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Metric Bolt & Nut Assortment
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  • Includes: 4 x .7mm Hex Nut

  • 10 x 1.5mm Hex Nut

  • 5mm x 20mm Cap Screw

  • 6mm x 25mm Cap Screw

  • 8mm x 25mm Cap Screw

  • 10mm x20mm Cap Screw

  • 5 x .8mm Hex Nut

  • 4mm x 16mm Cap Screw

  • 5mm x 25mm Cap Screw

  • 6mm x 30mm Cap Screw

  • 8mm x 30mm Cap Screw

  • 6 x 1mm Hex Nut

  • 4mm x 20mm Cap Screw

  • 6mm x 16mm Cap Screw

  • 8mm x 16mm Cap Screw

  • 8mm x 35mm Cap Screw

  • 10mm x 30mm Cap Screw

  • 8 x 1.25mm Hex Nut

  • 5mm x 16mm Cap Screw

  • 6mm x 20mm Cap Screw

  • 8mm x 20mm Cap Screw

  • 8mm x 40mm Cap Screw

  • 10mm x 40mm Cap Screw

Manufacturer: W & E TOOLS


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