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  Micro Fiber Towel- The perfect towels for removing automotive wax, cleaners, compounds and metal polishes. They will clean windows without glass cleaner. You'll never use a regular towel again. Our Microfiber Towels are 100 times finer than human hair, and 10 times finer than silk. They consists of 80% microscopic polyester filaments for scrubbing and cleaning, and 20% polyamide (a nylon by-product) which creates quick absorbency enabling the cloth to clean and polish at the same time.
Detailing/Polishing Terry Towels- 100% white cotton towels for wiping, cleaning and dusting. Not all towels are created equal. Every domestically made towel is washed several times by the manufacturer to remove excess dye. Unfortunately, this leaves the towel looking limp and used. So, manufacturers then "size" the towel to make it look more attractive and new again. This "sizing" process uses a starch and silicone mixture that will scratch and contaminate your paint finish. zymöl towels are not "sized". Our mill dyes, washes, dries and ships directly to us for you. You will feel and see a difference.
Micro Fiber Towels, 16 in x 16 in, Two per pack



Terry Buffing Towels, 27in x 16in, Two per pack



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