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Oil Change Porsche 911 (1965-89)

Flex-tube Spout
This Flex-tube Spout attaches to most containers and allows you to accurately position the mouth of the tube exactly where you want it to be located. Two thread sizes to fit most containers. Screws on to motor oil, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, and similar plastic containers. Complete with stopper cap and hang tab.


Flex-tube Oil Spout, 9 1/4" length    [More Info]

SWEPCO 306 Supreme Formula Engine Oil
A superior friction reducing multi-weight engine oil. Has the advantage of multi-grade weights, for improved fuel economy and all-weather performance.

Contains DIMONYL. High VI solvent extracted paraffinic base stocks. Exceeds most major engine manufacturers recommendations. Contains detergent/dispersants. Oxidation inhibitors. Rust and corrosion inhibitors. Anti-foam inhibitor. Pour depressant. Anti-wear inhibitors.


SWEPCO 306 Supreme Formula Engine Oil, 5W-30 quart     [More Info]


SWEPCO 306 Supreme Formula Engine Oil, 10W-30 quart     [More Info]


SWEPCO 306 Supreme Formula Engine Oil, 15W-40 quart     [More Info]


SWEPCO 306 Supreme Formula Engine Oil, 20W-50 quart     [More Info]

Brad Penn Motor Oil
The BRAD PENN refinery, the oldest continuously operating lube oil refinery in the United States, still refines 100% Pennsylvania grade crude oil -- a very thermally stable paraffinic crude oil which contains no asphaltic constituents. BRAD PENN brand products are "The Green Oil®" that racers, engine builders and enthusiasts alike have all come to know and love! The unique green color and outstanding performance of Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oils set them apart from the competition.

The unique base oil causes Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oil to cling tenaciously to engine parts to minimize wear during high engine torque loading and/or periods of heavily stressed operation such as those experienced during competition. This same oil 'cling' helps prevent 'dry-start' conditions to minimize wear even after the engine has been sitting idle for extended periods. BRAD PENN Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oils also contain highly effective detergent and dispersant additives to guarantee exceptional engine cleanliness as well as oxidation and foam inhibitors that offer protection against thermal degradation and air entrainment.

In addition to the unique base oil cut, increased concentration of 'zinc' (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate a.k.a. ZDDP) provides outstanding anti-wear/anti-scuffing protection for engines employing either 'flat tappet' or roller cams. BRAD PENN Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oils have been evaluated by a number of premiere camshaft manufacturers with tremendous success. Many are now recommending Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oils to provide outstanding protection for their 'flat tappet' or roller cams.

Not for use in cars with catalytic converters.


Brad Penn High Performance Motor Oil, 20W-50 Semi-Synthetic High-ZDDP (1 quart)    [More Info]



Brad Penn High Performance Motor Oil, 15W-40 Semi-Synthetic High-ZDDP (1 quart)    [More Info]



Brad Penn High Performance Motor Oil, 30W Mono-Grade Break-In Oil High-ZDDP (1 quart)    [More Info]

Liqui Moly Motor Oil
The Lubro Moly / Liqui Moly Synthoil Premium motor oil is a fully synthetic oil that provides maximum lubrication while minimizing friction, even under extreme operating conditions. Or try the Anti-Friction Semi-Synthetic formula for higher mileage engines.


Liqui Moly Synthoil Premium 5W-40W Motor Oil, 1 Liter Container    [More Info]



Liqui Moly Synthoil Premium 5W-40W Motor Oil, 5 Liter Container    [More Info]



Liqui Moly MOS2 Anti-Friction 10W-40 Semi Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Liter Container    [More Info]

Red Line Synthetic Motor Oil
Red Line Synthetic Motor Oils are designed to provide the highest degree of protection and cleanliness for your engine. We use the most stable synthetic components available and formulate our products for wear protection across a wide range of operating conditions. Red Line lubricants contain polyol ester basestocks, the only lubricants which can withstand the tremendous heat of modern jet engines, which makes our motor oil a necessity to properly lubricate a turbocharger or hot- running engine. The synthetic basestocks have a natural multigrade property, which means that large amounts of unstable polymeric thickeners are not required to manufacture our multigrades. Red Line Synthetic Motor oils will provide better protection than a petroleum oil of the next higher viscosity grade at low RPMs and two protects better than two higher viscosity grades at high shear conditions. Most importantly, Red Line Motor Oils can significantly reduce engine wear, which means a longer useful life for your engine. For more information, see the Red Line Website.


Red Line Synthetic Motor Oil, 10W-40, 1 quart    [More Info]

Lubro Moly Oil Additives and Cleaners
Lubro Moly MotorProtect Engine Treatment. Fully synthetic oil additive. It significantly reduces wear. High pressure wear protection additives form a very thin film on all mating partners in the engine, that is compliant and very slippery under wear conditions. The film lasts up to 50.000 km. This results in the following advantages: Significant wear reduction, Longer engine life, Reduction of fuel consumption and pollutant levels thanks to the anti-friction effect, Superior engine performance, quiet operation. For more information, see the Liqui-Moly Website.


Lubro Moly Motor Protect Engine Treatment, 500ml bottle    [More Info]

No Longer Available 
Lubro Moly MotorClean Engine Treatment. Scrubs and cleans the engine from inside. The highly effective detergent additives loosen sludge and lacquer deposits and keep solid and liquid contaminants in suspension. At the oil change they are drained out with the used oil. After an oil change thus prepared, the fresh oil develops its full potential: the engine regains its full power. It runs with less wear. The exhaust gas performance is improved. Oil starvation is prevented.


Lubro Moly Motor Clean Engine Treatment, 500ml bottle    [More Info]

Lubro Moly MO2 Motor Oil Friction Treatment. The anti-friction lubricant MoS2 forms a highly load-resistant lubricating film on all rubbing and sliding surfaces. It reduces friction and guarantees easier running of the engine. As a result there are the following advantages: significant reductions in fuel and oil consumption, scientifically proven wear reduction of more than 50%, fewer break-downs, and emergency running properties. Tested for catalytic converters and turbochargers.


Lubro Moly M02 Motor Oil Friction Treatment, 300ml/can    [More Info]

Lubro Moly MO2 Transmission Friction Treatment. An additive specially developed for manual gearboxes, differentials, and steering units with oil bath. It reduces wear significantly and lowers peak operating temperatures: quieter operation, easier shifting, better running in. The gearbox runs quietly and warms up less. Even older gearboxes regain running smoothness and performance thanks to the "repair" of the gear surfaces. Increases operating safety and provides emergency running properties through the MoS2.


Lubro Moly MO2 Transmission Friction Treatment, 50g    [More Info]

Lubro Moly Oil Sludge Remover. Extended oil change intervals, small oil volumes, inadequate fuel quality, lean burning engines with their higher nitrogen oxide levels, tend to cause the formation of sludge in the engine. The sludge clogs oil screens, oil filters and oil passages. The supply is interrupted. Engine damage results. Öl-Schlamm-Spülung cleans the engine. Keeps oil screens and oil passages clean and free. Reduces deposits in the piston ring grooves. Prevents oil starvation and protects against engine damage.


Lubro Moly Oil Sludge Remover    [More Info]

No Longer Available 
Lubro Moly Leak Stopper.Puts an end to the environment-polluting oil spots on the streets, driveways and garages. Öl-Verlust-Stop regenerates engine seals and reduces the oil consumption over the piston rings (by maintaining the viscosity) and over the valve guides (by regenerating the seals). Prevents blue exhaust smoke. Compensates for viscosity loss and reduces engine noise.


Lubro Moly Leak Stopper    [More Info]

No Longer Available 
Lubro Moly Viscosity Stabilizer.Reduces oil consumption. Keeps the oil viscosity stable. For constant oil pressure. Visco-Stabil offers outstanding protection against the shearing of the motor oil even under the hardest operating conditions. Prevents oil thinning with frequent cold starts. Through better sealing of movable engine parts oil consumption is reduced. Therefore especially recommended for older, high mileage cars. Reduces hydraulic lifter noise.


Lubro Moly Viscosity Stabilizer    [More Info]

No Longer Available 

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