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Gummi Pflege Rubber and Weatherstripping Treatment
Wurth Glue and Adhesive Products
3M Weatherstrip Adhesives
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Wurth Glue and Adhesive Products

Wurth is the recommended glue and adhesive product for your German daily driver to Concours restoration project.
Rubber Glue is used as an adhesive for rubber seals and side mouldings on rough, pretreated or painted metal surfaces. Temperature resistant up to approx. +194F. Will not harm fresh paint. Contents 6.3 fl. oz.
Spray Adhesive-This professional heavy duty Spray Adhesive is a fast tack trim cement that gives excellent results on a wide range of materials. Wurth Spray Adhesive is a nonmethylene chloride formulation and is Ozone friendly - C.F.C. free. Dries fast and stronger than some competitive products. Easy to apply a thin, consistent spray without clots. Not For Use In High Heat (max. temp. 100 F). Dry time: 10 min. - 40 p.s.i., 24 hrs. - 87p.s.i. Content: 15 oz.(529 g.)


Wurth Rubber Glue, 6.3 oz    [More Info]



Wurth Spray Adhesive, 12 oz.    [More Info]

3M Weatherstrip Adhesives


3M Weatherstrip Adhesive (Black), 5 ounce tube    [More Info]



3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive (Yellow), 5 ounce tube    [More Info]


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