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Project 8: Clutch Replacement - Page 10

Porsche 911 (1974-89)

Clutch Cable Replacement Parts
These are the small parts needed at both the pedal-cluster end and the transmission end of the clutch cable. When replacing your cable, check to make sure that these parts are in place and are in working order. For more clutch-related parts at the transmission end, please see our Clutch and Flywheel Section.

WEVO 915 Clutch Cable Bracket (used to repair 1972-76 magnesium cases or to backdate 1977-86 final drive housings and eliminate the omega spring)     [More Info]



Clutch Pedal Arm/Clevis Bushing (Bronze), 911/912E (1974-86), 911 Turbo (1976-88)    [More Info]



Clutch Pedal Arm/Clevis Bushing (Plastic), 911/912E (1974-86), 911 Turbo (1976-88)
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]



Snap Retainer Clip / Pin For Clevis Fork (clutch cable to pedal shaft)
911/912E (1974-86), 911 Turbo (1976-88)
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]


Clutch Clevis Fork (clutch cable to pedal shaft), 911/912E (1974-86), 911 Turbo 1976-88)
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]



Clevis Pin Lock Nut, M6, 911 (1974-86), 911 Turbo (1976-88)
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]



Spring Washer B6.0
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]



Clutch Cable Boot, 911 (1978-86), 911 Turbo (1978-88)
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]



Clutch Cable End, Metal Trunion upgrade, 911 (1972-76), 911 Turbo (1976), 912E
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]



Clutch Cable End Nut, M7 (2 per car, sold individually), 911 (1974), 911 Turbo (1976-77)
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]



Clutch Cable End Nut, M6 (2 per car, sold individually), 911 (early 1975)
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]

Clutch Release Forks
It's common to replace your clutch release fork if it shows signs of wear, or of cracking under stress. Even the best looking release forks may often fail. If your clutch has had a very 'heavy' feel to it prior to performing your clutch job, then you might have placed a lot of force on the clutch release fork, which has a tendency to weaken it. It's good practice to replace it (we include it in our Super-Kit) if you have any doubt that it might have been stressed. The cast lever arm is not the world's strongest part.
NOTE: For Transmissions from G50011K3380 ('89) to G50012K01158 ('89) using the improved clutch fork (997 116 086 90), must use Clutch Fork Bearing Update Kit part# 915-G50-KIT or 915-G50-KIT-2 listed below.

Throw-Out Bearing Clutch Release Fork, 911 (1974-86)
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]

No Longer Available 


Throw-Out Bearing Clutch Release Fork, 911 Turbo (1976-88)
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]


Clutch Release Fork (NOTE: Should be updated with kit 10-1518-086-M260), 911 (1987-89), 911 Turbo (1989)
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]



Kit for Release Bearing Fork Shaft (contains: cross shaft, bearings, seals)    [More Info]

G50 Update Kits (1987-89)
The Porsche factory has released an update kit for early G50 transmissions (911 Carrera 1987-89). According to Porsche, transmissions that are earlier than G5001-1K-03381 (normal) and G5001-2K-01159 (limited slip differential) should be updated with this kit. Includes all OEM parts. For use in transmissions up through G5001 1K 03381 and G5001 2K 01159. The factory kit requires modification to the cast in order to fit. In addition to the Update Kit, you must also obtain the updated Clutch Release Fork for the G50 Transmission (part number 997 116 086 90).


911 Factory G50 Update Kit (1987-89) - requires modification to fit    [More Info]

The factory kit above solved the problem, but is not very easy to install. We consider the kit below an improved version because there is NO DRILLING REQUIRED and works just as well!


G50 Improved Operating Shaft & Bushing Kit - Does NOT require drilling. 911 (1987-89)    [More Info]


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