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Porsche 914, 914-6 (1970-1976)
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Clutch & Flywheel

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Clutch Super Kits

Clutch Super Kits for 914
In this kit, you get everything you need to replace your clutch all at once. If you are spending the time and effort to pull your engine out of your car, you might as well make sure that you are replacing and fixing every piece that might need attention, while you have access to it. Here's what the kit includes:
  • New Pressure Plate
  • New 911 Clutch Disc
  • New Throw-out Bearing
  • New Pilot Bearing and Felt Ring
  • 2 Throw-out Bearing Guide Clips
  • New Throw-out Fork Bushing
  • 2 CV Joint Gaskets
  • 2 Muffler Gaskets
  • New Flywheel O-Ring
  • New Flywheel Bolts
  • New Flywheel Metal Crush Gasket
  • Clutch Disc Alignment Tool
Flywheel/crankshaft seal not included - check yours first before ordering.

Clutch Kits - 3 Piece

Our 3 Piece Clutch Kit includes the Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, and Throw-out Bearing
Includes the original stock four spring 914 disc. Contains; New Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, and Throw-out Bearing.

Includes the upgraded six spring 911 disc. Contains; New Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, and Throw-out Bearing.

Clutch Kits

This section contains clutches and related items. If you are looking for that little piece to complete your clutch job, you are in the right place. When doing a clutch job, it's always a good idea to replace the rear end seal on the engine at the same time and also replace the throw-out bearing, flywheel bolts and pilot bearing. You should also replace the clutch release fork and the master/slave cylinders at the same time for added insurance. If you are re-using your flywheel, you should have it re-surfaced so your new clutch seats correctly.
Clutch Kit  
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- 914 4-cyl (1970-76)
- 914 6-cyl (1970-72)

Note: Contains: (1) Disc (1) Pressure Plate (1) Release Bearing,

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Clutch Discs

Clutch disks transfer the energy from the engines flywheel to the transmission. If your transmission is slipping or you hear grinding noises you are probably in need of a new clutch. Clutches and pressure plates should always be changed as a group.

Clutch Disc (215 mm) 914 4-cyl (1970-76)
914 6-cyl (1970-72)
Clutch Disc (215 mm)  
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- 914 4-cyl (1970-76)
- 914 6-cyl (1970-72)

Genuine Porsche
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Clutch Alignment Tools

Clutch Alignment Tool Note: Spline count = 24; Pilot diameter = 14.7 mm; Spline diameter = 20.6 mm  
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- 914 4-cyl (1970-76)
- 914 6-cyl (1970-72)

Note: Spline count = 24; Pilot diameter = 14.7 mm; Spline diameter = 20.6 mm


Clutch Tools

Pressure Adaptor needed for pressuring the master cylinder or clutch slave cylinder reservoirs. Used in conjunction with a pressure bleeder. Comes with a 1/4-18 NPT threaded opening. Applicable to most European models.

These odd-shaped sockets are required to remove some of the bolts that connect the engine to the transmission. Seven sizes E-6 through E-16. The three smaller sizes are 1/4" drive; the four larger sizes are 3/8" drive. Made of heat-treated alloy steel. Sockets are kept in a convenient vinyl holder. Includes External Torx Sockets: E6, E7, E8, E10, E12, E14, and E16.
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