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Porsche 914 Transmission - Page 1
The 914 and early 911 has been known to have problems with shifting. However, with proper care, and careful rebuilding, the 901 transmission can deliver adequate performance. Many 914 owners would rather deal with the IRS than troubleshoot their transmission. Pelican Parts can help. Whether it's parts or technical advice, just ask...

Transmission Fluid

Swepco Transmission Fluid
This stuff is the industry standard for keeping your transmission alive and kicking. Some owners will swear that their transmission shifts better with it loaded with Swepco 201. No additives are needed - they're all in there, including a new super-duper, space-age, low-fat, high fiber additive call Lubium that forms a protective film on the internal components. And, if that isn't enough, it's this really cool blue color too!

Click here to browse all Swepco Lubricants!


Swepco 201 Transmission Fluid & Gear Lube, 1 gallon    [More Info]

Kendall GL-5 Transmission Fluid
Kendall NS-MP Hypoid Gear Lubricant is a multi-purpose, extreme-pressure, API GL-5 MT-1 automotive gear lubricant. It is formulated to provide long service life and extended gear life under varying conditions of speed, load, temperature, and torque. The carefully balanced formulation is designed to minimize oxidative sludge and varnish formation, reduce wear, prevent scoring damage, and protect against metal fatigue and spalling damage under shock-load conditions.

If your car has a limited slip differential, be sure to choose the Kendall Limited-Slip Gear Lubricant. It is friction-modified to help eliminate the stick-slip chatter associated with low-speed, high-torque operation of limited-slip differentials while cornering.


Kendall 80W-90 GL-5 NS-MP Hypoid Gear Oil (1 Quart)    [More Info]



Kendall 80W-90 GL-5 Gear Oil With LSD Additive (1 Quart)    [More Info]

Red Line Transmission Fluid
The Red Line 75W90 No Slip gear oil is designed to slow synchros for easier shifting across a broad temperature range. It contains extreme pressure additives, but lacks friction modifiers to balance slipperiness. It includes copper corrosion protection to prolong synchro life.


Red Line 75W/90 Non-Slip GL-5 Gear Oil, 1 Gallon     [More Info]

Sta-Lube Fluid Oil Pump
Fits most 1/2 gallon and gallon bottles. Unique hands free locking nozzle. Each depression accurately dispenses 1 oz. of fluid. Ideal for hard to reach places. No mess, no waste - easy to use. Works great for filling transmissions and differentials. Made of durable ABS plastic. Tough, easy to use and reusable. NOT FOR USE WITH BRAKE FLUID!


Sta-Lube Fluid Oil Pump     [More Info]


Synchro Rings    Camera Pic

The synchro rings are friction rings that spin up the transmission to match the drivetrain prior to shifting. This allows the gears to mesh without grinding. As soon as the synchro rings begin to wear, then the gears start to mesh at different speeds, resulting in gear grinding. Synchro rings should be replaced as soon as gears begin to grind. Failure to do so will result in damage to the sliders and the synchro hubs which are much, much more expensive to replace. For more information on replacing the 1st gear assembly, please see our Pelican Technical Article, Repairing 1st Gear on the 901 Transmission Don't get worn out stressing about crunching gears - replace your synchros.
901 Transmission Synchro Ring, sold individually, For Use On All Gears, 914 1.7/1.8/2.0 (1970-76), 914-6 (1970-72), Each (Part 4)


901 Transmission Synchro Ring, sold individually, For Use On All Gears, 914 1.7/1.8/2.0 (1970-76), 914-6 (1970-72), Each (Part 4)
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]



901 Transmission Synchro Ring, sold individually, For Use On All Gears, 914 1.7/1.8/2.0 (1970-76), 914-6 (1970-72), Each (Part 4)
   Brand: Rauch & Spiegel    [More Info]


Synchro Hubs

The transmission that shipped with the 914 was a 901 type transmission. The synchro hubs are the dog-teeth that are mated with the various gears, and engage with the slider. Dog teeth become worn after the synchro rings wear out, making it difficult to get the transmission into gear, and keep it there. Sharpen up your canine with a new set of teeth, and get back your shifter.


901 Transmission 1st Gear Synchro Hub, 914 1.7/1.8/2.0 (1970-76), 914-6 (1970-72), Each
   Brand: Rauch & Spiegel    [More Info]



901 Transmission Synchro Hub, For 2nd, 3rd, 4th And 5th Gears, 914 1.7/1.8/2.0 (1970-76), 914-6 (1970-72), Each
   Brand: Rauch & Spiegel    [More Info]

Brake Bands


Brake Band, 914/4 1st-5th Gear, 914/6 1st-5th Gear
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]



Anchor Block, 914/4 1st-5th Gear, 914/6 1st-5th Gear
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]


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