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Oil Change Porsche 911 (1965-89)
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Oil Change Porsche 911 (1965-89)

Swepco Motor Oil Additives
Swepco brand lubricants are the world's most technologically advanced lubricants, with exacting formulations specifically designed for harsh industrial environments. Because Swepco lubricants are specially formulated for commercial equipment operating in the most severe service conditions, our lubricants also provide outstanding performance for automotive and racing use. Turn to Swepco for lubrication solutions for the most demanding automotive applications. For more information, see the Swepco USA Website.
Swepco 502 Oil Improver. An engine oil improver designed to improve and fortify any crankcase oil's performance in gasoline or diesel engines. Special solvent eliminates sticking and clattering of hydraulic valve lifters. Contains friction modifiers, Micronized Moly, and a complex blend of additives. Neutralizes acid, dissolves gum and varnish formations. Protects engines against friction, reduces heat and wear. Helps eliminate sticking valve lifters and reduces hydraulic lifter noise. Reduces oil consumption and Extends engine life.


Swepco 502 Oil Improver    [More Info]

Swepco 505 Oil Additive. Swepco 505 is an oil improver designed for use in both gasoline and diesel engines to eliminate friction, wear and to improve fuel efficiency. Contains DIMONYL and organic Moly which plates all vital metal surfaces with a friction reducing film. Highly effective as an anti-oxidant additive. Increases chemical and thermal stability of any oil. Protects expensive turbochargers. Reduces friction and engine wear which lowers operating temperatures and improves the fuel efficiency of the engine. Superior protection for turbo chargers. Improves high temperature performance of engine oils and extends engine life.


Swepco 505 Oil Additive    [More Info]

No Longer Available 

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