calipers.
Tom Leonard's Son's 914 Roaster...
Here's a neat, clean looking 914 currently being restored in
North Carolina.
David Gale's 914 Roadster...
Here's a front shot of David Gale's early 914. Notice how
painting the Riviera Mags solid black improves the looks.
David Gales's 914 Roadster...
Here's a rear shot of David's everyday driver.
David Gales's 914 Racecar under construction...
Here's a link to several shot's of Dave's race car under
construction, including shots of it on his rotisserie!

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