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• Motor Mounts
• Richard Johnson Bulkhead Motor Mount 914-6
• Sport Mount Kit for Bulkhead Mount
• 911 Sport Engine Mounts
• Engine Sheet Metal Kit - 914-6
• Oil Tank
• Oil Tank - Factory Original 914-6
• Oil Lines
• Oil Lines Factory Original - 914-6
• Factory Original Heat Exchangers - 914-6
• Bursch Headers - 914-6
• Mufflers - Dansk Factory 911/914-6
• Flywheels 914-6
• Flywheel - For 3.0L Conversions
• Clewett Engineering High Performance Ignition Wires
• Turbo Valve Covers
• Valve Cover Gasket Kits
• Silicone Valve Cover Gaskets
• Rennline Aluminum Floor Boards
• Driver's Side / Drilled
• Rennline Throttle Stops
• 914 4 Lug to 5 Lug Adapters
• 914 Sport Seats
• High Performance 914 Axle Upgrade Kit
• 914 Steering Wheel Hub Adapter
• Flares
• 914-6 GT Steel Flares
• 914-6 GT Fiberglass Flares
• Rocker Panels
• Fiberglass Body Pieces
• Chassis/Trailing Arm Stiffening Kits
• Bulkhead Motor Mount Kits
• Carrera Pressure Fed Chain Tensioner Kit
• High Torque Starters
• Heetsheet Exhaust Heat Barrier
• Lug Nut Soft Socket
• Lug Nut Torque Socket Set
• Wheel Spacers/Adapters
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Bulkhead Motor Mount Kits

This mount is great for the do-it-yourself type person who is doing a six conversion and wants to save a little money. This mount works on late or early cars, has access for the wiring harness and is designed to set the height to accommodate carbs, MFI, CIS or DME without major modification of the bulkhead piece. This kit uses the stock 911 sport engine mounts which are included in the optional hardware installation kit.

Click here to download the installation instructions.


Bulkhead Motor Mount Kit for 914-6 Conversion, 914 1.7/1.8/2.0 (1970-76)
   Brand: Mad Dog Motorsports    [More Info]



Hardware Installation Kit for Bulkhead Motor Mount Kit BK-MNT-001 (includes mounts),
   Brand: Mad Dog Motorsports    [More Info]


Carrera Pressure Fed Chain Tensioner Kit    Camera Pic

Got your 911 engine out before you're going to put it into your 914? Then upgrade to Carrera pressure fed chain tensioners. Almost all the original mechanical chain tensioners fail eventually. Upgrading to the pressure fed type is cheap insurance against the catastrophic damage that failed tensioners can cause.

Carrera Chain Tensioner Update Kit, For All 911 Engines (1968-83)
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]


High Torque Starters

This is the ultimate in starters for your 914. Ultra light weight at only 8.1 Lbs ! Produces in excess of 700 foot pounds of Torque! This starter is a must for 914/6 conversions using high compression engines where the stock starter will not turn the motor over.


914 High Torque Starter, New, No Core Required, For Conversion Cars only using 901 Transmissions, Each    [More Info]


Heetsheet Exhaust Heat Barrier

Heetsheet is an Exhaust Heat Barrier for the 911 engine, Exhaust Heat Barriers block unwanted exhaust heat from affecting (overheating) critical engine parts, by up to 80ēF (45ēC). Extends engine life by reducing heat load on your engine. Heetsheet barriers are made of stainless steel which conducts approximately 50% less heat than steel, 75% less heat conductivity than aluminum. Heetsheet installs between the exhaust system and the lower valve cover/cylinder head area of the engine and can be easily installed in 5 minutes. Each Heetsheet kit comes complete with two stainless steel shields and high quality mounting hardware (stainless steel and yellow zinc plated) for years of corrosion-free service.Click here to view the Heetsheet Heat Barrier Site


Heetsheet Exhaust Heat Barrier Kit, 1 Kit Per Car, Fits All 911 Engines (1968-89)    [More Info]

No Longer Available 

Lug Nut Soft Socket

Every Porsche owner needs a Soft Socket in their tool box! This high quality, chrome plated lug nut socket was designed with inlaid aluminum to prevent rounded corners or scratches on your lug nuts. Cannot be used with air tools.

    Not for use with steel lug bolts/nuts, ONLY for original aluminum lug nuts! Also not to be used to break stuck lug nuts free from the wheels!


Lug Nut Soft Socket, 1/2" drive, Not For Use With Steel Lug Bolts/Nuts, For Aluminum Lug Nuts Only    [More Info]

No Longer Available 
This special thin walled, heavy duty IMPACT socket with a riveted Aluminum insert was developed for the crucial task of R&R of wheel lugs nuts/bolts without marring or scuffing the surface of the wheel or bolts. Measuring at 3.5" to fit into deep recess of wide wheels. Comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


Impact Duty Soft-Walled Lug Nut Socket - 19mm, 1/2" drive 28mm Outer Diameter    [More Info]

No Longer Available 

Lug Nut Torque Socket Set

Worried about over-torqueing your lug nuts? This set will ease your anxiety! These lug sockets will stop tightening when the appropriate torque has been reached. The set includes 17mm, 19mm, and 21mm sockets in a storage case. These sockets are also 1/2" drive and are preset for 100Nm (74ft-lbs)

NOTE: These are for use with hand drivers only - they are NOT suitable for impact guns.


Torque Socket Set (17mm, 19mm, 21mm), 1/2 inch drive    [More Info]

No Longer Available 

Wheel Spacers/Adapters   Camera Pic

Wheel Spacers/Adapters will widen your track, improve your handling and fill out your fender wells. Staggered stud design allows easy bolt on installation. These wheel spacers/adapters are hub-centric with ball seating and come with studs.


4 mm Wheel Spacer (can be used with stock length studs), each    [More Info]



5 mm Wheel Spacer (can be used with stock length studs), each    [More Info]

Temporarily unavailable 


1/4 Inch (6.5mm) Wheel Spacer (can be used with stock length studs), Each    [More Info]

Temporarily unavailable 


10 mm Wheel Spacer, each    [More Info]

Temporarily unavailable 


0.8 inch (21 mm) Wheel Spacer/Adapter, each    [More Info]


2 Inch Wheel Spacer/Adapter, Each    [More Info]



3 Inch Wheel Spacer/Adapter, Each    [More Info]

No Longer Available 

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