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Porsche Boxster (1997-2004)
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Suspension Upgrades & Performance

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Suspension Kits

Don't be bottoming out or bouncing down the road because of an old, tired suspension system. Pelican's suspension kits contain the necessary parts to service, refresh or replace the vehicles suspension components.
Suspension Kit - Bilstein B16 PSS 9  
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- Boxster (1997-04)
- Boxster S (2000-04)
- Boxster S Special Edition (2004)

Note: Front and rear coil over shocks with springs. Ride height adjustable. 9 precise compression and rebound settings, from comfort to competition,

Bilstein B16
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H&R Street Performance Coil Over Kits

H&R Street Performance Coil Overs are the perfect suspension solution for discerning drivers - from daily drivers to serious tuners - who can appreciate the awesome handling and superb ride comfort. Each coil over shock is custom valved to work in conjunction with a precision-engineered progressive rate spring, creating a finely tuned suspension system. The fully threaded shock body allows for adjustable vehicle height. This feature helps balance vehicle weight, resulting in a lower center of gravity and improved performance and control.
H&R Street Performance Coil Over Kit - Porsche Boxster Note: Lowering Adjustability Range - Front: 1.0in - 2.0in, Rear: 1.0in - 2.0in  
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- Boxster (1997-04)
- Boxster S (2000-04)
- Boxster S Special Edition (2004)

Note: Lowering Adjustability Range - Front: 1.0in - 2.0in, Rear: 1.0in - 2.0in


H&R RSS Coil Over Kits

H&R RSS Coil Overs are designed and tested on the famous Nürburgring, and are for the performance minded driver that requires the most vehicle feedback. The result is flat cornering and supreme directional control - a perfect choice for the high performance driver. RSS Coil Overs lower the center of gravity and reduce body roll for better handling. Like all H&R coil overs, RSS Coil Overs feature an H&R exclusive dynamic damper technology and a fully threaded shock body - not an imitation sleeve-over.

H&R RSS Club Sport Coil Over Kit - Porsche Boxster  
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- Boxster (1997-04)
- Boxster S (2000-04)
- Boxster S Special Edition (2004)


H&R Sport Springs

The most popular spring in H&R's line-up, Sport Springs will lower your vehicle an average of 1.5 - 2 inches (depending upon the make and model of your vehicle) for a lower center of gravity, improved handling and a more aggressive appearance. Sport springs feature more control than that of the OE Sport spring, but is still comfortable for daily use. Sport springs are an excellent choice for street and occasional track use.
H&R Sport Spring Set - Porsche Boxster/Boxster S Note: Lowers Front: 1 inch, Rear: 1 inch  
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- Boxster (1997-04)
- Boxster S (2000-04)
- Boxster S Special Edition (2004)

Note: Lowers Front: 1 inch, Rear: 1 inch


H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers

When it comes to all-out cornering performance, one rule applies: wider is really, truly better. H&R TRAK+ wheel spacers let you balance the handling and performance of your car to suit your aggressive driving style, and without spending the time, money and trouble of springing for bigger wheels and tires. Most manufacturers leave 20 to 30mm of extra space between the wheels and the fenders, to suit arcane regulations or to leave space for flapping tire chains. These light-alloy spacers push your existing wheels or even your hot, aftermarket alloys out to fill the wheelwells properly, giving you better cornering, better aerodynamics and even better looks.

DR Series (6-40mm Track Widening)
This spacer is fitted between the wheel and hub, using longer wheel bolts (ordered separately). Please check type of bolt head (taper or round and diameter) and shaft length before ordering.

DRA Series (6-60mm Track Widening)
This Spacer is fitted to the hub with special wheel bolts and has new threaded holes for existing wheel bolts.

NOTE: ALL DRA kits come complete with all necessary wheel bolts, studs and nuts to mount the adapter to your original hub. These will be used in connection with the existing parts fitted to the vehicle.

VOGTLAND Sport Springs

VOGTLAND performance lowering springs, manufactured in Germany, provide multifaceted improvements for your vehicles suspension. The comprehensive design generates a better overall appearance while making a significant improvement in performance. The compound spring rate allows for comfortable ride quality under normal driving conditions while providing maximum performance when being pushed to the limit.
VOGTLAND Sport Spring Kit Note: Lowers Front approx. 1.2" Rear approx. 1.2"  
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- Boxster (1997-04)
- Boxster S (2000-04)
- Boxster S Special Edition (2004)

Note: Lowers Front approx. 1.2" Rear approx. 1.2"

Porsche Home  >  Porsche Boxster (1997-2004) > Suspension & Steering  >  Suspension Upgrades & Performance 

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