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Porsche 993
Technical Articles


Welcome to our 993 Technical Articles section. We've gathered a vast collection of useful articles to help you perform many repairs and upgrades on your Porsche 911. Save money by doing your own work and perform the repairs using the information we've provided here. Can't find what you're looking for?  Try our Search Engine at the top of the page, or hop over to our Technical Bulletin Board. Click here for 1965-94 911 technical articles. If you'd like to support the site and submit your own Technical Article, contact us here!
How to Install a Cone Filter
The aftermarket K&N filters are a popular option for many Porsche owners. This article shows you the best way to install the filter and its adapters.
How to Perform an Oil Change
Save yourself hundreds of dollars by not taking your car to the dealer.
Jacking up your Car
Make sure that you elevate your baby without doing any damage to the undercarriage.
Jacking Point Installation
Save yourself the hassle of jacking up all four corners on your 993 every time and install this simple modification instead.
How to Change the Pollen Filter
This filter helps to keep the interior clean and clear.  Replace it easily with this article.
 Engine & Transmission
Time To Rebuild? - Part I & II
Wayne Dempsey outlays the tests and evaluations that you should perform on your engine before deciding it's time for a rebuild.
How to Change the Transmission Fluid
It's important to keep your transmission fluid fresh every 15,000 miles or so.
Swapping Out Your Muffler
One of the most popular upgrades is an tuned aftermarket stainless steel exhaust system.
 RS Motor Mount Swap
Firm up your behind with a 993 upgrade that is easier than you'd expect.
Starter Replacement
If you've determined that the starter is bad, learn how to replace it without electrocuting yourself by reading this article here.
Changing out Spark Plugs
Change your spark plugs regularly for optimum ignition system performance.
Replacing the Distributor Cap and Rotor
Worn out caps and rotors commonly cause ignition problems to rear their ugly head. Keep on top of maintenance with new caps and rotors every 10,000 miles.
Removing and Replacing 993 Spark Plug Wires
Before you attempt it in your garage, be sure to check out this article filled with tips & tricks.
Replacing your V-Belt
You're in big trouble if your belt breaks (overheated engine, etc.).  Make sure it's fresh and tight with this technical article.
Alternator Removal
Snag that alternator out of your motor for repair or upgrade with this technical article.
Fixing a Stripped Alternator Shaft
Ouch!  Stripped your alternator shaft trying to get the fan off?  Here's some tips on recovering from this problem.
Intake Temperature Test
For cars with the fixed rear spoiler, make sure that your engine is getting the cool air that it needs to breathe.
Fixing a Squeaking Fan Belt Roller
Fix that annoying squeak for good with the information provided here.
Oil Cooler Fan Operation & Troubleshooting
Got some problems with your 993 oil cooler fan, and can't figure out why it's not working?  Check out the advice in this article.
Installing an Auxiliary Oil Cooler
Thinking of adding a Turbo S oil cooler to your 993? This article will walk you through all of the steps necessary.
Swapping your Motronic Chip
You can gain instant HP by installing a more aggressive profile chip into your Motronic Fuel Injection Computer (DME).
 Suspension & Brakes
Springs and Suspension Upgrades
Surely the stock suspension systems are inadequate for a true Porsche-owner!  Check out some upgrades that you can do with this writeup.
Replacing Brake Pads
Another basic maintenance item made simple by this technical article.
Flushing the Braking System
As with any Porsche, it's important to keep your brake system flushed and clean.
Flushing the Slave Cylinder
The slave cylinder (like the braking system) should be periodically flushed with fresh fluid as a part of regular maintenance.
Painting your Calipers
Once you detail your calipers, no one will be able to tell the difference between your stock ones and the lobster claws of the big reds.
 Body & Interior
Rear Fog Lamp Installation
Here's an amazingly complicated procedure for the installation of the rear fog lamp.
Wiper Arm Reversal
Bugged by your wipers being on the 'wrong' side?  Flip them around with this easy procedure.
Conversion of the 993 Switchblade Remote
The switchblade remote control system has some problems associated with it.
How to Remove the Door Panel
Need to get at some switches, or install some speakers?  Here's how you remove the side door panel.
Replacing a Broken Spoiler Wall
Whoops, your spoiler isn't working correctly?  Could be a broken rear spoiler wall.
Fixing Broken Light Bulbs in the Third Brake Light 'Stripe'
Those third-brake light stripes look cool, but it's a pain to replace the bulbs.  Find out the easy way to do it with this article.
Recaro Seat Installation
Upgrade your seats with this article on sport seat installation.
How to Clean the Inside of your Headlamps
Cleaning the outside won't do you any good if you have dust and dirt on the inside of your headlamps.  Clean them with this procedure.
How to Install a Front Protection Bar
Worried about smacking the front of your Porsche on those concrete parking blocks?  Install a front protection bar.
Power Seat Drive Shaft Replacement
Does your seat fall behind (pun intended) when you're trying to move it?  Could be a broken drive shaft.
Remote Programming
Ever wondered how to program the remote immobilizer system in your Porsche?  This article will show you how.
Litronic Headlamp Install
Here's another take on the Litronic Headlamp install specifically for the 993s.
Roof Transport System Installation
Ever wondered whether the Porsche Roof Transport System was worth the $$$ Check out Mike Rentner's installation and overview of the product, and decide for yourself!
Door Sill Installation
Protect your paint and keep your car looking sharp with new door sills.  15-minute installation makes these a snap!
Aerokit Installation
It looks cool, but is a bear to install.  If you're thinking about installing the Aerokit on your late-model 911, you will want to check this article out first!
5-Point Harness Install
Great for the track, or some vigorous street driving.  Learn how to install the harness bar, and truss strut yourself.
Removing the Front Bumper Cover
If you want to upgrade your front bumper & spoiler, or if they become damaged, here is the procedure for getting them off.
Disabling the 'Tail Warning Lamp'
Tired of that annoying warning lamp jumping on and distracting you while you're doing some real driving?  Disable it the right way.
Clutch Pedal Hanging Problems
The 993 clutch pedal can sometimes have a few problems inherent with its operation.  Make sure yours is not sticking.
Handbrake Lever Upgrade
One of the most popular upgrades is an aftermarket brake handle.  This article shows you how to perform the install procedure.
Child Seat Installation in a 993
Take your kids with you on those Sunday drives, as we show you how to install a child seat in your 993.
Cleaning the 993 Idle Stabilizer Valve
Get the carbon buildup and miscellaneous gunk out of your engine. Just be careful with that brake cleaner!
993 Clutch Pedal Kinematics Lever Installation
Is your clutch pedal not returning correctly? The factory has a solution for that. Check out this article with step-by-step instructions on how to change it out.
993 Steering Rack Replacement
It's not for the faint of heart, but if your steering rack is leaking you'll want to check out this article before you act.
993 Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement
Notchy and noisy clutch pedal? It's not the most convenient workspace, but you'll certainly be a smooth operator when you're done.
Replacing the 993 Rear Spoiler Grill
Broken or missing, you'll want to check out this article on making your 993 look it's best.
993 Door Strap Detent Assembly Rebuild
Are your doors clicking and feeling "off" but you don't know what it is? Check out this article on a little wear item that will need some attention soon.
993 Spoiler Drive Gearbox Rebuild
Is your spoiler making a grinding noise? It's probably just a few dirty gears. Learn how to clean it all up here.
993 Lower Valve Cover Gasket Seal Replacement
Is your 993 using more oil than usual? This gasket shrinks with age and it could be an easier fix than you think.
Cleaning 993 Secondary Air Injection Ports
Learn how to clean these ports and replace your SAI check valve here.
993 Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement
Excessive noise or abnormal tire wear? It may be one of your bearings. This article demonstrates how to change them out with a special tool and a couple of hours. 
993 A/C Evaporator & Expansion Valve Replacement
You probably won't want to try this at home, but this article will certainly help you diagnose and identify some of the common problems with the A/C system.
Diagnosing 993 Fan Issues
An excellent write-up on what you'll need to do to track down the "wheezing" you might be hearing from your interior fan motor.
993 Broken Odometer Repair
Your speedometer works, but your odometer quit? Check out this article that explains exactly what you'll need to do to start racking up the miles again.
993 Trumpet Horn Installation
Itching to swap out your original horns for something newer? Find out just how easy it is here.
993 Valentine One Remote Display
Keep your eyes on the road (and your record clean) with this innovative way to mount a radar display in your 993's tachometer.
993 On-Board Computer Retrofit
Interesting in adding a feature that was only available for Tiptronics and Turbos? Check out all of the steps and parts needed here.
993 Rear Wiper Removal
It's ugly, it spoils the clean look of the car, and it's got to go (depending on where you live, of course).
993 Valentine One Hardware Installation
Check out all of the options available for mounting your Valentine One and keeping your interior clutter free.
993 Oil Cooler Fan Switch
If you've installed a high speed fan on your oil cooler you're going to need to figure out a solution for a switch as well. This article discusses the best locations for it.
993 Steering Wheel Radio Control Installation
Use a Tiptronic steering wheel to control the stereo in your manual 993.
993 Gauge Face Installation
Find out everything you've ever wanted to know about replacing your 993 gauge faces here.
993 Turbo S Brake Duct Installation
Thinking about adding these OEM-style ducts to your 993? Read up first- it's not as easy as you may think.
993 CD Changer Installation
We suppose an iPod would be lighter and more effective, but if you're interested in adding a CD Changer to your 993 follow these factory-spec instructions.
993 Garage Door Opener Installation
Although common on most new cars today, this article will give you some food for thought on how to stealthily add an opener without adding to your interior.
993 Auxiliary Oil Cooler Installation
This is more involved than a simple kit, but it's also a lot cheaper. Just make sure to watch your alcohol intake while reading this.
993 HID Headlamp Installation
Here's the 411 on everything electrically involved with installing your new HID kit.
 Miscellaneous Porsche
Building an In-Dash Air-Mixture Monitor
Gabriel Pennella offers a great article on building a monitor that you can use while driving to fine-tune your performance.
Fikse Wheels & Suspension Upgrades
Greg Gulik shows us the improvements from his suspension upgrades, along with the install of a new set of Fikse wheels.
Home Toe-in and Camber Adjustment
John Rogers offers a neat article with specs on adjusting your toe-in and camber with homemade tools.
911 Camber Brace Install
Bob Tindel offers up a great technical article on the installation and setup of the front strut camber brace.
911 Alignment Methods
Mike Piera offers a whole bunch of suggestions for aligning your car and doing the job correctly.  Mike also offers some useful info on weight balancing.
Detailing your Porsche
Bob Tindel has spent many hours detailing his 911SC and his new Boxster. Here he shares his hints and tips.
Concours Corner: Cleaning Your Engine, Part I
Need some tips on this seemingly daunting task?  Bev Frohm teaches the dos and don'ts of cleaning your engine in part one of this series.
Concours Corner: Cleaning Your Engine, Part II
Part II covers more of the procedure in getting your engine to shine.
Concours Corner: All About Bras
Once again, Bev offers up some suggestions and tips learned from experience with her concours winning 911.
Concours Corner: Washing Your Car
Bev Frohm gives us some tips and tricks for washing your car in this article which is the first in a series.
Concours Corner: Rubber Strip Conditioning
Ever wonder what to use on your precious rubber stripping?  Concours winner Bev Frohm gives us some suggestions for prolonging the life of your weatherstripping.
Concours Corner: Targa Top Reconditioning
Targa top looking a little old?  Bev once again offers some interesting procedures for restoring and protecting your top against the elements.
Concours Corner: Polishing Alloy Wheels
Bev Frohm offers up some tips and tricks for polishing and maintaining your Fuchs alloy wheels to a mirror finish.
Fuchs Polishing 101
Jon Watkins gives some great pointers on polishing alloy wheels to a mirror finish.
Cookie Cutter Paint Removal
Tim Strayer shows us how to effectively remove the paint from your Fuchs cookie cutter wheels.
Refinishing Fuchs Wheels
Demick Boyden offers up his own personal formula for polishing your Fuchs alloys.
Alloy Wheel Painting
Lawrence Bonkowski shows us some steps and tricks for getting a great looking alloy wheel paint job.
Bleeding Porsche Brakes
Another tricky process.  Here's a couple of hints and tips gathered from some good and bad experiences in brake bleeding.
Tire Size Calculator
Ever wondered what the exact dimensions of tires are for your car?  Plug in the confusing tire size (ex. 215/60/16), and it will give you physical dimensions.
Hotlap Under Dash Install
Greg Gulik shows us how he installed his Hotlap computer underneath the dash of his 911.
AC Hydraulic DK13HLQ Jack Drop Speed Adjustment
The AC Hydraulic DK13HLQ is quite simply, the best floor jack we have ever used. Learn how its drop speed can be adjusted here.
Hot Rodding Your Floor Jack
What can we say, Tom Sharpes has way too much time on his hands...
Porsche Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)
Paul Lighthill offers a very comprehensive guide to the pre-purchase inspection of your new Porsche.
The Physics of Racing Series
Brian Beckman offers one of the best explanations of the physics of racing and what you need to do to achieve better performance in this 12-part series.
Preparation of 911 for Speed
Martin Schacht offers a very lengthy, intensive article on the modifications and setup of your 911 for speed on the track.
Street Dyno!
Recording the ignition spark pulses into a wave file and processing it using the software can give a pretty accurate HP/Torque rating for your engine.
All About Gasoline
Here's a document that explains everything that you may have ever wanted to know about gasoline.  This covers everything from formulations, to smog tests, to octane ratings.
All About Motor Oils
Ever wondered about the formulations of motor oils?  This document explains the differences, and the formulations, and why which one is best for your car.
Making Sense of Synthetic Lubricants
Don Stevens offers some insight on the facts, myths, and trials of synthetic oil in automobiles.
Transmission Final Drive Computer
Here is a little program John Rogers wrote to do some speed vs RPM calculations after he did a rally a couple of months ago.  It's pretty fun to play around with.
911 Frequently Asked Questions
Wade Guthrie offers what appears to be the most comprehensive list of changes and information on the entire 911 lineup.  An excellent guide for first time buyers too.
MIG Welder Maladies & Bodywork Book Review
Kyle Ehler offers some advice on MIG Welders, and some opinions on some bodywork books.
Welding Primer & Review
Many thanks to Mike Cooley and John Dunkle for writing this primer on welding.  Check it out if you're interested in learning more about 'the black art of welding.'
Rice's Ramblings, Part I
Lee Rices offers tech tips and suggestions on spark plugs, CATs, installing later-style gauges in early cars, and buying new tires.
Rice's Ramblings, Part II
Lee Rices offers tech tips and suggestions on emergency breakdown kits, replacing the 911 fan belt, and stopping squealing disc brakes.
Got more questions? Join us in our 911 Technical Forum Message Board, and ask a question to one of our many automotive experts.
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