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Porsche Home > Porsche Technical Articles > Porsche 911 (1965-1989) Technical Articles
Porsche 911 (1965-1989) Technical Articles   

Porsche 911 (1965-1989)
Technical Articles

Welcome to our 911 Technical Articles section. We've gathered a vast collection of useful articles to help you perform many repairs and upgrades on your Porsche 911. Save money by doing your own work and perform the repairs using the information we've provided here. Can't find what you're looking for?  Try our Search Engine at the top of the page, or hop over to our Technical Bulletin Board. Click here for 993/964 and 996/997 technical articles. If you'd like to support the site and submit your own Technical Article, contact us here!

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 Basics & Essentials
Jacking Up Your Car
Most common tasks need the car to be jacked up in the air.  But where should you place the jack, and what is the safest method of lifting it?  It's all answered here
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Changing Engine Oil
The most common task to do on your 911. All the air-cooled 6 cylinder engines covered here.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Fan Belt Replacement
The fan belt on the air-cooled 911 can be a bit confusing to change. In this article, we will go over the steps involved in replacing it.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Replacing the Air Filter
New to working on your car?  Not sure where the air filter is?  Check out this simple article.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Fuel Filter and Accumulator Replacement
You should replace your fuel filter about every 10,000 miles or so.  This technical article shows you how to perform this relatively easy maintenance task as well as changing the fuel accumulator if needed.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Washing Your Car
This article gives you some basic tips on this very basic task.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
 Engine & Clutch
Carrera Heater Blower Motor Replacement
Now you can quickly and easily replace your engine heater blower motor.
     Applies to: Porsche 911 (1974-89)
Oil Inlet Check Valve Installation
Stop oil smoke on start up on cars that are stored or not driven that often
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89)
S-hose Replacement
The S-hose is one of the most overlooked yet important hoses on the car. Check and or replace your today
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89)
Smoke Pro Vacuum Leak Test
Find vacuum leaks quick and easy with the Smoke Pro
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89)
Time To Rebuild? - Part I & II
Wayne Dempsey outlays the tests and evaluations that you should perform on your engine before deciding it's time for a rebuild.
Review: Bruce Anderson / Jerry Woods Engine Overhaul Class
Wayne Dempsey took this class at the tail end of doing research for his latest book. Find out what he thought about the class and its content.
Engine Rebuild Overview
Leland Pate basically shows us his 'notepad' that he wrote in while rebuilding his 911 engine. Hints and tips not included in the factory manuals.
Engine Removal
Need to drop the engine for some major repairs? It's all documented here.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Clutch Replacement
One of our biggest and most comprehensive articles yet.  From start to finish, all the instructions are here.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-86) - 930 Turbo (1975-86)
Clutch Cable Replacement
Often times, replacing the clutch cable on the 911 makes a stiff clutch pedal feel like new. Here's how you do it.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-86) - 930 Turbo (1975-86)
Replacing Your Clutch Helper Spring
Do you need the strength of Hercules to push the clutch pedal in? Many times, replacing this spring fixes the problem.
     Applies to: 911 (1977-86) - 930 Turbo (1977-86)
Replacing Oil Return Tubes
The oil return tubes on the 911 engine are prone to leaking after many years of heat cycling. In this article, we show you how to replace them without removing the engine from the car.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Installing/Upgrading the 911 Front-Mounted Oil Cooler
One of the most popular upgrades for the 911 is the addition or upgrade of the external oil cooler. Without a doubt, it is very important on an air-cooled engine to keep temperatures within an optimum operating range.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Replacing Motor and Transmission Mounts
Over time, all motor and transmission mounts wear out, possibly causing damage to the driveline of the car. Here's how to replace them.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Polishing Alloy Wheels
Here's how to polish your Fuchs alloys yourself and bring them to a mirror shine.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Tire and Wheel Sizing on the 911
Not sure what those markings mean on your tires? This article makes sense of speed ratings and sizes.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Clutch Adjustment
Whether you have just installed a new clutch cable, or simply need to adjust it bit from regular driving, the procedure is simple and straightforward.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-86) - 930 Turbo (1975-86)
911 Engine Teardown
In this article, we go over the basics of tearing down your 911 engine in preparation for a rebuild.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Machine Shop 101
If you are planning on having your motor rebuilt, or having a top-end rebuild performed, then you will probably need to take some of your parts to your local machine shop.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Rebuilding Your Engine
In this article we go over the basics of rebuilding a 911 engine. Be sure to also check out Wayne's book on rebuilding the Porsche 911 engine.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Setting and Adjusting the Cam Timing
Setting the camshaft timing on a 911 engine can be a bit daunting for the beginner. In this article we go over all the steps involved in detail.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Upgrading to Late-Style 911 Carrera Chain Tensioners
Installing the later, oil pressure fed chain tensioners on an earlier Porsche 911 is a great safeguard against a potentially expensive chain tensioner failure. The good news is that this update can be performed on nearly all 911 engines from 1965 through 1983.
     Applies to: 911 (1968-83) - 930 Turbo (1975-83)
Upgrading to Turbo Valve Covers
Earlier 911's are prone to having the original magnesium valve covers leak due to warping from heat cycling. A better solution to stop the leaking is to install a set of reinforced valve covers from the 911 Turbo.
     Applies to: 911 (1968-89)
Valve Adjustment
Not sure how to perform the most important maintenance task for the 911? This article, written with the beginner in mind goes over all the steps so you can adjust the valves yourself.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Oil Level Sender Replacement
Has the oil level gauge stopped working in your 911? Sometimes the culprit is the sender unit mounted in the oil tank. Here's how you replace it.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Alternator Troubleshooting and Replacement
The replacement and repair process is straightforward, and should take you about an afternoon to complete.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Fixing Common Oil Leaks
It’s a wise idea to start with the leaks that are easiest to fix, and then move onto battling the harder ones later.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Extracting Power from a CIS Rebuild
Some hints and tips on how to extract the most power when performing a CIS engine rebuild.
911 Valve Adjustment Made Easy
This is the one everyone has been waiting for. Check this out for a step-by-step procedure on how to adjust your valves on your 911 motor.
911 Valve Adjustment - The Backside Method
Could it be? An easier way to adjust your adjust your 911's valves? Learn more about the "backside" method that uses no special tools and could save you hours of headache.
911 Engine Drop Made Easy
This is an article for anyone who wants to drop their 911 engine. A must for clutch work and for fixing oil leaks.
911 Clutch Replacement
One of our most requested, here is the low-down on how to replace your own clutch in your 901 or 915 equipped 911.
911 G50 Clutch Replacement
Carreras with G50 transmissions need their clutches maintained too! Learn how in this step-by-step article by Jim Smolka.
Carrera Chain Tensioner Upgrade
One of the most important upgrades you can perform on your 911 is the upgrade to the hydraulic chain tensioners. This article details the steps involved with plenty of photos.
911 Timing Chain Replacement
Kurt Williams gives us his procedure for replacing the timing chains without having to split the case.
911 Clutch Cable and Helper Spring Replacement
You should always replace your clutch cable and helper spring prior to performing a clutch job, as the cable often wears out, and could be causing some of your clutch problems. Also covers clutch adjustment.
Fan Belt and Pulley Replacement
Here's a short tech article about a very important element of the 911 and 356 motors, the fan belt.  Improper installation can lead to failure and engine overheating.
Engine Cooling Tin Modification
Gill Paszek offers us up the factory upgrade for the late 1980s cars that allows your 911 motor to run cooler. This modification can be made in a matter of minutes when the engine is apart.
911 Turbo Valve Covers Upgrade
Tired of breathing smoking oil when you start your car? Install this common upgrade and fix one of the most common 911 oil leaks.
Engine Compartment Detailing
This six-part series by Tom Sharpes on detailing your engine is super-detailed, and an excellent source of ideas for cleaning up your own engine compartment.
911 Oil Leak Fixes
Mark Jo shows us how he fixed leaks in his oil breather cover, engine thermostat, and oil cooler.
911 Oil Cooler Upgrade
Upgrade your external oil cooler with the newer Carrera finned type, complete with a cooling fan.
External Oil Cooler Installation
Tom Sharpes offers up some great pics for the procedure for installing a Mocal aftermarket oil cooler setup in your 911.
Mocal External Oil Cooler Installation
Roger Jambor builds on Tom Sharpes article on the installation of the Mocal External Oil cooler.
Porsche 911 Oil Coolers
Martin Schacht offers up a completely comprehensive tech article on upgrading your oil coolers, including the popular Carrera Oil cooler upgrade.
911 Oil, Fuel, and Electrical System Upgrades
Originally published in Porsche 911 Performance, Mitch Rossi details the steps he went through in enhancing the oil cooling, fuel, and electrical systems of his race-ready 911S.
Oil Cooler Fan Wiring
For 911s without the electric fan, Bob Tindel offers up a procedure for wiring the fan with a thermostat.
Cool Collar - Cheap Cooling for Your Porsche
Bob Tindel shows us one of the new Pelican Products that supply you with cheap cooling for your engine.
Rendezvous with a Dropped Valve Seat
View the carnage from this disaster. Warning, the photos contained within are not for the faint of heart.
Replacing Oil Return Tubes and Seals
Got a huge oil leak from your oil return tubes?  Replace them with easily installed expandable ones!
Setting 911 Distributor Static Timing
Have you removed your distributor lately, and need to reset the timing to start your engine?  This article gives a bunch of tips to get you running again.
Installing the MSD Ignition System
Pete Dubler offers up a review of the procedures needed to install the MSD system into your car.
Replacing 911 Spark Plugs
Here's a brief Tech Procedure on replacing your spark plugs from Pelican's own Bob Tindel.
911 Carrera Chain Tensioner Install Checklist
Need to upgrade your 911 motor with the newer style Carrera chain tensioners? In lieu of the upcoming Pelican Technical Article, check out this checklist on the installation process.
911 Engine Oil Cooler Replacement
Steven Stomski offers a brief procedure on the replacement of the internal oil cooler and its associated seals, which often leak on the older cars.
911 Oil Cooler Scoop
Need some extra air to your oil cooler?  Check out this neat little device that funnels air where it's needed.
911 Partial Engine Drop
Need to get at your oil pressure sensor, but can't reach it without removing the fuel injection?  Use this little technique to drop the engine down enough to gain access.
964/993 Oil Cooler Fan Operation & Troubleshooting
Got some problems with your oil cooler fan, and can't figure out why it's not working?  Check out the advice in this article.
Installing a New Starter
Need a new starter in your 911?  Try installing a new higher power starter in your car with this tech article by Bob Tindel.
Upgrading to a 1.5Hp Starter
Lee Rice offers some tips and tricks for upgrading your starter to a more powerful version.
Ignition Troubleshooting Checklist
Mikko Kosonen has compiled a neat list for owners of all cars to check when they are experiencing problems with their ignition systems.
Distributor & Ignition Woes
Having trouble with your distributor, or your ignition system. Lee Rice offers some tips on rebuilding and troubleshooting.
Kirk Engines Valve Lash Tool
Step-by-step instructions on how to use Kirk Engines Valve Lash tool.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89)
 Transmission, Shift Linkage, and Pedals
WEVO Shifter Installation
One of the most common upgrades for people who drive their 911s hard, DE or seriously track them is a WEVO shifter. We'll show you how to install it with the help of this article.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-99)
WEVO PSJ Shift Linkage Installation
Now you can quickly and easily fully replace your 911 shift linkage.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89)
Installing a Dead Pedal
Greg Gulik details the relatively easy installation of the dead pedal, or 'foot rest' into his 911.
Transmission Gear Ratios
Figure out the exact ratios that you need to figure out for your Porsche with Andrew Warren's 901 & 915 spreadsheets.
Repairing 1st Gear on the 901 Transmission
It's almost typical to have a 901 that crunches or is difficult to get into first gear. The repair is relatively easy,  if you have all the right parts.
911 Factory Short Shift Kit Install
Bob Tindel offers his usual-excellent approach to installing the factory short-shift kit into your car.
Installing the 911 Factory Short Shift Kit
Here's a step-by-step instruction set on how to install the 911 Factory Short Shift Kit, brought to you by Scott Booth.
Replacing Transmission Fluid
One of the easier tasks to perform on your 911 is to change the transmission fluid, but just in case you need a bit of guidance, be sure to read Wayne's article first.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Shifting Improvements
Is your Porsche shifting poorly? Often times, a afternoon spent replacing the shift linkage bushings can make a huge difference. Read about the procedure here.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-86) - 930 Turbo (1975-86) - 912 (1965-69)
Rebuilding First Gear on the 901 Transmission
Is your transmission crunching or grinding when you shift into first? On early 911's and 914's, first gear can often be rebuilt without having to disassemble the entire transmission. In this article, we will show you how.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-71) - 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Installing a Short Shift Kit
Installing a short-shift kit (SSK) is probably the number one most popular upgrade for these Porsche cars.  Detailed instructions on the process are here in this tech article.
     Applies to: 911 (1972-86) - 930 Turbo (1975-86) - 912 (1965-69)
Rebuilding your Pedal Cluster
Over time, the bushings in the pedal cluster can bind or start to decay due to moisture and/or age. In this article, we show you how to rebuild the pedal cluster.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Replacing CV Joints
A loud clunking noise while your car is moving is indicative of a constant velocity (CV) joint failing. With many older Porsches reaching over 150,000 miles, it's a fair bet that they will need to be replaced at some point. Read up on how to do it here.
     Applies to: 911 (1968-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1968-69)
911 Alternator and Fan Replacement & Upgrade
Is your alternator fickle?  Need to replace it or the brushes inside? Got a 5-blade fan that is making your 911 motor 'hot under the collar?'  This tech article is for you!
Repairing the Fuel Tank Sending Unit
Fuel gauge stuck at half-empty?  Maybe your sending unit needs some tender loving care. Terry Steer gives us some ideas.
911 Shifting Improvements
Tired of sloppy shifting in your 911? Try a few of these small suggestions for improving your shift linkage setup.
Pedal Cluster Rebuild
Is your pedal cluster binding up on you? Time to get rid of that squeak? Rebuild it with new bronze bushings with this tech article.
Shifter Rod Seal Replacement
Joe Wolfgang and Wayne team up to offer you an easy solution for replacing your transmission shift rod seal.
Full-On 901 Synchro Change!
Rebuilding your transmission might be easier that you think! In this article, Red-Beard goes through a complete, step-by-step teardown of a 901 transmission.
911 Transmission Upgrades
Originally published in Porsche 911 Performance, Mitch Rossi provides an overview of the various ways Porsche transmissions can be upgraded for racing.
 Exhaust, Heating, and Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning System Recharge
Marco Moran gives us some tips for recharging and maintaining your A/C system.
Replacing your Catalytic Converter
Is your car way down on power? Is there a sulphur-like smell coming from your engine? Over time, catalytic converters (cats) can become saturated and block exhaust flow. In this article, we discuss replacement and/or installing a cat bypass pipe for those of you with smog exempt cars.
     Applies to: 911 (1980-89) - 930 Turbo (1980-89)
Heater System Repair
The 911 has an incredibly effective heater that can blast you out of the car… when all the pieces of the system are in place. Many times, a ripped boot, snapped cable or stuck heater box can render the system inoperative. Here's how it all works.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Replacing Heat Exchangers
One of the most important elements of your 911’s exhaust system is the heat exchangers. Not only do they funnel the exhaust out from the engine, but they also provide heat for the interior of the car.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Air Conditioning on the 911
On any car, the A/C system is a complicated beast. This project is not intended to be a repair manual for your A/C system, but to serve more as a guide on how the system works, and the maintenance involved with its upkeep.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Nippondenso A/C Compressor Rebuild
Rod Walter shows us how he rebuilt his compressor using only a small set of inexpensive parts.
964 Blower Motor Replacement
Tom Sharpes explains the tricks associated with upgrading your 964 blower motor to the later-style 993 one.
964 Heater Blower Motor Replacement
Ben Staples offers his advice when replacing the heater blower motor on a 964.
Heat Exchanger Retrofit
Get some more power from your 1975-89 911 by retrofitting it with the early-style heat exchangers.  Mark Jo shows how...
C2/C4 Primary Muffler Bypass Pipe
Get some more horsepower and a better sounding exhaust by swapping out your primary muffler.
Exhaust System Upgrades
Bob Tindel offers his review of the new GHL stainless steel mufflers offered by Pelican.
Extra Engine Cooling Boost
Bob Tindel offers up a way to get a little more cooling using a technique employed by the factory on late-model 911s.
Heater Flapper Box Replacement
Tom Sharpes offers up some painful experience for others to avoid while replacing their heater system flapper boxes.
Upgrading to SSI Heat Exchangers
Bill Gregory offers up a quick and easy way to upgrade your late-model 911 to the early style SSI heat exchangers.
Porsche Air Conditioning Frequently Asked Questions
Here is some expert advice and information on the early Air Conditioning systems installed in Porsches, as well as some history of the aftermarket units.
AC Upgrade from to Seiko Rotary Compressor
Bob Tindel shows us his upgrade to the newer style rotary compressors that are smaller and more efficient.
AC Upgrade from York to Sanden Compressor
Greg Salchow gives us a neat procedure on upgrading your A/C from the York to the improved Sanden compressor.
1984 911 AC Upgrade - Rennaire ProCooler
Mitch Leland details his experiences dealing with his 911's tricky evaporator housing, and also his Rennaire ProCooler installation.
1984-89 911 AC Switch Upgrade
Nathan Auldridge shows you how to install a variable-speed A/C blower switch into a 1984-89 911; replacing the much-maligned OEM 3-position switch, and eliminating the airflow-restricting blower resistor pack.
911 AC Temperature Switch Modification
Porsche superseded the original AC Temperature Switch to a revised design, but this newer version needs to be modified in order to fit your 1977-89 911. Learn how to perform this modification by reading this article.
 Gauges, Headlamps, and Electrical
Porsche 911 Electrical Diagrams
Take a look at these handy flow diagrams that'll show you everything you need to know right away.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-99)
Clewett High Performance Wires Installation
If it is time to replace your spark plug wires we highly recommend that you consider Clewett Engineering High Performance Wires.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-99)
Fuel Level Sender Replacement
Fuel gauge not registering correctly? It might be the fuel level sender. Replacing the fuel level sender is a quick and easy job.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Starter System Troubleshooting
The 911 is known for having problems with the starter when it gets hot. Here's how you fix it.  
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Speedometer Removal
Some 911 in the early 1980's were shipped with an 85MPH speedometer due to government regulations at the time. Here's how to install one that reflects your Porsche's true abilities.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Odometer Repair
Over time, the small gears inside your odometer can break down and render it inoperable. Here's how you fix it.
     Applies to:
911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Ignition Tune-Up
Spark plugs, ignition points, distributor caps, rotors and wires. It's all covered here. Many times, replacing worn ignition system components can make a tired engine run like new.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
"Setting the Timing, Dwell, and Idle Speed"
One of the most important and basic tasks to perform on your 911 is the setting of the ignition timing.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-84) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Installing an MSD Ignition Unit
One of the best upgrades that you can perform on your 911 is the installation of the Multiple Spark Discharge, or MSD, ignition control system.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-83) - 930 Turbo (1975-83)
Oil Temperature Gauge Upgrade
Some 911's use a non-numbered oil temperature gauge that doesn’t give a true indication of how hot the oil really is. Here's how to install a numbered oil temp gauge.
     Applies to: 911 (1978-89) - 930 Turbo (1978-89)
Replacing your Ignition Switch
The ignition switch on the 911 can cause all sorts of odd problems when starts to fail. Here's how you remove it from the dashboard.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Replacement of Steering Wheel Switches
The steering wheel switches can take a lot of abuse over the years. Here’s how to replace them yourself.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Installing a New Stereo
There comes the time when many people want to upgrade the stereo that came in their 911.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Troubleshooting Electrical Problems
Troubleshooting and repairing basic electrical problems is not as difficult as you may think.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Third Brake Light Installation
Ted Stringer shows us how to easily install the standard third brake light on early 911s, and improve the chances of NOT getting rear-ended!
Gauge Face Replacement
Tom Sharpes leads you through the tricky process of adding colored gauge faces to your car.
964 Gauge Face Replacement
Tom Sharpes shows you how to pull the gauges on the 964.
Solving 912 Electrical Problems
Patrick Von Asbroeck offers some useful comments and feedback on finding 912 electrical gremlins.
Brighter Instrument Lights
Pelican Parts tech staffer Bob Tindel offers up some tips and tricks for getting more visibility out of your bulbs in your dash.
Adding a Third Brake Light
Here's a useful article by John Nelson about adding a third brake light to cars that didn't have one installed at the factory.
Alternator Replacement / Fan Upgrade
Here's a Pelican Technical Article that details the removal and replacement of both the alternator and the fan on a 911 engine.
Alternator & Voltage Regulator Removal and Replacement
Wil Ferch offers a procedure and some tips on removing your alternator. Complements the previous article.
Starter System Troubleshooting
Here's a great guest article by James K. Thorusen that describes in detail the problems and solutions for troubleshooting your starter system problems.
Porsche Gauge Repair and Refurbishment
This is a Pelican Technical Article covering the replacement of gauge faces, odometer repair, calibration checking, and module replacement.
An Easy and Inexpensive Ignition Cut-Off Switch
Here's a little trick that will disable the ignition system on your car, preventing your pride and joy from being stolen.
Upgrading to Hella H4 Headlamps
Want some more power on your headlamps? Here's a step-by-step instruction kit on how to upgrade your car.
VDO Clock Repair
Demick Boyden offers a neat little procedure for getting the tick back into your dashboard clock.
VDO Clock Repair #2
If Demick's article on clock repair doesn't fix your clock, then you might want to try Mack Overman's tips and tricks...
Electrical System Upgrades
Lee Rice offers some suggestions for upgrading the wiring in your car to accommodate the higher power components that people keep adding to their Porsches.
 Fuel Injection
Injector O-Ring and Sleeve Replacement
If your engine starts running rough this is one of the places you need to check
     Applies to: 911 (1973-89)
Carburetor Rebuild
It's a fact of life, eventually, all carburetors need to be cleaned and rebuilt due to age. This article goes over the steps involved with rebuilding Weber triple throat carbs.  
     Applies to: 911 (1965-73)
"Carburetor Adjustment, Balance, and Tuning"
There's almost no cooler sound then a 911 engine running with a set of carbs on it. This article goes over carburetor systems for the early 911 models and explains tuning and adjustment.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-73)
Mechanical Fuel Injection Troubleshooting and Adjustment
In this article we go over troubleshooting and adjustment of mechanical fuel injection (MFI) which is used on some early 911's from 1969-73.
     Applies to: 911 (1969-73)
Tuning and Adjusting CIS Fuel Injection
Continuing or articles on fuel injection systems, in this article we discuss tuning and adjusting the Continuous Injection System (CIS) used on 911 models from 1973-83.
     Applies to: 911 (1974-83) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Pop-Off Valve Installation
Porsche 911's with CIS fuel injection often suffer from the occasional engine backfire which can damage the plastic airbox, causing an expensive repair. Adding a pop-off valve to the airbox prevents the damage from a backfire.
     Applies to: 911 (1974-83) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Fuel Pump Replacement
 Here's how to safely replace the fuel pump.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Oxygen Sensor Troubleshooting and Replacement
Almost all cars eventually need new oxygen sensors at one time or another. Replacement is relatively easy with the step-by-step instructions shown here.
     Applies to: 911 (1980-89) - 930 Turbo (1980-89)
The Motronic Engine Management System
The Motronic system not only times and meters the fuel, but it also decides when to fire the spark to make combustion happen.
     Applies to: 911 (1984-89)
911 Motronic Chip Upgrade
Greg Gulik shows us how to upgrade your DME computer using a higher performance chip.
C2/C4 Airbox Modification
The stock airbox for the C2/C4 doesn't allow enough air to get to the engine. This modification shows you how to safely eliminate this problem.
Mechanical Fuel Injection
Basically, this is almost more than you would ever really want to know about the MFI system.  The most comprehensive source available today.
Rebuilding a Weber 40/44/48 IDF Carburetor
This handy article walks you around an incompatibility issue in Redlines rebuild kit for these carbs.
CIS Troubleshooting Chart
Got a problem with your CIS 911?  Check out this chart that may help you troubleshoot fuel injection problems on the 1973-1982 CIS cars.
Additional Instructions for Testing Bosch CIS
Instructions for using the CIS tester to test cold control pressure, warm control pressure, primary pressure, and rest pressure.
DME Troubleshooting Chart
Got a problem with your 1984-89 911 Motronic System?  Check out this chart for problems, and component locations.
Fuel Pump Replacement
Got a fuel leak near your pump?  Replace the fittings and get rid of that gas smell.
Adding a CIS Pop-off Valve
No 1973 1/2 thru 1983 911 should be without this very important addition.  The CIS cars backfire all the time, don't blow up your air box, install a Pop-Off Valve.
Building an In-Dash Air-Mixture Monitor
Gabriel Pennella offers a great article on building a monitor that you can use while driving to fine-tune your performance.
Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor Upgrade for 84-89 Carreras
Doug offers up this quick and easy upgrade for the 3.2 Motronic Fuel Injection.
911 Carrera Engine Starting Troubleshooting
Having trouble getting your 911 Carrera motor started?  Check out this useful article for tips on how to get your engine started.
Fuel Injector Replacement
Here's a brief Tech Procedure on replacing your fuel injectors from Pelican's own Bob Tindel.
Adjusting Your Warm-Up Regulator
Bob Tindel shares this procedure on converting your warm-up regulator into an adjustable type.
Front Wheel Bearing Replacement
Learn how to replace the front wheel bearings with these step by step instructions.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89)
Standard and Adjustable Drop Link Replacement
Replace your factory drop links or replace them and elliminate preload with adjustable ones
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89)
Front A-Arm Bushing Replacement
Chuck Moreland gives us a few photos of the procedure required to replace your original factory bushings.
930 Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement
The 930 has a dual-bearing rear hub race, which makes the replacement procedure very different from the regular 911s, as Neil Walker found out.
Monoball Suspension Installation
The monoball bushings offer much tighter rear bushings than the stock ones. Bruce Herrmann shows you how to install them quickly and easily.
Installing a Camber Strut Brace
A strut tower brace links the top of the shock towers to insure that the towers do not bend when the chassis is flexing.  Find out more about how they work and which designs are best in this article.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Lowering the 911
Back in the day, 911s were shipped to the US at a higher ride height than the European cars. In this article, we will go over the steps involved with adjusting the ride height using the factory adjusters built into the car.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Installing the Bump Steer Kit
Have you lowered the front of your 911? It's important to install a bump steer kit as well. This cheap upgrade is easy to install. Here's how to do it.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Replacing the Ball Joints
Is the front end of your 911 shaking or not tracking as straight as it once did? The cause may be worn ball joints. Here's how you change them.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Tie Rod End Replacement
Does your car seem to wander at speed? The cause may be worn tie rods. In this article we will go over the steps to replace them.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Installing the Turbo Tie Rod Kit
The early tie rods on the Porsche 911 used a rubber end joint that over time can wear and give the steering a wandering feel when driving. The tie rods on the 911 Turbo models used a spherical metal joint that gives a much more precise steering feel. Learn how to install the turbo tie rods here.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Alignment on your 911
Any modification or repair made to your suspension system is bound to affect its alignment.  Even though it's still important to know a good alignment shop, learn how you might be able to align your car at home in this article.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Installing a Front Sway Bar
Installing a sway bar on the 911 allows you to really fine tune the handling of the car. Installation a bit tricky, but in this article we show you how to do it.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Replacement of Sway Bar Bushings and Brackets
Often times, replacing old and worn sway bar bushings can make a world of difference in your car's handling. Here's how to do it.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Shock Replacement
Replacement of your shocks and springs is one of the most common procedures for your 911. See Wayne's instructions here for complete details on the replacement process.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Replacing/Upgrading Torsion Bars
The Porsche 911 uses torsion bars to support the weight of the car and also to provide suspension rebound. Over time, like springs in a conventional suspension setup, the torsion bars can wear out and even break. This article shows you how to replace the torsion bars in your 911.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Suspension Bushing Replacement
Chuck Moreland shows us his weekend project for replacing the rear suspension bushings. Also covers Corner Balancing.
Fikse Wheels & Suspension Upgrades
Greg Gulik shows us the improvements from his suspension upgrades, along with the install of a new set of Fikse wheels.
911 Strut Replacement
Chris Sherwood guides us through the process of removing and upgrading your struts to the later-style units.
930S Steering Wheel Installation
Greg Gulik shares his lessons in fitting the 930S to his late 80's Carrera.
Home Toe-in and Camber Adjustment
John Rogers offers a neat article with specs on adjusting your toe-in and camber with homemade tools.
911 Camber Brace Install
Bob Tindel offers up a great technical article on the installation and setup of the front strut camber brace.
911 Steering Wheel Spoke Repair
Here you'll learn how to repair your steering wheel spokes.
911 Steering Bushing Replacement
Bob Tindel shows you firsthand how to replace this bushing, and secure that wobbly steering wheel.
911 Torsion Bar Replacement
Steve Jagernauth offers a procedure for replacement and tips for sizing your front and rear torsion bars.
911 Alignment Methods
Mike Piera offers a whole bunch of suggestions for aligning your car and doing the job correctly. Mike also offers some useful info on weight balancing.
Installing a 914/911 Front Sway Bar
Most 914s did not come front or rear sway bars. Some early 911s didn't either. Sway bars are probably the most important suspension upgrade you can perform. A few hours of work is all it takes.
911 Front Suspension Spotter's Guide
Here's a quick reference for figuring out struts and calipers on your 911 front suspension.
 Exterior / Body
Tonneau Cover Hardware Replacement
Stop a loose and flapping Tonneau cover by replacing the Tenax fasteners
     Applies to: 911 (1983-14)
Wiper Reversal
Want to reverse the direction of your windshield wipers? Here's how to do it.  
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Lens Replacement
Have your taillight and turn signal lenses seen better days? Replacing them is easy and quick. Here's how to do it.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
H4 Headlamp Upgrade
The stock headlights on US 911's are a bit lacking. A neat upgrade is to install the H4 style headlights found on European cars. Here's how to do it.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Installing a Roll Cage
Installing a roll cage in your 911 is essential if you decide to do some serious racing. Here's some basics on the subject.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Installing a New Hood Crest
Replacing a tarnished or even missing hood crest is a quick 5 minute job with our tech article.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Door Stay Replacement and Reinforcement
Over time, the door stays on the 911 take a lot of punishment and can separate from the sheet metal inside. Here's how to repair it.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Door Handle Replacement
Here's how to replace both the inner and outer door handles on the 911.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Rekeying Porsche Locks
Do you have three different keys for your doors, glove box and ignition? This article will show you how to re-assemble the lock tumblers in your car so you only need one key.  
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Replacing Weatherstripping
Over time, the door seals take a lot of punishment, eventually causing leaks. This article shows you how to install new ones.  
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Replacing your Window Regulator and Motor
Window regulators tend to fail from time to time, keeping your window from going up and down. Here's how to replace it.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Glass Removal
Need to replace the windshield seal? Painting your car? Either way, the glass needs to come out of the car. Here's how to do it.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Installing Window Glass
Here are some simple methods to reinstall your car's glass by yourself.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Replacing Hood Shocks
Bump! Don't you hate when your lids fall on your head? Hood shocks do wear out often, and replacement literally takes about 10 minutes.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Updating to the Turbo Look
One of the most extreme modifications you can do to your 911 is to update it to the wide-body turbo look. Here's a overview of what it involves.  
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Rear Spoiler/Tail Install
Want to put a ducktail or turbo tail on your car? Check out the procedure here, and also learn about the different rear tails Porsche has used throughout the years.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Installation of a Chin Spoiler
It's important to add a chin spoiler to the front of your car if you have also added a turbo tail. This spoiler helps to aerodynamically balance the car at high speed.
     Applies to: 911 (1974-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) -
Sunroof Repair
Is your sunroof stuck shut? Here's how to replace the two drive cables that operate the system.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
964 Rear Wing Installation
Tom Sharpes shows us the easy way to improve the looks of the rear of your 964 or earlier Porsche.
Detailing your Porsche
Bob Tindel has spent many hours detailing his 911SC and his new Boxster.  Here he shares his hints and tips.
Concours Corner: Cleaning Your Engine, Part I
Need some tips on this seemingly daunting task?  Bev Frohm teaches the dos and don'ts of cleaning your engine in part one of this series.
Concours Corner: Cleaning Your Engine, Part II
Part II covers more of the procedure in getting your engine to shine.
Concours Corner: All About Bras
Once again, Bev offers up some suggestions and tips learned from experience with her concours winning 911.
Concours Corner: Washing Your Car
Bev Frohm gives us some tips and tricks for washing your car in this article which is the first in a series.
Concours Corner: Rubber Strip Conditioning
Ever wonder what to use on your precious rubber stripping?  Concours winner Bev Frohm gives us some suggestions for prolonging the life of your weatherstrip.
Concours Corner: Targa Top Reconditioning
Targa top looking a little old?  Bev once again offers some interesting procedures for restoring and protecting your top against the elements.
911 Targa Top Reconditioning
Bob Tindel offers some steps for rebuilding and reconditioning your Targa top back to new!
911 Targa Top Recovering
Tom Sharpes offers up a neat, inexpensive procedure for recovering your Targa Top.
Replacing your Window Regulator
Here's a brief Tech Procedure on replacing your regulator from Pelican's own Bob Tindel.
Making Your Window Molding Look New
Here's a neat guest article detailing a really good procedure for improving the look of your weather-beaten aluminum window trim.
Concours Corner: Polishing Alloy Wheels
Bev Frohm offers up some tips and tricks for polishing and maintaining your Fuchs alloy wheels to a mirror finish.
Fuchs Polishing 101
Jon Watkins gives some great pointers on polishing alloy wheels to a mirror finish.
Cookie Cutter Paint Removal
Tim Strayer shows us how to effectively remove the paint from your Fuchs cookie cutter wheels.
Refinishing Fuchs Wheels
Demick Boyden offers up his own personal formula for polishing your Fuchs alloys.
Alloy Wheel Painting
Lawrence Bonkowski shows us some steps and tricks for getting a great looking alloy wheel paint job.
The Undercoating Nightmare
Originally published in Porsche 911 Performance, Mitch Rossi reflects on his worst experience with his 911S - removing the chassis undercoating.
Using Your Quickjack
The QuickJack replaces clumsy floor jacks and unstable jack stands with a safe, durable and very convenient vehicle jacking and support system. We'll show you how to set it up in this article.
     Applies to: Porsche 911 (1965-98)
Complete Interior Refurbishment
Tom Sharpes offers up a great series on refinishing your old, tired and worn out interior for pennies on the dollar.
Removing 911 Door Panels
Here's a brief Tech Procedure on removing your door panels from Pelican's own Bob Tindel.
Engine Sound Pad Installation
The sound pad mounted on the back of the firewall in the engine compartment tends to break down over the years due to heat and oil. This article shows you how to replace the sound pad and help quiet down the inside of your car.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Re-dyeing Interior Leather and Vinyl
Chances are, the leather or vinyl upholstery in your 911 has seen better days. Here's a few basics on how to re-condition the interior yourself.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Installing a New Dash Pad
Got a cracked dashboard? Here's how to change out the upper dashboard with a new one.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Headliner Replacement
Replacing the headliner in the 911 is a complicated and involved job. With a little patience and careful work, you can do it yourself.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Sound Padding and Carpet Installation
Sound pad missing or falling off?  Need some carpet reglued?  Not sure what to use?  Here's what we recommend.
Steering Wheel Removal and Installation
Removing the steering wheels off of older Porsches can prove to be a taxing manner. Here are some tips for easy removal.
For Tall 911 Drivers
A few minor modifications to the seat can actually improve the amount of legroom that taller guys (or gals) will surely appreciate.
Leather Seat Upholstery
Cyrille de Brebisson offers us a stitch-by-stitch guide to reupholstering 911 seats using leather hides!
Replacing Brake Pads
Want to know how to perform this relatively easy task and save some money at the same time?  Check out our step-by-step instructions on brake pad replacement.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Replacing Brake Discs
Stop! Yes, that's exactly what you want to do... but you can't always do so effectively if your brake rotors are worn too thin. Learn how to replace those old discs properly in this article here.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Front Brake Rotor Replacement
Replace front rotors or discs with the help of this article.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89)
Brake Line Replacement
Repeated heat cycling and fluid contamination will eventually cause the inside of the lines to swell and the outside to crack.  You've been warned, so now it's time to take action.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Bleeding Brakes
Another tricky process.  Here's a couple of hints and tips gathered from some good and bad experiences in brake bleeding.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Parking Brake Adjustment
Is your e-brake not working too well?  Put it back into adjustment in less than 30 minutes.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Parking Brake Shoe Replacement
Parking shoes wear, particularly if someone accidentally drives with the brake on all the time. Replacement can be tricky, but using the instructions here can be done in an extended afternoon.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Master Cylinder Replacement
The brake master cylinder does sometimes get old and wear out. If your brakes are feeling spongy, then you might need to overhaul your system, which includes replacement of the master cylinder.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) - 912 (1965-69)
Rebuilding your Brake Calipers
Eventually you will need to rebuild your calipers. In reality, calipers are very simple devices and can be rebuilt in an afternoon using the information provided here.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Painting your Calipers
Once you detail your calipers, no one will be able to tell the difference between your stock ones and the lobster claws of the big reds.
Brake Cooling Kit Installation
Jim Smolka (Smoke-Daddy) guides us through the process of installing the brake rotor cooling kit.
E-Brake Adjustment
Here's a quick tutorial on how to properly set your emergency/parking brake.
911 Master Cylinder Replacement
Veteran Porsche writer Bob Tindel offers up a good procedure for replacing your master cylinder.
911 Brake Pad Replacement
Bob Tindel offers up a great, detailed procedure for replacing your pads on your 911.
911 Caliper Rebuild
Calipers sticking or feeling worn?  Bob Tindel shows how to dismantle, clean, and then reassemble your calipers.
Upgrading to a 19mm Master Cylinder
The 914 and early 911s were delivered with a 17mm cylinder standard. Install the 19mm 911 master cylinder and improve your braking.
Bleeding Porsche Brakes
Another tricky process.  Here's a couple of hints and tips gathered from some good and bad experiences in brake bleeding.
911 Brake System Overhaul
Originally published in Porsche 911 Performance, Mitch Rossi details the entire overhaul process, including suggested modifications for race preparation.
EDM Broken Bolt and Stud Removal
Got a head stud broken off flush with your engine case? EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) may be the answer to remove whets left of the stud. Here's how it's done.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89)
Stubborn Bolt/Stud Removal
Got rusty, galled bolts that wont come loose? Here's some of the methods we use to free them.  
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Personal Touches
Wayne's been all over the United States photographing unique Porsches. This article shows some of the many things you can do to enhance the look of your 911/912.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
The Porsche 912
Often overlooked, the Porsche 912 was a lower cost version of the 911 with the old 356 engine installed. This article goes over some of the benefits of the lighter, cheaper baby brother to the 911.
     Applies to: - - 912 (1965-69)
Using Car Bras
Without a doubt, the front end of your car takes the most abuse when driving. An easy way to protect the front of your car is to install a car bra.
     Applies to: 911 (1965-89) - 930 Turbo (1975-89) 914 (1970-76) - 912 (1965-69)
Affordable Porsches
Originally published in GrassRoots Motorsports magazine, this article chronicles the affordable Porsche options available for you to acquire.
Tire Size Calculator
Ever wondered what the exact dimensions of tires are for your car?  Plug in the confusing tire size (ex. 215/60/16), and it will give you physical dimensions.
Porsche 911: A Performance Legacy is Born
Originally published in Porsche 911 Performance, Mitch Rossi guides us through an condensed history of the Porsche 911.
The Racing Bug
Originally published in Porsche 911 Performance, Mitch Rossi recounts his experiences about how he slid down the slippery slope of Porsche racing.
Track Day
Originally published in Porsche 911 Performance, Mitch Rossi describes his two and a half year payoff, after rebuilding his 911S from the ground up.
Hotlap Under Dash Install
Greg Gulik shows us how he installed his Hotlap computer underneath the dash of his 911.
911 Racing Seat Installation
Greg Gulik shows off the installation of his Recarro racing seats into his 911 Carrera.
911 Racing Harness Installation
Greg Gulik shows us how to equip your 911 with a Sabelt racing harness.
911 Roll Cage Installation
Not sure if it will fit?  Greg Gulik shares his excitement, disappointment, and then excitement again with the install.
AC Hydraulic DK13HLQ Jack Drop Speed Adjustment
The AC Hydraulic DK13HLQ is quite simply, the best floor jack we have ever used. Learn how its drop speed can be adjusted here.
Hot Rodding Your Floor Jack
What can we say, Tom Sharpes has way too much time on his hands...
Sunroof Repair
From the 101 Projects series, this tech article will guide you through the mysterious sunroof mechanism.
Washer System Troubleshooting
Bob Tindel shows you how to unclog your nozzles, and get your windshield clean.
Hood Strut Replacement
Pelican Parts Tech guru Bob Tindel shows us the easy task of replacing your weak 911 hood struts with new ones.
Porsche 911 Cup Holder Install
Bob Tindel shows us the easy install for the Pelican Parts all-metal aluminum anodized cup holder.
Porsche Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)
Paul Lighthill offers a very comprehensive guide to the pre-purchase inspection of your new Porsche.
Reversing your Wiper Motors
Getting a little tired of your wipers being parked on the driver's side.  Move them permanently to the right side with this neat procedure by Tom Sharpes.
The Physics of Racing Series
Brian Beckman offers one of the best explanations of the physics of racing and what you need to do to achieve better performance in this 12-part series.
Preparation of 911 for Speed
Martin Schacht offers a very lengthy, intensive article on the modifications and setup of your 911 for speed on the track.
Project 911: Chapter One
Join us as we restore a 1973 1/2 Targa not to stock, but with many upgrades.  Chapter One takes a look at our rust-free chassis with more than 50 photos.
Street Dyno!
Recording the ignition spark pulses into a wave file and processing it using the software can give a pretty accurate HP/Torque rating for your engine.
All About Gasoline
Here's a document that explains everything that you may have ever wanted to know about gasoline.  This covers everything from formulations, to smog tests, to octane ratings.
All About Motor Oils
Ever wondered about the formulations of motor oils?  This document explains the differences, and the formulations, and why which one is best for your car.
Making Sense of Synthetic Lubricants
Don Stevens offers some insight on the facts, myths, and trials of synthetic oil in automobiles.
Transmission Final Drive Computer
Here is a little program John Rogers wrote to do some speed vs RPM calculations after he did a rally a couple of months ago.  It's pretty fun to play around with.
911 Frequently Asked Questions
Wade Guthrie offers what appears to be the most comprehensive list of changes and information on the entire 911 lineup.  An excellent guide for first time buyers too.
MIG Welder Maladies & Bodywork Book Review
Kyle Ehler offers some advice on MIG Welders, and some opinions on some bodywork books.
Replacing a Porsche Key Head
The lighted key head on these old Porsche keys are great... when they work. Shed some light on the problem by learning how easy it is to replace this important little gadget here.
Rekeying Porsche Locks
Have two or more keys on your key chain for your Porsche?  Missing a key to one of your locks?  Rekey your locks with our tech article, and carry a lighter load on your keychain.
Welding Primer & Review
Many thanks to Mike Cooley and John Dunkle for writing this primer on welding. Check it out if you're interested in learning more about 'the black art of welding.'
Rice's Ramblings, Part I
Lee Rices offers tech tips and suggestions on spark plugs, CATs, installing later-style gauges in early cars, and buying new tires.
Rice's Ramblings, Part II
Lee Rices offers tech tips and suggestions on emergency breakdown kits, replacing the 911 fan belt, and stopping squealing disc brakes.
Got more questions? Join us in our 911 Technical Forum Message Board, and ask a question to one of our many automotive experts.
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