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HomeTech Articles > 911 Window Regulator Replacement

Guest Technical Article:

911 Window Regulator Replacement

Bob Tindel

The procedure described below is for a 911SC, but other models are similar.

The first step in repairing or replacing the window regulator is to remove the door panel. That is covered in a separate technical article on this site.

After the door panel is removed:

1. Lower the window slightly more than halfway, and tape it in position.

2. Remove the two allen-head screws holding the rear end of the regulator, and the four allen-head screws holding the other end, where the motor and gear mechanism is located.

3. Detach the two wires from the motor, noting which is connected to which terminal, and how the wiring is routed through the motor bracket.

4. Manipulate the entire regulator/motor mechanism to remove the white plastic rollers from the tracks attached to the bottom of the window. (It may be necessary to move the window up or down to do this.)

5. Unbolt the motor from the regulator by removing three 10mm cap screws, and remove it from the door.

6. Remove the regulator from the door. This may take a little fidgeting, as it is a tight fit, but it will come out without forcing.

7. The regulator and motor can now be inspected and tested. In my case, the loose part was the anchor stud for the regulator spring. It is merely swaged into place, and it can be reattached easily by peening.

8. When the regulator is reassembled with the spring properly tensioned, it will be roughly L-shaped (impossible to put back inside the door without removing the window channel). Pull the spring-loaded arm down until it is aligned with the rest of the mechanism, and tie it in that position with a cable tie. Test fit the motor to ensure that it aligns with the mounting bolt holes and the regulator gear teeth.

9. The regulator can now be inserted into the door (without removing the window channel or glass).

10. Bolt the motor onto the regulator. After ensuring that the gears mesh, cut the cable tie.

11. Reinsert the rollers into the window track.

12. Reinstall the allen-head screws and reattach the motor wiring.

13. Test operation and reinstall the door panel.

Comments and Suggestions:
Mike WalshComments: Thanks Nick.
I have completed the job, re-assembled it and it works well. The window guide was not worn, but the lifter rail had become rusted and bent out of shape. It was easily repairable.
I have taken notes of everything I did, and I could "flesh it out" to make a complete set of instructions for this job. It could be added to your other job descriptions if you think it would be helpful to others.
Thanks, Mike Walsh
January 17, 2014
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Thanks for the follow up. We appreciate it.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
Mike WalshComments: Thanks Nick, I'll try that.
I have found out that the piece that the glass has come out of is called the "lift rail"; so I need to get the glass back into the lift rail, and stay there.
But by the way; what is the "work guide" that you refer to?
January 9, 2014
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: OOPs. work guide is a typo, I apologize.

Check that the window guide is not worn, the piece it rides in, in the channel. - Nick at Pelican Parts
Mike WalshComments: I live in Perth Western Australia, and I have just discovered this fantastic web-site, and so I just bought a copy of 101 Projects ....

I have a Porsche Targa Carrera sport, 1989 model.
It has electric windows.
The left side door window glass has come out of the horizontal channel that it is mounted in. I'm not sure why, but I guess the rubber insert channel strip, that holds it into the steel channel, must have become hardened and less flexible, allowing the glass itself to come free.
I need to get the glass back into the channel.
I assume that I need to get the glass out of the door, and the channel off the regulator, then re-insert the glass back into the steel channel, after finding some replacement rubber, or by glueing it in, I'm not sure what is best, then re-install it into the door, and connect it back to the regulator.
I don't want to remove things that don't need to be removed, so I'm looking for instructions.
I have the Haynes workshop manual Peter Strasman & Ward for Porsche 911s, 1965 thru 1989, for Coupe, Targa and Cabriolet, but it does not describe how to get the glass and the channel off the regulator and then re-install it.
Do you know of any instructions that describe how to do this job?
I am an engineer, and I have worked as a self-employed auto-mechanic in N. California in 78-79, so I am reasonably competent mechanically.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks
Mike Walsh
January 8, 2014
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: We don't have any instructions for that particular job. However, the window should detach from the regulator. You can then remove it and inspect the channel. I would replace the work guide and reassemble it, checking if the window stays in the channel. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
SeniorComments: Were I can buy a window regulator for mine 911 carrera 2003 passager rear?
September 17, 2012
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Give our parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799. They can help you find the right part.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
Peter ZimmermannComments: Re: Coupe removal, according to the factory manual, requires removal of the frame, followed by removal of the glass, followed by removal of the regulator. I tried to short cut the frame/glass removal, and was unable to do so. Way to much risk of damaging the outer door skin. After all that, I was not able to remove the regulator until I took the motor off of it. Only then was it possible to remove the regulator from the door.
April 23, 2012
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Thanks for the additional info. We appreciate it.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
SamComments: I followed your procedure to remove the regulator on the passenger door of my 1978 Targa. I got the motor off but I cannot get the regulator out. It gets hung up on the door handle mechanism. Any suggestions? Thanks.
April 21, 2012
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: It sounds like you have to remove the door handle. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
JimComments: The passenger window on my 99 996 cab does not lower enough to clear the soft top weather striping. It does lower slightly when the door handle is pulled open. Other than that the window works fine. Do I need to replace the regulator? Make an adjustment? Thanks
December 8, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Yes, this is a very common problem with these. I struggled with the same issue on my car, trying to adjust it, etc. In the end, the regulator was just worn out / sloppy from years of use, and a new one fixed the problem. See this article here: http://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/Boxster_Tech/77-BODY-Window_Regulator/77-BODY-Window_Regulator.htm - Wayne at Pelican Parts  
MartyComments: 1978 911SC Targa passenger window motor died with the window fully up. How do I lower the window haf way to follow your recommended procedure to replace motor?
July 12, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Some creativity is called for. For example, you may have to reach up into the door cavity and blindly remove the fasteners that attach the window to the window regulator. Be very careful to not let the window slide down freely in its channels and shatter inside the door. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
DonComments: JP +1. Need a diagram of the window mechanics.
May 9, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: See attached diagram. - Nick at Pelican Parts
JPComments: where can I find a free diagram of the drivers side window mechanics and motor for a 1978 Porsche 911SC in diagram form, thanks, JP
April 1, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Give our parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799. Give them the year and model of your vehicle and ask them to email / fax you the relevant pages from the parts book. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
ZOKComments: how do you replace a regulator on a 1966 911. Which way does the large fan gear go?
March 16, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Sorry, I don't have any direct experience with the 1966 regulators. If you have questions, I would take off the door panel to the opposite side and compare. - Wayne at Pelican Parts  
1986 911Comments: Driver window came out of track. What holds the window in? Do I need to take the track out to place the window back in?
March 4, 2010
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Your window regulator is likely faulty. I would remove the door panel and inspect it. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
DavidComments: I am trying to replace the motor on an 83 911sc cabriolet..any guidance would be great
November 23, 2009
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: See this relevant tech article: http://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/bob_tindel/911_window_regulator.htm- Nick at Pelican Parts  
gregComments: need to know how to fix window height on porche 911 1983 targa
July 9, 2009
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: There are adjustment screws as part of the regulator - sets the top and bottom of the window when it's parked. - Wayne at Pelican Parts 

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