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Turbo Tie Rod Kit

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  The original factory tie rods use rubber dampers which can make steering feel spongy, especially with age. Upgrading to this 911 Turbo tie rod kit will give your car firmer and more responsive steering. Installation is a straight-forward process, and can typically be performed in an afternoon.

If your tie rod ends appear to be worn out, then now is the time to upgrade to the Turbo Tie Rod kit. This is one of our best-selling kits, and especially rewarding to install by yourself. Make sure that you purchase the tie rod end removal tool if you don't already own one. You may also want new retaining springs if you don't intend to re-use the existing parts. After you're done, you'll feel like you're driving a 911 Turbo! Well... sorta.

NOTE: Pelican Parts assembles these kits with quality OEM parts. Cheaper imitations are prone to failure, and have been known to fail within one year!

Manufacturer: Lemfoerder - Porsche OEM Supplier
Tie Rod Wrench
When removing the tie rod assembly (from the rack itself) on a 911 and replacing it with the turbo kit, you need two different kinds of wrenches: For the stock 911 tie rods you need a thin 46mm spanner and for the new 930-turbo tie rods you need a thin 32mm open end. With this new combination wrench both needs are met.
Extra Long Turbo Tie Rod Kit, for Short Wheel Base 911 (1965-68)



Turbo Tie Rod Kit, 911 (1969-89)



Tie Rod Wrench

No Longer Available


Steering Rack Boot Inner Spring Retainer (2 per car, sold individually), 911 (1965-89) Brand: Genuine Porsche



Steering Rack Boot Outer Spring Retainer (2 per car, sold individually), 911 (1965-89) Brand: Genuine Porsche




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