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Pelican Technical Article:

Replacing the Window Regulator
and Motor on Your BMW

Difficulty Level: 4
Difficulty scale: Adding air to your tires is level one
Rebuilding a BMW Motor is level ten

 This article is one in a series that have been released in conjunction with Wayne's new book, 101 Performance Projects for Your BMW 3 Series. The book contains 272 pages of full color projects detailing everything from performance mods to timing the camshafts. With more than 650+ full-color glossy photos accompanying extensive step-by-step procedures, this book is required reading in any 3 Series owner's collection. The book was released in August 2006, and is available for ordering now. See The Official Book Website for more details.
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[click to enlarge]

     Are you tired of having to open your door and get out at the drive-through restaurant to retrieve your burger? Does your window constantly reverse itself when you’re trying to raise it? Perhaps it’s time to replace or clean your window regulator, or install a new power window motor. The difficulty of this project varies depending upon which year car you have, but the results are immediate and quite rewarding. Not much is better than driving in your BMW with the sunroof open and the windows down on a nice, sunny day. Having a broken window regulator can surely put a damper on that. Or worse—if you own a convertible, a broken window regulator will keep you from putting the top down.

     The first step in replacing either the regulator or the power window motor is to remove the door panel. Make sure you eliminate the power window switch as a potential problem, however, before you start tearing into your door. Double-check all the fuses that control the power windows, and swap out the relays to make sure there isn’t a problem with one of them. If one window works and the other doesn’t, chances are it’s the window motor or the window switch. The switches themselves are often faulty, which can sometimes make this an easy fix. Test the switch by removing it from the center console, and swap it with one that is working. If there is any noise coming from the door (such as clicks or whines) but the window isn’t moving, then it’s quite obvious the motor is fine, but the regulator needs to be repaired.

     For details on removing the door panel, see Project 67. When you have the door panel removed, you can access the regulator. With your fingers clearly out of the way, roll down the window until it’s about 75 percent of the way down. Take a look at the white, square plastic sliders that attach the bottom of the regulator to the window. If they are worn (and they’re almost always worn), replace them using the procedure documented in Photo 3.

     If your window doesn’t respond at all and you’ve eliminated the possibility that it might be a broken window switch, then you’ll need to remove the window regulator. Unfortunately, the window regulator is attached to the door frame with rivets. You will need to drill out these rivets in order to remove the regulator from the door. (See Photos 2 and 3 for details on removing the regulator.)

     With the regulator detached from the door frame and the window, you should test the motor prior to disconnecting the electrical connection. With your hands out of the way of the regulator, carefully press lightly on the window switch and see if the regulator moves. If the window was stuck previously, but now it moves, it means that the tracks of the regulator and the window are sticky and need lubrication. Photo 4 and Photo 5 show the process for greasing the regulator tracks prior to reinstallation. If the motor doesn’t move at all, it is probably worn out (assuming you’ve checked the window switch).

     Before you reinstall the regulator, I recommend you inspect and replace the front window channel guide too, if it’s worn. This is the channel that guides the front of the window as it is raised and lowered by the regulator. Also worth replacing are the window slot seals. These inner and outer window scrapers keep water from dripping down into the recesses of the door. You should grease each and every moving part of the regulator: the slides, the motor, the gears, and the large-toothed section of the regulator.

     Before you close everything up inside your door, it’s a wise idea to test the proper operation of the window. Hook up the power connections to the window motor, and try to raise and lower the window. Also verify the stop positions of the window once you have reinstalled the regulator. There are screws located inside the door that control these stop positions. Once you’re satisfied everything is running smoothly, reseal the door panels and you’re on your way again.

     If you would like to see more technical articles like this one, please continue to support Pelican Parts with all your parts needs.  If you like what you see here, then please visit our online BMW catalog and help support the collection and creating of new and informative technical articles like this one.  Your continued support directly affects the expansion and existence of this site and technical articles like this one.  As always, if you have any questions or comments about this helpful article, please drop us a line.

Figure 1
Before you start tearing apart your door to fix your window, check the window switch first. Pull up on the trim around the switch, and the assembly should pull out of the center console. Swap around connectors and test the nonfunctional window with another switch to see if the problem lies with a faulty switch.
Figure 2

This photo shows the sequence for removing the window regulator. A: The regulator is riveted to the door frame; the rivets must be drilled out by a large drill bit. B: An Allen bolt at the rear of the door holds the regulator in place. I’ve seen several different mounting places for this bolt over the range of model years. C: With the rivets gone and the Allen bolt removed, the regulator should be loose from the door frame. D: Disconnect the wires to the motor assembly, and you should be able to remove the regulator from the car.

Figure 3
This photo sequence shows the detachment of the window regulator from the bottom window channels. A: The window regulator is attached to the metal rails at the bottom of the window by small, square, plastic sliders, which are held in by small spring clips (part number 51-32-1-938-884). B: Using a pair of pliers, pull on the clips and remove them from the plastic sliders. C: These sliders are the most common failure point in the window regulator. The grease in the window channel becomes gooey and doesn’t allow the sliders to move easily in the channel. They often deteriorate and break after many years of service. Tip for installing new sliders: Insert the slider into the channel with the metal retaining clip already installed into its final resting place, then press on and snap in the ends of the regulator. D: The channels the sliders ride in also become caked with dried-out grease. These channels need to be fully cleaned prior to installing the new sliders.
Figure 4
The rear of the window rides in a metal channel that runs up and down, inside of the door. Often, the original grease installed at the factory becomes gooey and impedes the window’s sliding action. I recommend spraying WD-40 into this channel (with the window raised). The WD-40 will help clean out some of the old grease, while lubricating the channel. When you install the new plastic regulator sliders (inset), liberally coat them with white lithium grease. Also, lubricate the aluminum channel the sliders ride in.
Figure 5
Shown here is a photo of the regulator removed from the car. The entire regulator is available as an assembly without the motor. The upper left shows the small black plastic bushing that centers the motor in the regulator. This bushing can sometimes wear out, preventing the gear from fully engaging the teeth on the regulator. The center photo shows the motor assembly. This assembly has a built-in motion sensor that prevents the window from rolling up if it encounters resistance (say, if someone’s arm is stuck in the window). As the assembly ages, this sensor can malfunction, causing the window to occasionally stop and back up in the middle of rolling it up. In the upper right is shown the center channel for the window regulator. This channel needs to be lubricated liberally with grease prior to reinstallation.
  Looking for more photos?  Click to see bonus pictures for this project.
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Comments and Suggestions:
skiskirtnm3Comments: I have a 1995 bmw m3 druver side window will not roll down it did this once before but later worked
April 11, 2014
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Does it make a sound as it trying? COuld be a bad regulator or motor. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
JpComments: I have 97 Toyota Camry 4cyl. I want to replace power window regulator on driver side but window is in rolled up position and the motor is dead. How can I remove the regulator in this situation? Help please..
April 7, 2014
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Remove door panel. Cut regulator cable. Then you can move window up and down. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
deanComments: I have a 2008 382xi the drivers switch for the window & the mirror doesn't besides the switch is there anything else i should check.
April 6, 2014
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Did you test the switches? Do they have power? - Nick at Pelican Parts  
OzmanComments: I sprayed switch button with that electrical spray and it worked.
March 23, 2014
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Thanks for the follow up. We appreciate it.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
MattComments: I have a 2001 bmw 325ci convertible. The window doesn't drop far enough when opening or closing the doors. They both drop a little but not quite enough. Thanks
March 15, 2014
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: This could be a faulty window regulator. If you give the window a push down once the door is open, does it drop further? If so the regulator may be faulty. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
DEREKComments: does anyone no how too REMOVE REAR WINDOW REGULATOR ON A 525I E39 BMW
February 5, 2014
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: It is similar to the front window regulator article located here:

- Nick at Pelican Parts
JTComments: I have a 03 325i and have replaced the window regular front passenger side 2 times in 2 months. It keeps breaking. Do I need a better part or motor or whats your opinion
February 2, 2014
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: I cannot comment on the part quality as I dont know what you installed. I would check the alignment of the regulator and be sure it is adjusted properly. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
TimComments: 1993 e36. Problem: Windows started to go up and down intermittently, then stopped all together. Removed comfort relay and found no weak solder joint, but resoldered anyway.

Bought "supposedly known good" window switches from junk yard. Problem still exists.

Noticed this evening that after soldering the comfort relay that the windows still go up and down 1/2 inch when opening or closing the doors. I hear this was designed because of the problem the old e30's had when the windows would catch the canvas. When I open or close either door, the window still goes down a half inch when opening, and the goes back up when door is closed.

That said, does that still sound like the comfort relay? I also noticed that the window switches illuminate when sitting in the car with the key in the ignition and the lights on.

Any ideas?

January 26, 2014
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: If the relay was repaired, it is not likely the problem. I would check the signal to the power window motors when you operate the switch. If no signal is getting to the motor, I would check the signal out of the switch and to the control module.- Nick at Pelican Parts  
IvanComments: I have a 2012 335I Convertible and I recently did some body work and I had to put the top 1/2 way down to put the belt molding on, i had the door glass out at the same time and now the top will not go back up, and the door glass regulator will not work either. Thoughts? Thank you, Ivan.
January 15, 2014
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: I don't think the two are related, unless of course fuses are blown or wiring was damaged. Are the door pin switches working (interior lights go out when door is shut)? I would check the vehicle for fault codes, as there are likely some stored. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
tonyComments: hi i have a 1992 325i coupe and i need to know if any window from 92-98 will fit my car ,if i buy a 1998 right door window will it fit my 1992?
January 8, 2014
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: No, I don't think it will fit. I don't know the production date of your vehicle, but there is a change in 3/1992. So a door from 1994 may not fit. I would check and compare part numbers on the prospective doors you have found. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
Evan VokesComments: Several of the comments in this string pertain the E36 door striker. It wears and will play hell with the windows, lights and all kinds of fun as the car thinks the door is open when you are driving which the confuses the Body Control Module. You can test it by manually testing the switch function on the striker where the window should go up when the integral striker switch is depressed and down a 1/4 inch when released. next look and see if there is wear on the switch. That being said, and a worn switch is the cause, you can do a temporary fix with a hot glue gun when you order 2 new strikers as the other one will not be far behind. The problem is worse for convertibles because of body flex. This condition is quite horrible in Alberta when you dont understand why your windows keep rolling down and the interior lights keep coming on as soon as it gets cold out. People will laugh at your loved one and her fancy car freezing and correspondingly, you will hear about it.
December 19, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Thanks for the input on this one. We appreciate the help.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
samComments: hi, i have bmw 3301 e46 i have problem with my power windowrear right can raise up but when go down it jam..i check the switch its ok..i check the motor its clean..what else that i need to check?
December 18, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Check that the regulator isn't jamming. That is the most likely culprit.- Nick at Pelican Parts  
NigelComments: Hi, as mentioned previously passenger side front window in a 93 318 failed. On inspection the front clip had broken and the ball joint had popped out.
Looking at it in car the arm on the regulator appeared bent but now that I've got it out it and looked at pictures of a new one here the arm appears to be angled as part of design - is this correct?

December 14, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Yes, as long as it runs parallel with the window glass, it is normal. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
HowardComments: I have a 325i convertible and the door windows are supposed to go down slightly when the door is opened, but the driver window is constantly going up and down slightly when the door is closed and the interior lights are going on and off. I have to keep that window down an inch or so to stop the constant slight up and down of the window movement and interior lights also turning on and off when the engine is turned on. Any suggestions to resolve this?
December 10, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: This sounds like a cad connection at the door switch. You didn't mention what year the vehicle is, I would inspect and replace the door switch if needed. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
Nigel.Comments: Hi, I've got a 93 318i the passenger window recently went loose, I think front edge dropped down and back edge up, managed to get it almost closed by holding it place as someone worked the switch.
Any idea what's given way?
December 10, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: This sounds like a faulty regulator or the clip that attaches the window glass to the regulator. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
AmirComments: I have 1998 BMW 328i and I just changed both sliding pieces on the right hand door mechanism . In order to secure the clips against the sliding piece should I push the clip all the way in to secure against the round balled metal or just leave in the middle? The picture shown above shows the clip sort of in the middle but I think if I push it all way I have more grip. Which way is the right way to do?
December 8, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Can you share a photo? In 1998, the regulator is held in place by a plastic clip with a nut. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
RobertComments: I have a 95 320i touring eurospec
I replaced the regulator a few months back. The install went fluid.

But there is one problem.

The window will not roll up straight and in the channel. About 1/2 of the way up and it start to fall forward a little. This cause the window to roll up out of the track. I had tried pushing the regulator arm all the way down to force it back so it would roll up properely, but I seem to be having no luck.

Any advice?
November 23, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Check that the regulator is properly aligned when the window is in the up position. Also check that the window glass is in the guide inside the door. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
ZaphodComments: Hi,
Thanks for the great write ups.
I've just purchase a 1987 325e. initially only the front passenger window would go up and down. I fitted a 4mm allen key to the rear drivers manual winder and wound it up and down by hand - now it works fine with the motor.

The drivers window will not budge at all. Power to the motor is fine but suspect the regulator is seized. The rear passenger window the motor clicks but no movement at all. The manual winder is completely rounded out so the allen key is useless.

In the instructions above you mention lowering the windows by about 75% - how do I do this when my windows will not budge?
Also how to I treat the rounded out manual winder?
I suspect once the regulators are working the windows will too.
Any suggestions greatfuly appreciated.
November 14, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: If the windows will not lower enough to access the regulator You will have to either unclip the window from the regulator, then slide it out of the way. Or if you cannot access the clips, you can cut the regulator cables, then slide the window up. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
DoobieComments: Hello,

What do you recommend to reseal the foam backing to the door?

November 10, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: If the vapor barrier is in good condition, you will want to use a butyl tape, also known as dum-dum.

Give our parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799. They can help you find the right parts.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
Ty Comments: I have a 328i convertible and the door windows are supposed to go down slightly when the door is opened, but the passenger window is doing this with door closed and it causes the interior lights to come on also.
October 26, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Check the passenger door latch, it might rb faulty.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
TonyComments: Hi, just the other day I went to open my car door and noticed the window didn't drop that 5mm or so.
Ok, so I tried again a few times and nothing.
The window won't open either.
I push the window switch in either direction and I can hear the window motor click on each press of the button.
Any advice on this ?
October 20, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Sounds like the window regulator is jammed, I would remove the door panel and inspect it.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
chocchipComments: We recently purchased a 2002 330Ci. About a month later the driver's side window began "acting up" when raising it. After repeatedly hitting the up and down switch it would eventually raise all the way up. Then it worked okay for a while then it stops again. I avoided lowering it for several days and then on a nice Saturday we put the top down, taking a chance. It went up fine although a little slowly. This morning it stopped about halfway again, but eventually went back up. I called a mechanic last week and without even looking at it, he said it was the regulator and it would cost about $400 to replace it. My husband is not convinced it is the regulator. what do you think?
October 7, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: It is going to be a problem with the window regulator, also have the window guides checked to make sure they are not worn.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
JoeyComments: I need to replace the motor on my 92 325is and the motor is stupid expensive. Also can I just drill out the rivets and leave the regulator on track and replace the window motor? Do you know of any way to not spend 500+ on the motor?
September 28, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: You are going to have to remove the regulator from the inside the door to replace the motor, you can drill the rivets and replace them with 6mm screws.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
ReubenComments: Hi, i have a 94 model 318is, driver window works without a problem, all of the sudden its stuck in the middle, wont roll up or down, tried with different switch, nothing, tried pulling up the window while pressing the switch, nothing, had to push it down to get it to move, now it goes all the way down and up to the middle but its stuck. Took apart the door panel, regulator seems to be ok, well lubricated, on the right track. Removed regulator for it to move freely and it keeps getting stuck in the middle, any ideas? could it be the motor's positioning sensor?
September 27, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Sounds like the regulator is faulty. If it jammed then moved after you forced it down, it is likely broken. The cables or a reel may be damaged. i would replace it. You can bench test the motor to be sure it is Ok once you remove it. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
GonzoComments: hello, i have a problem.On my D/S window,the ball head seems to keep popping out of the slider clip. What do you thing is wrong?
September 24, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: The ckip could be worn out. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
Bill KComments: Noticed on one of the BMW boards , a procedure for replacing the plastic window regulator gear. Describes the exact problem I'm having with my 94 325i convertible. Plastic part is about $25, but I can't locate one that is specifically for the e36 models. Do you have these replacement plastic gears?
September 21, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: That is a cool fix, Give our parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799. They can help you find the right part.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
SondjataComments: 1997 318i Convertible. Front drivers side window would intermittently not raise all the way up, instead stopping or dropping down a bit. If I kept pressing the up button the window would raise.

Then the window stopped rolling down entirely. Traded switches with a known good one and still the same problem.

Window does not drop the few mm when the door is open.

Pressing the button will cause a click to be heard in the door.

Opened the door panel and took a look around, I've had a broken regulator before and this one looks fine could probably use some lubrication.

Pressing down on the window while holding the down button does not allow the window to move.

I'm thinking the motor is dead like a clicking starter rather than the regulator being bad.

So before I give you guys some more of my cash Ha! just wondering if you agree with the general sentiment that it's the motor.

September 14, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Check to make sure you are getting power and ground to the motor when you work the switch, if so the motor is faulty, make sure the regulator is not binding and the window guides are not worn and sticking.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
bmwmpowerComments: I have a problem my windows will work when the car is cooled but after my car gets to its regular temperature the windows don't work ,any help with knowing what's the problem?
September 11, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: It could be a problem with the switch, you are going to have to check the system when it is not functioning and see what is missing. Power, ground, signal, and so on.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
KenzieComments: I have a 328i 2007 and both rear windows started falling by themselves, and when I try to roll them back up I can hear a clicking noise and they roll down fine. Do I need new regulators or motors?
September 9, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Sounds like the regulators are faulty, the motors should be ok.Give our parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799. They can help you find the right part.

- Nick at Pelican Parts
JayRComments: How likely is it that I would need to replace the window regulator and the motor? I have not opened the door panel yet to see the problem, but it started with the window slowly closing one day, and eventually I heard a popping noise and noticed the window was leaning forward.
August 7, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Sounds like the window regulator needs to be replaced, the motor should be ok.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
Mr PeteComments: I have a 1999 bmw M3 conv. My left window went down but won't come up. It has in the past stopped going about midway and then started to go back down. I pulled the regulator out today and can't get the drive unit off. The motor makes small movements in both directions, but just little jerks. I removed the four screws in hopes of pulling the motor out but it only came out a little bit. My problem is the third screw is under the gear ring and I can't get on it.
What information can you provide for me and what parts do you sell?
July 11, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: if the motor will not come off, it may be jammed with the regulator. You can try to rotate the regulator to access the fastener. If you cannot get it off, replace both parts. Give our parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799. They can help you find the right part. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
SenolComments: Hi i have not correct close my window with driver side what i need to change or repair ?
June 27, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: The window may not be in the guides (window channels) correctly. This could be becuase of a broken clip, worn guise or damaged regulator. Check that the window guides and clips are intact and that the regulator is in good shape. I would replace the window regulator if it looks bent of tweaked. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
BenComments: I have a '95 M3 and when I try to roll the windows up they sometimes switch directions and roll themselves down. It sounds like that is the sensor in the motor that was mentioned. Is there any sort of fix for this or do I need to get completely new motors?
May 30, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: if the window is going up and down smooth, but returning before you reach the closed position, the regulator is fine and the window motor is likely faulty. The sensor inside the motor wears over time, causing position errors, sending the window back down before it hits closed.- Nick at Pelican Parts  
swmComments: Just picked up a 1988 325 and one of the rear windows doesnt budge at all no noise from the motor either and the other rear window will go down, problem - getting it back up is the impossible part.

Any thoughts on whether these are switch/motor/regulator issues?
Much obliged.
May 10, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Tough to guess at this one, especially with multiple symptoms. I would remove thd door panels and test the signal from the switch to the motors. if the motor is getting switched power and ground to upo and down and not moving, it is the motor. If the voltage is missing, it could be a fuse or the switch. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
painterComments: How do I remove just the glass from the front door of my '89 325i?
April 13, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Remove door panel, remove window trim along top of door (window channel), then peel vapor barrier away from door. Then remove fasteners are calmp for window glass. Slide window glass up and out of door. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
cyrilComments: Rre: 1995 e36 325tds. Following upon my query about my stuck front glass. I was finally able to lower the glass using WD-40. Now I want to fix the 2 aluminium attachments
to the bottom on the glass . Do I have to use some strong adhesive to stop the attachments from falling loose . The little metal clips in the attachments appear to slip. What adhesive should I use ? Thanks for all suggestions.
January 8, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: You will have to replace the attachment points for the window glass. An adhesive will not help the situation. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
cyrilComments: My bmw is a 325tds 1995. I have just fitted a new front regulator with the glass scotched in up position and the motor works fine. I want to lower the glass to connect the plastic sliders to the two moving arms . Now the glass will not move down more than 2 inches. I'm afraid to use excessive force . Is something preventing the glass from sliding down ? What do I check ?
January 6, 2013
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: If the glass will not move when it is not connected to the regulator; the window seals and guides may be worn. Inspect them, they should have a fabric feel when touched. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
AJComments: I have a 87' 325is and the passenger window will not go up without assistance by pulling up on the glass. The switch works and the motor operates - I don't know. Could the track be gimped up and require a good cleaning and relube?
November 17, 2012
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: The regulator could to worn and binding, the motor could be worn, and the window guides could be worn out.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
weezyComments: I need the parts to connect the window back to the rails on a 87 325es its not the scissor type set up
November 7, 2012
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Give our parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799. They can help you find the right part.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
SunnyComments: Are e46 front window motors interchangeable? As in would the drivers side motor work on the passengers side?
October 13, 2012
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: They should be the same part number.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
BillComments: Some ass broke my drivers side window out as well. I have purchased a used window and was wondering where I might find directions on how to install this window and save myself $80!
Any suggestions of where I can find this information?
July 25, 2012
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Depending on the model of your vehicle, you can grab a repair manual, E46: or E30:
The glass removal procedure will be part of window regulator replacing. - Nick at Pelican Parts
AJComments: My 1997 325i had the driver side window shattered. I found glass out of a 1989 325i, but the track attachment points on the bottom of the glass are different. So, I cleaned out the broken glass from the 87' brackets and attached them to the 89' glass -leaving the 89's original brackets in place. The window will go up and down, but the front front guide is not level with the rear guide so the window is crooked. How does one even the two up so that the window will fully close?
July 10, 2012
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: You're going to have to get the correct piece of glass for your vehicle. Glass from an early 3 Series does not fit into a later model. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
beamComments: george i had teh same problem try jumping it with direct power form the battery terminal
July 8, 2012
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Thanks for the Info. We appreciate it.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
RajComments: are the REAR regulators in the BMW 1993 E36 interchangeable or are they unique to the respective sides
June 19, 2012
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: They should be a left and a right.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
MSC318iwindowsComments: Windows roll down by themselves in my 1998 318is Sedan. This problem only occurs when it's cold. During the warm weather it's fine. But as soon as it gets cold the problem occurs. When I start the car the windows randomly - either the drivers or passengers window rolls down by itself. The window controls do NOT work. After the car warms up a bit - the window controls work. Then as I'm diving along one of the windows will roll down and agin the controller won't work. After about 15 minutes the window controller will work and I can get the window back up. I have also had the windows roll down after I have turned the car OFF. Car is OFF, window rolls down. Turn care on - can get window up. Turn car off - window goes down.

Can anyone tell me what parts need to be replaced? I live in a rural area - the nearest BMW retailer is a 5 hour drive away.
April 27, 2012
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: The microswitch for the drivers key lock might be at fault, there could be water getting into it and it is freezing. Remove the door panel and check it out.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
ChristianComments: Looking for some help on my 318ic 1995, thing is that glass window got disconnected from the Regulator, luckily got stuck at the top,

How can I hook upconnect window back to its regulator?

Seem like I have to replace the square plastic sliders, thanks in advance.

March 26, 2012
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Sounds like the plastic clips that the regulator snap into are broken, Replace the clips and you should be ok.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
JohnnyBComments: I am having the same problem as Mike8668. I just replaced my front door regulator and I am still getting the grinding sound, and I believe this window is responsible for a dead battery in the morning. Any ideas? I think maybe a new window track would help it? It seems to be struggling to roll-up all the way. 325I 2002
February 3, 2012
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: The motor could be faulty, also check the window guides, make sure they are not worn out.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
mike8668Comments: Wayne/staff, I replaced the drivers door regulator on my 328i with a new unit, matched the bushing type to the old one, but it still grinds and skips on the way up...any ideas what to look for?
December 3, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Check the window motor, and also the window guides, make sure they are not worn out.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
ChuckComments: My 2001 X5 4.4 driver window came off the "trolleys" that go up and down the rails. how can I get them to stay on? There is a hole in the glass that goes over a plastic nut, but the glass dosent want to stay on. the one nearest the rear of the car also is off the inner cable...HELP!!!!
October 20, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Sounds like you need a new window regulator. Give our parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799. They can help you find the right part.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
Morad Comments: Hi there,
I have a 97 316i coupe, auto, window goes up ok but when hits the top it makes awful grinding noise, i bought a used regulator with motor and replaced the motor but new motor wont turn nor the old one any more, i can hear the relay clicking with both motors plugged in,any suggestions?

October 13, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Sounds like the regulator might be jammed, check it and the window guides for wear.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
JGSComments: I have a 1999 323i convertible, and my drivers side REAR window stopped working, only emitting a grinding noise when the button is pressed. Do you know any way to get to the window regulator for the rear side window? Since it obviously doesn't have rear doors, I don't know how I would get into the relevant area of the car. Thanks in advance.
August 15, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Changing the rear regulators is not and easy job, there is a lot to take apart, I would grab a repair manual. It will list the special tools and each step of the procedure. Give our parts specialists a call: 1-888-280-7799 They will help you find what you need.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
GeorgeComments: I have a 92 325 coupe, my driver side window won't work but my passengers and sunroof work fine. how many relay in this circuit? there's no power coming to the switch or motor? THX!
May 22, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: All of the windows should share the same power supply, I would check for a broken wire in the door or where the wires go through the body to the door, also make sure you have a good ground at the switch.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
mikeComments: I have repaired the passenger's side power window motor and am trying to reinstall it. It goes only so far and now refuses to go into the black housing any further. Is there a trick to this?
May 5, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: What is the year and model you are working on.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
FrankComments: Window Switches, i have been able to open the switch and sand the corrosive contacts till they are shiny and clean. put the switch back together and it will work like new. 1989 325
March 30, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Thanks for the additional Info. We appreciate it.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
JoyloveComments: Couple of notes. First thanks for this writeup, it was extremely helpful.

Second the white clips, sometimes the control arm pops out of your new clips when you test the window for the first time. The control arm touches the circular face of the white slider. If you can get a regular screwdriver tip in, you haven't popped them in far enough. You may need some grips to pop them in fully.

Second check the window runs the right way before fitting the regulator. If up/down are reversed, undo the four T20 Torx screws on the aluminium box shaped part of the window motor and rotate the aluminium armature housing 180deg. I found my part number needed to be facing the glass to make the window run correctly, and "inch" down correctly when opening the door coupe/convertible.
March 13, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Thanks for the additional Info. We appreciate it.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
DavidComments: I found my window regulator's internal plastic gear stripped. I has part number 3563815701. Where would I find that part?
January 31, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: I've been trying to get just this part for years. Unfortunately, you have to purchase a whole new regulator, just to get the gear. - Wayne at Pelican Parts  
PeterComments: I have a 95 325 and a 93 318i. Some asshole busted the drivers side windows out of my 318 doors front and rear and i'm wondering if the 325's windows will fit.
Thanks from the Great White
January 27, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: I'm not 100% sure, but I think that the windows from each body style are indeed interchangeable. I.E. if the 325 is a coupe and the 318 is also a coupe, then I think that the windows should be interchangeable. I'm pretty sure the window regulator and the internal parts of the door are the same through those years. - Wayne at Pelican Parts  
dbccscComments: What do you replace the rivets with?
January 17, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: I just used some standard metric hardware that fits into the holes. Probably M8 would do the trick. - Wayne at Pelican Parts 
sebComments: My rear passenger window will go down but not up. I have removed the electrical connection to the motor, and when testing it with the voltmeter, both the up and the down of the switch put out the same volts. does that mean it is not the switch, but rather the motor?
Thank you!
January 12, 2011
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Yes, that does sound like it's the motor not the switch. Another good test is to take one of your known good switches and swap it with the one you're testing. That's very easy to do - they simply pop out and can be easily unplugged. - Wayne at Pelican Parts 
IanComments: I have a 92 model 325iS coupe and the window motor wont stop when the button is depressed to the AUTO click. Also, the window fails to drop that couple of mm when the door opens which means when it shuts it's not sealing properly. what could be the cause of this? I really hope I can get some help here I dont know where else to go!
February 21, 2010
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Try to initialize your windows.

1) Close door (and turn ignition on. Fully open front window
2) Fully close front window
3) Hold window button in up position for at least 5 seconds after window is cl - Nick at Pelican Parts
DocComments: I have a 93 328 and no windows or the roof make any attempt to open. Where should I start??
December 27, 2009
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: I would start by checking the fuses for the system. Also check for a good ground. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
PlumComments: I have a 328 is 1998 that seems to have a short. The windows don't always work. Sometimes it is the passenger side and sometimes it is the driver's side. I hope that Pelican Parts can help me with this problem.
October 24, 2009
 Followup from the Pelican Staff: If this were my car, I would start by replacing the window switches - these seem to fail quite often and are an easy replacement. - Wayne at Pelican Parts 

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