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Short Shifter Porsche 911 (1965-89)
Weltmeister Short Shift Kits
Factory Short Shift Kits
Weltmeister Shift Lockout Kit
Seine Systems Gate Shift Kit
WEVO GateShift
WEVO Shifter Kits
WEVO Shifter Accessories
RennShift Performance Shifter
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Project 39: Installing a Short Shift Kit - Page 1

Short Shifter Porsche 911 (1965-89)

Weltmeister Short Shift Kits
Short Shift Kits are a great way to enhance the feel of your car. The short shift kit reduces the time required to shift the car into each gear. The Weltmeister kit replaces the shift lever, and also places a metal plate under the shifter, elevating it slightly. The Porsche Factory Short Shift Kit (also known at the M-241 option) uses a slightly better approach, actually replacing the shifter components with ones that specifically reduce the throw. The factory kit is in general a better kit, but a bit more expensive then the Weltmeister one. Both kits reduce the shifting throw when you add the by about 35%, and bolt on with no cutting, welding or drilling. Both kits are only applicable for 911s up through 1986. For more information, see our Pelican Parts Technical Article on the Factory Short Shift Kit Installation for the 1972-86 911. Please note: Ball Cup bushing in Not included with the short shift kits. We recommend a new ball cup bushing when installing a short shift kit, PN 911-424-139-00.


Weltmeister Short Shift Kit, 911/912 (1965-71)    [More Info]



Weltmeister Short Shift Kit, 911 (1972-86)    [More Info]

Factory Short Shift Kits
Factory Porsche Short Shift Kit (Factory Option M241), 911 (1973-86)


Factory Porsche Short Shift Kit (Factory Option M241), 911 (1973-86)
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]


Factory Porsche Short Shift Kit (Factory Option M241), 911 (1973-86)
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]

No Longer Available 
Weltmeister Shift Lockout Kit
Find yourself nicking reverse when you shift? Add the Weltmeister shift lockout kit and stop the accidental grinding of gears. Heavy-duty springs prevent the shifter from engaging reverse when shifting quickly.


Weltmeister Shift Lockout Kit, 911/912 (1965-72)    [More Info]

Seine Systems Gate Shift Kit
Missed shifts could be a thing of the past, with the installation of the Gate Shift Kit from Seine Systems. The Gate Shift Kit provides a high level of confidence in your shifting ability by reducing the chance of downshifting into the wrong gear (expensive). The Gate Shift Kit uses 3rd and 4th gears as the default shift plane, and adds a spring-tension mechanism to define 1st and 2nd gears (same as 5th/Rev.). This simple devise can be installed in about an hour and works with all (1973-86) 911 shift mechanisms. Compatible with the Factory Short Shift as well as the Weltmeister Short Shift Kits. Note: Welding selector tab to gear shift lever not required, but is recommended. Shifter & housing not included.

Seine recommends that you install two new circlips (listed below).


Seine Systems Gate Shift Kit, 911 (1973-86)     [More Info]



Shifter Circlip
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]

WEVO GateShift
The WEVO GateShift kit is an ingenious kit of precision parts that create a gate system inside the 915 transmission. This kit enhances tactile sensations of gear selection and controls gear selection forces. The GateShift kit assists with "hand mapping" of the gear selection pattern and provides positive limits for each gear position.

Unique 3-D design process, Rapid Prototyping and investment casting technology makes these parts technically viable in a way that never existed for Porsche during the design and production of the 915 transmission. The GateShift kit mimics the operation of the internal gate that offers such an improvement to the G50 series transmissions.

The WEVO GateShift kit includes all parts, gaskets and hardware required to install the kit.


WEVO GateShift Kit for 915 Transmissions, 911 (1972-86)    [More Info]

WEVO Shifter Kits
The installation of a WEVO Shifter will be one of the most positive tactile upgrades you can perform to a 911 with a 901 or 915 transmission. It is a precision short shift, spring centered, and reverse-blocked shift mechanism that is intended for street cars, club event cars and even full competition race cars. The use of specially designed components in the WEVO Shifter achieves a high degree of mechanical precision and almost eliminates the sloppy feeling of the volume production compromised factory parts.

The reduction in lever travel from the stock shifter is about 30% - giving the WEVO Shifter lever a neutral to in-gear movement of 2". The additional precision of the mechanism offers what feels like further reduction in shift lever travel by eliminating the free play that exists in the stock shifter unit. It is spring loaded from both sides and the lever will stand in the 3rd - 4th gear plane in neutral - this has a similar feel to the spring resistance of the stock shifter that is only acting on the 5th - Rev gears. This feature helps with smooth 2nd - 3rd gear upshifts and clean 5th to 4th downshifts.

There is also a reverse selection blocker that is only operational when moving the lever out of 5th gear (1st on the 901 version). If you are engaging 4th gear, from 5th gear, this blocker will help prevent you from pulling the lever back and clipping reverse gear. The blocker is overridden when deliberately selecting reverse from the neutral position- such as when the car is stationary.

This WEVO Shifter kit comes partially assembled with all hardware and instructions to install the kit. No irreversible modifications are performed to any original components, and the kit will take about two hours to install including removal and re-fitting of the shifter assembly to your chassis. No special tools or skills are required. For cars equipped with 901 transmissions, you will need to obtain a shifter housing for a 915 transmission. For further details, please download the instructions below.

Choose from a black or aluminum anodized billet shift lever or a Classic tubular design. It is recommended that the WEVO Shifter be used in conjunction with solid shift couplers like the WEVO PSJ.

Installation instructions:
WEVO 901 Classic Shifter
WEVO 915 Classic Shifter
WEVO 915 Shifter (Billet)


WEVO 901 Classic Shifter Kit - requires 915 shifter base, BLACK finish, Tubular Lever, Knob not included, 911/912 (1965-71)    [More Info]



WEVO 915 Classic Shifter Kit - BLACK finish, Tubular Lever, Knob not included, 911 (1972-86)    [More Info]



WEVO 915 Shifter Kit - Billet Lever, BLACK finish (anodized aluminum), with Standard Knob, 911 (1972-86)    [More Info]



WEVO 915 TALL Shifter Kit - Billet Lever, BLACK finish (anodized aluminum), with TALL Knob, 911 (1972-86)    [More Info]



WEVO 915 Shifter Kit - Billet Lever, SILVER finish (anodized aluminum), with Standard Knob, 911 (1972-86)    [More Info]



WEVO 915 TALL Shifter Kit - Billet Lever, SILVER finish (anodized aluminum), with TALL Knob, 911 (1972-86)    [More Info]


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