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Home > Porsche Catalog > Select Model  > 914 (1970-1976)
Crankcase, Left (914-6)    Air Filter System (914-6)    Air Cooling (914)
Crankcase, Right (914-6)    Carburetor (914-6)    Engine Cover, Air Duct (914)
Crankshaft (914-6)    Carburetor, Repair Material (914-6)    Cooling Air Control (914)
Cylinder Head, Cylinder With Pistons (914-6)    Vacuum for Clutch Release (914-6:SPM)    Air Cleaner (914-1.8V)
Chain Case, Camshaft Housing (914-6)    Crankcase (914)    Air Cleaner (914-4/1.7)
Valve Control, Left (914-6)    Crankshaft (914)    Intake Connection, Pipe, Control Shaft (914-1.8V)
Valve Control, Right (914-6)    Cylinder With Pistons (914)    Injection System (914-4/1.7)
Engine Lubrication (914-6)    Cylinder Head, Cylinder (914)    Injection System (914-4/1.7)
Oil Supply, for Converter (914-6:SPM)    Camshaft, Valves (914)    EGR, Air Injection (914-1.8/2.0)
Air Cooling (914-6)    Engine Lubrication, Oil Pump, Oil Filter (914)    Engine Carrier (914)
Air Duct (914-6)    Engine Lubrication, Filler Neck, Bleeding (914)     
Engine Cover, Air Duct (914-6)    Engine Lubrication, Oil Cooler (914)     
Fuel System / Exhaust System
Fuel Tank, up to 73    Fuel Line, 74-76    Emission Control (914-6)
Fuel Tank, 74-76    Exhaust System, Heating, Engine Mount (914-6)    Exhaust System, Heat Exchanger (914)
Fuel Line, up to 73    Exhaust System, Silencer (914-4/1.7)     
Clutch (914-6)    Gears & Shafts, Gear Sets    Converter, Converter Housing (914-6:SPM)
Clutch (914)    Shift Rods, Forks, for (914.300/01)    Transmission Case (914-6:SPM)
Clutch Release    Shift Rods, Forks, for (914.300/12)    Gear Sets (914-6:SPM)
Replacement Trans    Differential, Manual    Gears & Shafts, Gear Sets (916-6:SPM)
Transmission Cover, Mount    Limited-Slip     Shift Rods, Forks, Differential (914-6:SPM)
Gear Sets, for 5-Speed (914.300/01)    Clutch Release (914-6:SPM)     
Front Axle & Steering
Front Axle, Swaybar    Steering Column (914-6)    Steering Gear, Repair Material
Shock Absorber Strut    Steering Column (914-4)     
Steering Gear, Steering Linkage    Steering Column     
Rear Axle
Rear Axle    Vibration Damper, Swaybar     
Wheels & Brakes
Wheels (914-6)    Disc Brake, Front    Brake Fluid Reservoir, Master Cylinder
Wheels (914)    Disc Brake, Rear (SB)    Brake Lines
Lever System / Pedal Cluster
Transmission Control, up to 72    Handbrake, Manual Throttle, Heating    Pedals (914-6:SPM)
Transmission Control, 73-76    Pedals, for Cars With, Manual     
Frame, Front    Cover, Rear    Dashboard, Door Mirror
Frame, Rear    Door, With Installation Parts    Interior Mirror, Glove Compartment, Sun Visor
Interior Panelling    Door, With Installation Parts    Decorative Fittings
Exterior Panelling    Door Glass Frame    Roof
Bumper, Front and Rear    Windows    Seat Belt, Seat Belt
Bumper, Front    Interior Equipment, Front    Ventilation, Heating
Bumper, Rear    Interior Equipment, Rear    Ventilation, Heating
Cover, Front    Sound Absorber     
Cover, Engine Compartment    Seat     
Regulator, Generator, Starter    Switch, Covering for Instruments    Windshield Washer System (914-6)
Electrical Equipment, Engine    Switch, Relay, Horn    Windshield Washer System
Engine Electric. Equipment (914-6)    Steering Column Switch (914-6)    Headlight Washer System
Engine Electric. Equipment (914)    Steering Column Switch (914-4)    Headlamp
Battery, Fuse Box    Steering Column Switch    Lights
Generator, Parts (914)    Steering Column Switch    Instruments
Harnesses (914)    Windshield Wiper System (914-6)    Catalyst, Indicator Light (914-1.8/2.0)
Harnesses (914-6)    Windshield Wiper System (914)     


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