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1971 BMW 1602 Base Coupe
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TPMS Valve Stems and Sensors

A tire pressure monitoring system measures the tire pressure in each wheel while the car is in motion. If one or more of the tires loses a set amount of pressure it will activate a warning light on the dash. This should not replace manually checking your tire pressures after every few fill ups.
Wheel Valve Stem Cap - Gray Plastic  
[ More Info ]

Note: Only for cars with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

Brand Rating

Vacuum Hoses and Lines

One of the most overlooked causes of fuel injection problems are cracked and leaking vacuum hoses. To ensure that your car will run well, you should replace these often to avoid troublesome headaches. Priced and sold by the meter.
Vacuum Hose - 3.5 X 7.5 mm - Black Silicone

Vacuum Hose - 3.5 X 7.5 mm - Blue Silicone

Vacuum Hose - 3.5 X 7.5 mm - White Silicone

Roof Racks and Accessories

Aluminum Luggage Basket,  
[ More Info ]

Note: For use with BMW Base Support System (Roof Rack)
Dimensions: 48" x 33"

Genuine BMW
Brand Rating

Ski/Snowboard Roof Carrier,  
[ More Info ]

Note: For use with BMW Base Support System (Roof Rack)
clamping width at the ski holder is 3.0 inches. 89.8" x 32" x 12.2"

Genuine BMW
Brand Rating

Racing Bike Roof Rack,  
[ More Info ]

Note: For use with BMW Base Support System (Roof Rack)

Genuine BMW
Brand Rating
For use with the BMW Factory roof racks
Dimensions: 55"L x 35"W x 15"H / 12 cu. ft. (339 ltr)

For use with the BMW Factory roof racks
Dimensions:91"L x 32"W x 15"H / 16.2 cu. ft (450 ltr.)

For use with the BMW Factory roof racks
Dimensions: 75"L x 24"W x 15"H / 11 cu. ft. (320 ltr)
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