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Porsche 986 Boxster (1997-04)
Oil Filter Kits
Oil Filter Outer Housing
Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter
Oil Drain Plugs & Seals
Oil Filter Wrench
Super Oil Drain Pan/Storage Container
Porsche 987 Boxster (2005-08)
Oil Filter Kits
Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter
Oil Filter Wrench
Oil Drain Plugs & Seals
Super Oil Drain Pan/Storage Container
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Project 2: Oil Change - Page 1
The most common task to do on your Boxster or Carrera all the modern 6-cylinder engines is covered here.
   Click here to read the entire article on Project 2!

Porsche 986 Boxster (1997-04)

Oil Filter Kits


Hengst (OEM) Oil Filter Insert (Filter Cartridge and Seal), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), Each
   Brand: Hengst  Original Equipment Manufacturer at the time of the vehicle's assembly    [More Info]



Genuine Porsche Oil Filter Insert (Filter Cartridge and Seal), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), Each
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]


Oil Filter Sealing/O-Ring, Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), Each
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]

Oil Filter Outer Housing
This is the Housing that you unscrew when replacing your oil filter.


Oil Filter Housing Cover, Complete, Includes New Oil Filter And O-Ring, Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), Each
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]

Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter
Manufactured by LN Engineering, this adapter allows for use of a conventional spin-on oil filter, rather than requiring the use of expensive and inferior replacement cartridge-style filters. With the adapter, you no longer have to handle the filter cartridge, worry about contamination of the oil filter housing, or worry about cross threading the cheap plastic filter housing. The spin-on oil filter adapter also helps improve the longevity of your engine by providing full flow filtration, which means 100% of the oil gets filtered without having oil bypass the filter (an improvement over the factory design).

The oil filter itself is sold separately. LN Engineering recommends the Napa Gold 1042, Mobil 1 M1107, or K&N Gold HP-1007 filter. Additionally, a 26mm socket must be used to install or remove the adapter. Torque to 18ft. lbs.


Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter (Oil Filter sold separately), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), Each
   Brand: LN Engineering    [More Info]


Oil Filter, for Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter    [More Info]

Oil Drain Plugs & Seals
A drain plug with a rounded head can be especially frustrating. Replace that old plug with a new one, and be sure to change the seal every time the plug is removed.


Oil Sump Pan Drain Plug, M18 x 1.5, Boxster/Boxster S (1997-2004), Each
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]



Oil Sump Pan Drain Plug Seal, A18 x 24, Boxster/Boxster S (1997-2004), Each
   Brand: Fischer & Plath    [More Info]

LN Engineering's billet aluminum "Bigfoot" magnetic drain plug is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and has a large 3/8" rare-earth magnet to reduce iron (Fe) levels in oil, which is a primary source for wear in M96 engines where Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMS) failures are especially common. The magnet, which offers 14 lbs. of pull, allows for earlier detection of critical engine problems before they happen!

If you've ever changed your oil yourself, you've probably encountered a stripped drain plug or had to fight with getting one out. What makes this drain plug different is its hard anodized surface and its over-sized 10mm internal hex. It is designed to last for years, unlike the original drain plug's hex which is easily stripped and almost needs to be replaced after every use.

Uses O.E. sealing ring Porsche part number 900 123 106 30 (NOT included with the plug). Torque to 19 ft-lb. Replace sealing ring every time you re-install the drain plug.

Billet Aluminum Hard Anodized Magnetic Bigfoot Drain Plug (NOTE: Does not include 900-123-106-30 sealing ring), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-2011), Each     [More Info]

Oil Filter Wrench
This factory tool for your 996 or Boxster will surely do the trick! Use it in conjunction with a quality 27mm 6-point socket, and you'll be done with your oil change in no time.


Oil Filter Removal Socket Wrench Tool - Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04)
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]

Super Oil Drain Pan/Storage Container
This container can hold up to 15 quarts and includes a very tight lid that allows the pan to double as a storage container. Simply empty your oil, then stand it upright, and carry it off to your local recycling center. It really couldn't be any simpler.


Super Oil Drain Pan    [More Info]


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