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Belly Pan Bolt/Sway Bar Clamp

Part #: 930-341-031-02-OEM
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Pelican Sales Rank:  23410
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Weight:  0.2 lbs.
Warranty Info:  Two Years from date of purchase
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Parts Diagrams:
Model:   911SC / Turbo (1978-1983)
Category:   Front Axle, Swaybar
Description:   Strut (TURBO)
   Quantity Required:  
Model:   911 Carrera / Turbo (1984-1986)
Category:   Front Axle, Swaybar
Description:   Strut (TURBO)
   Quantity Required:  
Model:   911 Carrera / Turbo (1987-1989)
Category:   Front Axle, Swaybar
Description:   Strut (TURBO)
   Quantity Required:  
Model:   911 Turbo (1976-1977)
Category:   Front Axle, Swaybar, Auxiliary Support
Description:   Strut
   Quantity Required:  
This part fits the following vehicles:
911SC / Turbo (1978-1983) (TURBO)
911 Carrera / Turbo (1984-1986) (TURBO)
911 Carrera / Turbo (1987-1989) (TURBO)
911 Turbo (1976-1977)
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What our customers are saying:
Johan B.
January 9, 2014
Out of stock
This item was removed from the order since it was not in stock in the US, which would have resulted in a 20% surcharge to me. Yesterday I cancelled another order for the same reason. However, this time I cancelled the entire order, not just the item generating the surcharge. The reason for doing so is that I find this practice unacceptable, since stock management is your responsibility and out of my control. It is fair enough that items out of stock generate longer lead-times, however, they should not generate additional costs to the customer.
Followup from the Pelican Staff:   Thank you for your feedback. We provide the entire Porsche catalog of part numbers for our customers as a courtesy to assist in finding hard-to-find parts. We have access to the catalog, but we do not have access to stock information. Most of the time, the parts are available here in the states. But about 10% of the time, the part needs to be ordered from Germany through the Porsche network. We do not / cannot know this information ahead of time until we go to place the order through the Porsche network. Porsche charges us a 20% shipping premium to bring the part over from Germany. Unfortunately, we have to pass that on to our customers. I wish that it were different, but this is the way it is in order for us to provide access to these parts. The only other solution would be to remove / pull all of these parts off of our website, which we have chosen not to do. Thank you for your support and feedback.
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