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Porsche 911 (1974-1989)
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Suspension Upgrades & Performance

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Elephant Racing Front/Rear Monoball Cartridges

These little gems will hold your camber settings lap after lap. If you want to be fast, your suspension pickup points must be rigid to hold suspension geometry in check even under the heaviest corner loads. Pivots points need to be friction free. Heavy corner loads generated by today's stickier tire compounds easily compress and distort rubber bushings making it impossible to hold suspension settings. Camber, caster and toe flop around along with the bushings.

Elephant Racing monoball cartridges replace the compliant upper strut and rear trailing arm rubber bushings with hardened-steel precision spherical bearings. Since they can't compress, these monoballs hold suspension settings under the heaviest corner loads. Driver feedback becomes precise and positive.
  • Precision hardened-steel spherical bearings
  • Proprietary Weather Seal to prevent corrosion/contamination
  • Eliminates rubber bushing compression
  • Maintains alignment settings through turns
  • Improves feel and driver feedback
The cartridges are pre-assembled and install easily into factory camber plates using hand tools (can even be secured with a safety wire). Rear monoballs slide right into factory trailing arms. The proprietary weather seal design ensures years of trouble free service.

Combine with Elephant Racing's triangulated strut brace to achieve a rigid front suspension geometry that maintains settings under extreme braking and cornering loads.

Rear Monoball cartridges are now available in weather-sealed (for ultimate longevity) or unsealed versions. The rebuild kits can be used for any Elephant Racing rear monoball cartridge.

Neatrix Bushings

It's not unusual for rear spring plate bushings to wear out in less than 25,000 miles, causing uneven tire wear and annoying (and dangerous) handling problems. We have a solution you'll like. Neatrix / Weltmeister replacement rubber bushings can be installed on your standard spring plates to restore original ride qualities. Neatrix rubber bushings have been tested in road and autocross 911s for thousands of miles without one squeak or failure! In addition, they feature an improved rubber formula and a design that lets your spring plate move without grinding the bushing against the rough surface of the torsion tube giving you longer life. Complete set of four bushings for your standard spring plates includes instructions and a special tool to help remove your old bushings.

Poly-Graphite Front Upper Strut Mount Kit

As a front suspension flex point, the rubber mount is a critical component in Porsche 911, 912, 914 and 930 suspensions. Original rubber mounts sag over time, so this easy-to-install mount kit was produced for replacing old rubber mounts. This kit is perfect for all street and race applications. The bushings are stiffer than original rubber mounts, yet are soft enough for supreme drivability on street and track. Made of a poly-graphite compound, this mount system keeps camber and caster adjustments at maximum specifications. This one-time fix can be installed on both sides within about 40 minutes. No re-alignment is necessary.
Poly-Graphite Front Upper Strut Mount Kit  
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- 911, 911S, Carrera and 911SC (1974-89)
- 930 Turbo (1976-89)

Note: Bushings ONLY, both sides included

No Longer

Elephant Racing PolyBronze Suspension Bushing Sets

QuickChange Camber Plates

Rubber Bellows Note: These bellows should be used in place of the metal strut top dust covers when changing to QuickChange camber plates while using Bilstein shocks.  
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- 911, 911S, Carrera and 911SC (1974-89)
- 930 Turbo (1976-89)

Note: These bellows should be used in place of the metal strut top dust covers when changing to QuickChange camber plates while using Bilstein shocks.


These bolt-in QuickChange Camber Plates allow easy camber adjustment, independent of caster. Loosening the large center nut allows camber to be changed quickly. Built-in indices allow accurate positioning without using a camber gauge. The included safety clip prevents the nut from coming off in the event it is not properly torqued. The included monoball is oversized for long life and provides free, non-binding movement while precisely positioning the strut top. You can also easily maintain separate street and track camber settings, or quickly make track-side adjustments based on tire temperature.
  • +/- 1.25 degrees added range
  • Adjust camber independent of caster
  • Make track-side camber changes
  • Adjust without a gauge
  • Completely bolt on
NOTE: Koni and Boge strut inserts must use the Koni/Boge insert adapter (sold separately). No adaptor is used with Von and Bilstein inserts.

For more information, download the QuickChange Camber Plate installation instructions here.

QuickChange Spring Plate Kits

QuickChange spring plates make fast work of torsion bar re-indexing and replacement. A screw-type adjuster makes corner balancing and ride height adjustment a breeze. These plates pair the high quality of the factory design with ease of servicing.
  • 5 minute torsion bar changes
  • Fast and easy ride-height adjustment
  • Accepts standard bushings
  • Quiet operation, no noises
Elephant Racing's QuickChange Torsion Bars can be extracted through the QuickChange Spring Plate without removing any bolts. Alignment settings are maintained, and you don't even need to remove the wheels from the car. Changing the rear torsion bars is now a 5 minute per side operation!

Unlike other aftermarket spring plates, QuickChange Spring Plates bolt the plates together. This prevents the plates "halves" from sliding against each other and eliminates failures and metallic clicking noises common with competing products.

NOTE: Use with any standard size bushing - not included - PolyBronze Bearings recommended. QuickChange can also be added to cars with Elephant Racing's ASP when installing the splined hub option.
QuickChange Spring Plate Kit, pair  
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- 911, 911S, Carrera and 911SC (1974-86)
- 930 Turbo (1976-87)


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