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BMW E36 (1992-00)
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BMW E30 (1982-91)
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Project 47: Replacing CV Joints, Boots, and Axles - Page 3

BMW E30 (1982-91)

CV Joint Grease
Remember to lube and pack your CV joints when you replace them. Pelican carries both the LubroMoly and the Swepco 101 grease for complete lubrication of your joints. Both are very good and very slippery. Each contains enough grease to effectively one CV joint from completely dry.


Swepco CV Joint Grease    [More Info]



CV Joint Grease, 100g tube
   Brand: Liqui Moly    [More Info]

CV Joint Removal Tool
Avoid stripping your bolt heads and spending wasted hours cutting and grinding them off by using this special tool to easily remove those pesky CV joint bolts. This tool is for use with 12-point star-shaped bolts only. Please make sure to check your bolts before ordering. It's common for previous owners to replace the 12-point star shaped bolts with more standard allen head bolts instead. Although the 12-point pattern allows you to get a better grip on the bolts (with the correct tool), and apply the high torque that the bolts require, previous owners may have stripped out these bolt heads by attempting to use a torx or hex driver instead of the proper tool. A word of caution here - these other tools MAY work, but if they strip the bolt head, then you are in for an entire afternoon of grinding it off the next time it's replaced.

TIP: Spray the bolts down with WD-40 or Liquid Wrench first to loosen the dirt and debris in the bolt head, then scrape out any dirt that may be left. With the socket on a 6" extension, slip the tool into the bolt head and give it a gentle rap on the end with a mallet to seat it firmly. Following this simple procedure will hopefully avoid you from stripping any CV bolts.


CV Joint Bolt Removal Tool - 8mm, 12-point Socket Driver, 1/2 in. drive    [More Info]

CV Joints

Rear CV Joint, Inner (2 per car, sold individually) 318i (1984-85), 325/e/es (1984-86), 325ix (1987-90), Each
   Brand: GKN Loebro    [More Info]

No Longer Available 
Axle Shafts
These complete CV axle assemblies come complete as a brand new axle with the CV joints pre-installed. All you have to do it bolt it in.

Axle Shaft Assembly, Rear, Left or Right (2 per car, sold individually) 318i (1984-86), Each
   Brand: Genuine BMW    [More Info]


Axle Shaft Assembly for Cars w/ABS, Left or Right (2 per car, sold individually) 325/e/es (1984-86), 325iX-Rear (1987-90), Each
   Brand: Genuine BMW    [More Info]



Axle Shaft Assembly for Cars w/ABS, Left or Right (2 per car, sold individually) E30 318i M42, 318iC, 325i/is/iC, M3, Each
   Brand: GKN Loebro  Original Equipment Manufacturer at the time of the vehicle's assembly    [More Info]


Axle Shaft Assembly, Front, Left, For iX models only, 325iX (1987-91), Each
   Brand: Genuine BMW    [More Info]


Axle Shaft Assembly, Front, Right, For iX models only, 325iX (1987-91), Each
   Brand: Genuine BMW    [More Info]


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