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Porsche 911 (1965-89)
Jack Pads
Jack Stands
AC Hydraulic Jacks
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Project 1: Jacking Up Your Car - Page 1
Most common tasks need the car to be jacked up in the air. But where should you place the jack, and what is the safest method of lifting it? It's all answered here
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Porsche 911 (1965-89)

Jack Pads
Jack your Porsche up with a Floor jack and use our Jack Pad to protect the underside of your car.

The Early 911 (1965-89), the jack pad provides a safe location for you to place your jack under, without the fear of damaging any delicate oil or A/C lines. A must for every 911, 914 and 356 owner!

Due to the unique jack mount points, late-model 911s and Boxsters are difficult to safely lift with a floor jack or shop lift. A jack pad is the answer to the problem. Use one for a floor jack, or four with a shop lift. Made from billet aluminum, protected by a black wrinkle finish and a neoprene rubber base.

Another variation of the jack pad is designed specifically to be used with most floor jacks. The jack pad replaces your floor jack cup on most 2 1/4 and larger floor jacks. This jack pad gives your floor jack a lower profile to get under those lowered Porsches, plus eliminates risk of your car slipping off the floor jack once locked into the jack receptacles.


Jack Pad, 911, 356, 914 (through 1994)     [More Info]

Jack Stands
Never work on your car when it is elevated only by the jack -- very dangerous! Get a set of these jack stands and safely work on your car. Heavy duty 6000 pound capacity. Adjustable from 13.2" to 21.5".


Flat Top Jack Stand (sold individually) with rubber pad, 6000 pound capacity     [More Info]



Jack Stand (sold individually) with standard-style (chassis) top, 6000 pound capacity     [More Info]

AC Hydraulic Jacks
Super high-lift, simple and safe to operate. Just depress the lever with your foot and the jack pad raises up to contact the jacking point on your vehicle. DK13HLQ is constructed with a flat inner steel frame so the front 16 inches of the jack has a height of less than 3.5 inches and a maximum lifting height of 29 inches! Just the perfect height for stock or lowered vehicles! Ergonomically designed handle ensuring a firm and comfortable grip whatever the conditions. Dead-man's control on raising and lowering the jack arm.

Click here to download the User Manual


DK13HLQ 2800lb High-Lift Floor Jack with QuickLift Pedal    [More Info]

Ultra-low minimum height of only 3.15 inches, just the perfect height for stock or lowered vehicles! Maximum jack height of 19.7 inches! Ergonomically designed handle ensuring a firm and comfortable grip whatever the conditions. Dead-man's control on raising and lowering the jack arm. Built-in safety valve to ensure against overloading and a wide, rugged steel frame for stability and long service life.

Click here to download the User Manual


DK20 4400lb Floor Jack    [More Info]

This cross beam adaptor lifts the car for change of both wheels at the same time. This adaptor features telescopic arms with a reach from 745-1150mm. 1 ton capacity. For TOL-DK20, TOL-DK20Q, TOL-DK13HLQ and TOL-DK20HLQ AC Hydraulic Floor Jack models only.


AC Cross Beam Adaptor    [More Info]

Don't forget the GS1 Jack Saddle Cushion to protect your vehicle's underbody from damage.


Jack Saddle Cushion (GS1) for AC Hydraulic Jack    [More Info]


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