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WEVO Semi-Solid Engine Mount, BLUE PILLOWS (sold per each)
$ 85.00
WEVO Semi-Solid Engine Mount, BLACK PILLOWS (sold per each)
$ 85.00
Replacement BLUE PILLOW (2 pieces, for one mount) for Wevo Semi-Solid Mounts
$ 18.50
Replacement BLACK PILLOW (2 pieces, for one mount) for Wevo Semi-Solid Mounts
$ 18.95
The WEVO Semi-Solid Engine Mount is the first non-solid aftermarket engine mount developed specifically for Porsche 911 applications (1965-89). Factory rubber mounts allow too much deflection, causing drivability to feel somewhat imprecise. Solid aftermarket mounts increase responsiveness by fixing the engine location, but the metal-to-metal contact between the chassis and the engine is almost too rigid - which could ultimately affect the reliability of the vehicle.

Instead of compliant rubber or solid metal, the WEVO SS Engine Mounts utilize special elastomeric pillows to absorb vibration while minimizing drivetrain deflection. This exclusive design is thus the best of both worlds - providing a near-rigid engine mounting system while maintaining a quiet and comfortable ride. Use them for the street or the track - they're the most advanced engine mounts you can install on your 911!

This WEVO SS Engine Mount is suited to the following applications:

911 1965–89 Engine rear cross beam – 2 units
911 1972–86 Transmission mount – 2 units
930 1976–89 Engine rear cross beam – 2 units

The “Black" Pillows are 15 points softer on the Shore “A" scale for durometer readings than the original "Blue" Pillows. The Black pillows function in the same way as the Blue pillows – although they allow slightly more deflection under similar loads – the advantage is lower noise transfer through the SS mount module.

Black pillows are recommended for street use or occasional track use. For pure track work, Blue pillows are recommended. Blue and Black pillows can also be mixed in any combination – including mixing them within a single mount body. This provides you with the flexibility to suit your exact needs.

Note: The SS Engine Mounts are installed using original hardware and have a gold anodized finish similar in appearance to the gold zinc plated factory parts. Each mount is sold individually.


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