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1997 BMW 328i Base Convertible
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Washer Fluid Sensors

Have you ever gone to wash your windows and the blades just streak the dirt around because you are out of fluid? If the dash light is not indicating you are out of fluid you probably have a bad sensor or gauge.
Level Sensor - Windshield Washer Fluid

Knock Sensors

If your engine is knocking you are having detonation problems and the Knock sensor is not functioning properly. Pelican Parts offers the sensors to detect engine knock.
Knock Sensor (Ping Sensor)

Camshaft Position Sensors

This section contains the sensors for determining the camshaft position. If it fails it can cause all sorts of ignition problems.
Camshaft Position Sensor

Camshaft Position Sensor  
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Note: Also use: (Qty.) (1) 12 14 1 748 398 o-ring,

Brand Rating
Camshaft Position Sensor  
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Note: Also use: (Qty.) (1) 12 14 1 748 398 o-ring,

Genuine BMW
Brand Rating

O-Ring for Camshaft Position Sensor (17 X 3 mm)

Crankshaft Sensors

A crankshaft sensor is used to measure the position and speed of the crankshaft. This assists in fuel distribution and ignition system. Many rough starting or running problems can be traced back to a faulty crankshaft sensor.
Crankshaft Sensor
Crankshaft Sensor  
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Note: Also use- (Qty.) (1) 12-51-4-592-703 Wire.

Brand Rating

Adapter Wire - Updated Position Sensor

O-Ring for Crankshaft Sensor (17 X 3 mm)

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