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Porsche 986 Boxster (1997-04)
Suspension Overhaul Kits
Front Control Arms
Rear Control Arms
Rennline Sealed Monoballs
Tarett Engineering Control Arm Monoballs
Tarett Engineering Rear Toe Control Arm Set
Stomski Racing Rear Toe Control Arms
Stomski Racing Front Tie Rod and Bump Steer Kit
Rennline Adjustable Control Arms
Droplink Hardware
Front Sway Bar Bushings
Rear Sway Bar Bushings
Sway Bar Bushing Brackets And Bolts
Tarett Engineering Adjustable Sway Bars
Tarett Engineering Adjustable Droplinks
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Porsche 987 Boxster (2005-08)
Suspension Overhaul Kits
Control Arm - Front
Control Arm - Rear
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Project 59: Front/Rear suspension Overhaul - Page 1
Your shocks aren't the only parts of the suspension system that wear out. Take the time to overhaul the entire front end carefully and you'll feel much better that you did so. Really!
   Click here to read the entire article on Project 59!

Porsche 986 Boxster (1997-04)

Suspension Overhaul Kits
Accompanying our Technical Article on Front/Rear Suspension Overhaul are these Suspension Overhaul Kits that include all the parts you need to get the job done right. Included in these kits are the following:

Control Arm Links (Front & Rear)
Tie Rods (Inner & Outer)
Tie Rod Boots
Sway Bar Droplinks (Front & Rear)
Sway Bar Bushings (Front & Rear)

NOTE: These kits contain OEM parts that are appropriate for vehicles that have not been modified from their factory states. Each kit contains enough parts to service one vehicle. We strongly recommend that you first verify your sway bar diameters before ordering in order to receive the correct parts for your vehicle.

Suspension Overhaul Kit, Boxster w/ Base Suspension (1997-2004)    [More Info]


Suspension Overhaul Kit, Boxster w/ M030 Sport Suspension Option (1997-04)    [More Info]


Suspension Overhaul Kit, Boxster S (2000-04)    [More Info]

Front Control Arms

Control Arm (GT3 Adjustable Type), Front Suspension, Lower, Left or Right, each, Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04)
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]


Control Arm Link, Front Suspension, Lower, Left or Right, Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04)
   Brand: TRW     [More Info]

No Longer Available 

Control Arm, Front/Rear Suspension - Lower, Left or Right, Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04)
   Brand: TRW     [More Info]

No Longer Available 
Rear Control Arms

Control Arm Link, Rear Suspension - Rear Lower, Left & Right, each, Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04)
   Brand: TRW     [More Info]

No Longer Available 


Control Arm Link (Track Arm), Rear Suspension, Left or Right (sold individually), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04)
   Brand: TRW   Original Equipment Manufacturer at the time of the vehicle's assembly    [More Info]

Rennline Sealed Monoballs
Most Porsche owners today, especially those of us who take our cars to the track, have equipped our cars with tires much wider and stickier than stock, which allows higher g-forces to be achieved in cornering and braking. During that type of hard driving, rubber suspension bushings are compressed and flexed by the extreme loads being put on them, defeating your car's finely tuned alignment settings, thereby reducing your braking and cornering potential. Monoballs are a downside-free improvement; because they eliminate four important sources of suspension slop without making your car's ride harsher. Your Porsche will handle and brake with greater precision, predictability, and feedback to the driver. Rennline monoballs are equipped with FK Motorsports bearings, cadmium-plated and Sealed to prevent premature wear due to moisture or dirt contamination, ensuring long track or street life. Fits 996/997/986/997/Cayman


Rennline Sealed Monoballs, Front or Rear, Set of 2, 996/997/986/997/Cayman    [More Info]

Tarett Engineering Control Arm Monoballs
  • Replaces the compliant factory rubber bushing with a precision Teflon-lined spherical bearing for increased front or rear suspension rigidity, quicker steering response, and better handling.
  • Reduces front wheel camber and toe changes during hard cornering to maintain optimum tire contact for improved traction.
  • Uses a Stainless Steel monoball and spacers for corrosion resistance.
  • Comes complete with high quality jet nuts.


Tarett Engineering Lower Control Arm Monoball, for cars w/ GT3 or RS two-piece lower control arms only, 996/997/986/997/Cayman, sold per each    [More Info]

Tarett Engineering Rear Toe Control Arm Set
Restore proper suspension geometry with this adjustable lower rear control arm. The factory control arm can't compensate enough when lowering your 911 or Boxster, leaving you stuck with as much as 1/2" of toe in. The result is poor handling and rapid tire wear. This kit will provide the additional adjustment needed.

The adjusting link has a left and right hand thread on each end. Rotating the link will increase or decrease the overall length of the arm.

A precision Teflon lined spherical rod end replaces the compliant rubber factory bushing for improved suspension response and feedback, and also reduces toe changes during acceleration and deceleration. The result is improved stability and control.

The complete kit comes as shown, including new Porsche outer tie rods.


Tarett Engineering Rear Toe Control Arm Set, Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04)    [More Info]


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