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Factory Tire Pressure Gauge, with Leather Case
$ 61.50
Factory Tire Pressure Gauge
$ 56.75
Porsche Battery Maintainer
No Longer Available
Porsche Charge-o-mat II Battery Charger and Maintainer (USA Version)
$ 155.25
Porsche Battery Maintainer
Adapter Cable
No Longer Available
Porsche Factory Tires Gauge
Ensure maximum safety and tire life with proper air pressure. Tire pressure should be checked weekly. The perfect tool to carry in your glove box.
Porsche Rechargeable Flashlight
Compact design featuring fold out magnifying glass. Can be recharged from the cigarette lighter with minimal power draw. An ideal glove box item!
Porsche Battery Maintainer
With new vehicles containing electronic components, there will always be a continuous draw on the battery. Combine this with extended vehicle storage and or short trips, the battery may never receive a full charge. To prevent the possibility of a dead battery, Porsche AG recommends the battery be kept in a fully charged state using the factory approved battery maintainer whenever the vehicle in not in use. The Charge-O-Mat maintainer operates on standard 120 volt power and can be plugged directly into the cigarette lighter receptacle, or with the optional adapter cable alligator clips, directly to the battery.


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