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Home > Tech Info Center > The 911 Series > Parts Diagrams > 911 (1974-75)

1974-75 Porsche 911
Parts Listings

Group 1 - Engine

Crankcase, left
Crankcase, right
Cylinderhead, Cylinders and Pistons
Camshaft Housing and Chain Case
Valve Control, left
Valve Control, right
Air Cooling
Air Guide Plates
Air Guide Plate and Engine Cover
Air Injection System
Fresh-Air Blower
Engine Lubrication
Engine Lubrication - Coiled Cooling Pipe
SPM-Oil Supply for Converter
SPM- Vacuum System for Clutch Release
Exhaust Gas System (1974)
Exhaust Gas System (non-CA)

Exhaust Gas System (CA only)
Turbo Exhaust Gas System
Heating Air Supply
Engine Suspension

Group 2 - Fuel System

Fuel System, front
Fuel System, front, Turbo
Fuel System Rear (1974)
Fuel System Rear (1975)
Fuel System Rear (MFI)
Tank Ventilation (1974)
Tank Ventilation (1975)
Air Cleaner and Regulator Housing
Mechanical Injection System, Left
Mechanical Injection System, Right
K-Jetronic Air Cleaner
K-Jetronic Mixture Control Unit
K-Jetronic Air Cleaner (Turbo)
K-Jetronic Mixture Control Unit (Turbo)
Turbo-Super Charger and by-pass Valve
Filter Unit

Group 3 - Transmission

Clutch Release
Transmission Housing
Gear Housing, Transmission Cover
Transmission Suspension
Gear Sets (4-speed)
Gears and Shafts (915 4-Speed)
Gears and Shafts (930 4-Speed)
Gear Sets (5-Speed)
Gears and Shafts (5-Speed)
Shift Rods and Forks

SPM - Clutch Release
SPM - Converter and Housing
SPM - Transmission Housing
SPM - Transmission Suspension
SPM - Gear Sets
SPM - Gears and Shafts
SPM - Shift Rods and Forks

Group 4 - Front Axle

Front Axle
Shock Absorber
Steering, Lower Parts
Steering, Upper Parts

Group 5 - Rear Axle

Rear Axle
Shock Absorber, Stabilizer
Locking Differential

Group 6 - Brakes

Front Brake
Rear Brake, Hand Brake
Reservoir of Brake Fluid, Master Cylinder
Brake Lines

Group 7 - Pedal System

Pedal System, Left Hand Drive
Pedal System, Right Hand Drive
SPM - Pedal System, Left Hand Drive
SPM - Pedal System, Right Hand Drive
Levers, Gear Shift
Levers for Hand Brake, Hand Throttle and Heating

Group 8 - Chassis

Chassis, Front
Chassis, Center
Chassis, Rear
Interior Panelling
Interior Panelling, Targa
Exterior Panelling, Front
Exterior Panelling, Rear
Exterior Panelling, Targa
Bumper, Front
Bumper, Rear
Front Lid
Rear Lid
Doors with Installation Parts
Installation Parts for Doors
Door Window Openers
Door Glass Frame - Coupe
Door Glass Frame - Targa
Glasses - Coupe
Glasses - Coupe
Glasses - Targa
Front Seats, Complete
Front Seats, Exploded
Sport Seats, Complete
Sport Seats - Back Rests with Single Parts
Sport Seats - Cushions, etc.
Back Seats
Interior Linings, Front
Interior Linings, Rear
Interior Linings of Doors
Interior Linings - Targa
Dashboard Equipment
Glove-box, Sunvisors, Rear View Mirrors
Embellishers - Targa
Body Sound Proofing
Electrical Sliding Roof
Top - Targa
Safety Belts

Group 9 - Electrical

Electrical Equipment for Engine
Carrier Plate, Switch Unit, Starter
Threephase Alternator
Spare Parts for Marelli Distributor
Battery, Plug Sockets, Fuse Box
Switches, Relays and Signal Horn
Switches, Relays and Signal Horn
Combined Switches
Windshield Wiper System
Rear Window Wiper for Left Hand Drive
Rear Window Wiper for Right Hand Drive
Windshield Washer
Windshield Washer and Headlamp Cleaning System
Headlamps and Lights
Fog Lamps and Lights
Turbo Instruments
Counting Device, CA
Ventilation and Engine Heating
Automatic Heating Control

Group 10 - Accessories

Webasto Heater
Lines for Webasto Heater
Heating and Ventilation Exploded View
Regulating Box Exploded View
Air Conditioner, Evaporator
Nozzle and Accessories
Compressor Suspension and Drive
Electric Equipment for Air Conditioner
Condenser, Hoses and Accessories, Front
Condenser, Hoses and Accessories, Rear


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